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You Have Options! Oak Meadow November 2013 Giveaway!

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Exploring educational alternatives for your child? Let Oak Meadow help you bring the heart of learning home.




Enter to Win a Complete Curriculum package for one PreK to 8 Grade of Your Choice!


Since 1975, Oak Meadow has crafted imaginative, experiential homeschooling curriculum for children in kindergarten to grade 12. They offer:


●      a wealth of learning options to fit your child’s interests, talents, and style

●      the flexibility to create a self-paced, joyful education at home (or on the road!)

●      a treasure’s worth of homeschooling resources and an extensive web of support through our multiple social media channels

●      beautiful, accessible, and affordable materials


Oak Meadow Prize: A complete homeschool curriculum package for one PreK-8 grade of your choice (value: $130-$450). Curriculum packages include a full year's worth of engaging assignments, creative projects, and flexible weekly lesson plans.


To Enter:


1) If you haven’t already, please make sure you “like” Oak Meadow on Facebook and are a fan of Mothering on our Facebook page.


2) Visit Oak Meadow’s blog, In the Meadow, read an entry or two (or all!) and comment on at least one.


3) Come back to this thread and leave a post let us know you followed the directions above and you’ll be entered!


All entries meeting the requirements of these Official Rules will be entered into the prize drawing, to be held on or around 12/4/13. Please read the Terms & Conditions of the contest before participating.




Oak Meadow's curriculum can be used independently or through its fully-accredited distance learning school. To find out if Oak Meadow is right for you, view curriculum samples, or call 802-251-7250 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable Educational Counselor.

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I followed the directions and would LOVE to win an Oak Meadow curriculum! My daughter is a preschooler and ever so eager to learn!!

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I followed all the directions!  My son is a preschooler and we have just recently made the decision to homeschool, winning this curriculum would be a great start!

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Followed the directions. I'm using Oak Meadow to homeschool my kindergartener. :)

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I followed the directions! Right now we are using Oak Meadow 1 for my youngest and Oak Meadow 5 for my twins. We love it.

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I have liked you both and follow OM blog. The article that stood out for me today was homeschooling multiple grades. It's is a challenge ... Thank you for the chance at this giveaway!
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Eek! I may have forgotten to say, "I followed the directions!"
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I followed directions and would love to win.
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I've completed all the tasks. I read the blog on homeschooling teens and the one about the wonderful canine member of the family. (I commented on the latter.) We would absolutely adore the chance to win this giveaway!
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Followed all the steps!! I left my comment on the lovely blog post about Gratitude Challenge Day 8: Are you glad for the love of your dog? :)  I would LOVE to be the successful winner of this awesome competition! (as I'm sure everyone would also!!!)  

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I left a comment on the post about rhythms. We are homeschooling this year for the first time (4children). I love this time and am so grateful. A free curriculum would certainly help set off the expenses!
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Did I forget to say the words I followed all directions to include a comment in the article about rhythms?! Apparently I am a little anxious about the giveaway!!!
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Thank you for sharing!  Directions followed :thumb

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I just posted a comment on "Can I really homeschool my teenager?" Thank you so much for the opportunity to win! I'm a single mama who's trying to make this whole homeschool adventure work and having a set curriculum to use as a guide would be helpful!

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I completed all the requirements for the Oak Meadow giveaway.  Posted to the Evershifting Rythms article on the In the Meadow Blog

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I've been following Oak Meadow on Facebook for a few months now. I love all the ideas and articles! We are currently a homeschooling family but would love to be able to add and/or use Oak Meadow for our curriculum!

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I "like" Oak Meadow on Facebook and I'm a fan of Mothering. Also, I commented on the blog. Thank you!

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I followed the directions! I've been eyeballing OM for quite some time and would love to try it for second grade for my daughter!

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I followed the directions. We are using OM for 1st grade and loving it!!

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I followed directions and would love to win. I read: embracing the ever shifting rhythm of homeschooling.treehugger.gif
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