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Cloth wipe Solution

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What is everyone's favorite cloth wipe solution? I'm planning on making one with castille soap, apricot oil, water, and lavender essential oil. I'd love to learn some new recipes for the stuff!

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I just use water. We put coconut oil on his bum regularly, and he's EBF poo, so water still works well for us. When we start solids I will probably use something like 2 C water, 2 TB coconut oil, 1 TB castile soap, a few drops tea tree oil. I made that up, but I'll do something like that.


I fold my wipes so they pop up in an old disposable wipe container, just as easy as disposables!

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Right now we're just using water too. I have spray bottles with solution made up from Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion concentrate, but only use that if I feel she's really dirty. 

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Water here too and I also put coconut oil on with lavender and tea tree oil in it for preventative measures. If shes really messy Id probably just rinse her in the sink with warm water.

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Haha, and here I was thinking I was keeping it simple! Has anyone had any issues with tea tree oil irritating baby's skin? 

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No irritation here with TTO, I just make sure not to put too much in the coconut oil, Ive used it straight on myself and it does have a rather cooling sensation like peppermint does. I used it straight on a q-tip on her belly button and it really dried up her stump quickly.

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We use just water or rinse his bum in the sink. We have very few poop misses though.
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