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VBA2C in SW MI Kalamazoo local

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I am having my 3rd and last child and want to have a VBAC I wanted one last time but the doctor used severe scare tactics that worked tremendously on my husband (it was his first and he was not supposed to be able to have children these last two have been miracles and blessings) but anyways I am having trouble finding a place that is willing to do a VBA2C both hospitals permit this kind of birth the issue is finding a doctor or midwife willing to do it. Does anybody have any suggestions at this point im even willing to travel some im so over the problems around hereshake.gif I just want to have this baby the way he is supposed to come out and I do not have someone who can help me after another C-section I also had severe issues healing after my last surgery.

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Try searching facebook for the "VBAC and cesarean support group". They meet in Kalamazoo and would probably have some recommendations. There's also an ICAN chapter in Grand Rapids.
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thank you :) unfortunately they aren't meeting again until about 3 days before my due date because of

 the holidays :(

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Contact Birth Kalamazoo Here is a link to their website http://www.birthkalamazoo.com/ They are a local doula group and I am sure would have tons of information and could point you in the direction of someone that could help you!  Don't give up or give in.  Kalamazoo is a great community that support natural birth!  I don't know if you are interested at all in doing a home birth there are a couple of really fabulous home birth midwives that work in the Kalamazoo area.


Hope this helps!!

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after MUCH drama and many migraines its good to report that now if labor starts spontaneously I am able to go to Bronson for delivery and if there is still no baby by 41.5 weeks then we will have a planned cesarean with Borgess its kind of complicated still but as long as it starts on its own we are a go and so long as it doesn't stall like the first one did we will be golden :)

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