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How did you find out about Mothering and decide to join? - Page 3

Poll Results: How did you find out about Mothering and decide to join?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 4% (11)
    A website link (please share it or the website name)
  • 27% (67)
    A random web search
  • 2% (6)
    A specific web search (I was looking for a Pregnancy Club)
  • 11% (28)
    A specific web search (I was looking for an online parenting forum)
  • 19% (49)
    A friend/family member recommended Mothering
  • 5% (13)
    I follow Mothering on Facebook
  • 4% (11)
    A friend shared a Mothering article on Facebook
  • 24% (60)
    Printed issues of Mothering Magazine
  • 0% (0)
    I saw it mentioned on Twitter
  • 13% (34)
    Other (please mention in a comment below)
248 Total Votes  
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I just now found out about the "Mothering" site at 1:15 am  on Jan 1st well 2nd, now 2014 . I seen a post on a friends Facebook and clicked it. It was pretty easy to sign up.

I am 24 years old I have a 26 month old girl and a 16 month old boy. they are 10 months apart and they are the best of friends, they can be a handle full but I think I would go insane without them now. I have been with my hubby for over 3 years now but we knew each other in highschool we were close, we hung out a lot but nothing ever came of It then I graduated and we drifted apart then we met up after 3 years. I met my hubby it was so different and I felt good about myself. I knew I loved him but didn't say it until I was good and ready, then out came our babies. 1 and 2 and nope that's it just 2 for now so he says.

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I found mothering by looking up information on natural births at a local hospital. The insurance I am on only covers hospital births but I still wanted it to be as natural and comfortable as possible. I was happy to see positive information on here and started poking around. :)

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I've known about Mothering for a long time, my sister used to read the magazine when her children were small. My Midwife recommended that I read mothering and join the forums. She's a wise woman smile.gif
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Joined because I'm a prior member (from the early 2000's!) and can't find my old login info. Originally recommended that I join from a breastfeeding support group. 

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I have seen the Mothering website through my internet searches in the past. It has also been cited in a lot of mommy conversations I've seen about natural parenting and I enjoyed the information ya'll presented.

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I was googling in search of information about a certain medication and ran upon this website. Lucky me!
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My name is Alecia I am 27 married and have a 4 year old
I found out about you guys when I was searching on how 2 help my 4 yr old who still poops on his pants.

Hope to find some help on this matter coz I'm out of options.....greensad.gif
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i voted printed issues of the magazine because that's the closest match. i sort of vaguely "knew" about the existence of the magazine pre kids, in the same way that you might vaguely know about the existence of any random magazine you've never read before but seen in waiting rooms or walked past it on the newsstand. a vague "heard of it". I think I babysat for a family who subscribed when I was a teen. I knew it was natural-focused. Then when I was pregnant with my first, I'm not sure what made me think of it, if it was out of the blue, or I probably noticed it near the check stand at the health food store. Decided to see if there was a website. Pretty sure the first time I checked, the site was down so I had to wait for the next day..LAME! 

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I was reading "Unassisted Childbirth" by Laura Shanley and noticed this forum mentioned in her list of UC resources. Glad to find a place where I can talk to a few kindred minds.
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i found mothering by 'accident' one day. i had been going through a difficult time after i had a second c-section for my youngest child and was just searching for something that could tell me my body was not broken. i was amazed when i found all the information and birth stories about mothers who had similar experiences to mine. Mothering is such a blessing and i read the stories as often as i can, i have even been getting healing from my traumatic births. how i wish a thousand times i had stumbled upon this site 21/2 years ago maybe my second section would not have happened :(.

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I read mothering magazine for years through my 20-s and early thirties before I had a child in my late 30-s. I found mdc by googling birth stories- I first read the birth stories before I was pregnant. Then I just kept hanging out at mdc since then and a couple yrs later had my child and have been a frequent user since. I love mdc it is a fantastic place to get unbiased answers from experienced other moms and also to find tons of people going though similar experiences. I have learned a lot of great tips of parenting and so forth from mdc and it is often where I go if I have a parenting question! It is also nice to have a glimpse into people's personal experiences of the ups and downs of being a mom. I have learned many valuable things about/birth/parenting/relationships that I could not have found if I were only exposed to conversations with people irl. eta- oops this is a thread for new members! I responded to the question without realizing that. oh well, it is also an interesting question for people who have been on here a while.

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I found mothering magazine in May 1976 at the health food store I had been going to since I was five years old. I home birthed, breastfed, cloth diapered, home schooled, and never vaccinated my children. Believe me, those were hard decisions in 1976 and forward, and still are.


I bought a subscription and I have been a fan ever since.


When my son put our household online, I was playing with my new toy - my online computer - and I found mothering.com in 2002.

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I was searching the web for information about a diagnosis I got during pregnancy and I found a member of mothering asking about thw same subject. The information I got through other pregnants' experience described in the forum was very helpful. I think it is a great site, congratulations for the effort!

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I found out about Mothering while doing a literature search on WISC-IV subtests and ADHD, as I am doing a research study.  I am a school psychologist, and came across some postings about the WISC-IV made by parents who had questions, and I also saw innacurate information about the WISC-IV that someone had offered.  I joined to correct the information and thought I might be able to make a contribution now and then.

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Ok so here it goes......something happened last night that made me get up this morning and try to find out the best way to correctly inform my DD about the changes that she is starting to go through on her way to becoming a young woman. My mother never told me any of this stuff, so I do not have an example to go by. I think I know all of what I would like to tell her, but from browsing around there seems to be a lot of good advise here from other moms who have or are going through this too. It will be nice to get the input from others as well as to be able to ask them questions that I may have. Had never heard of the site before but am glad I found it. Hoping to get some reassurance that everything is gonna be ok now that my only child is growing up...against my wishes might I add. greensad.gif
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I was in another birth month group on another site.  The moms there were about a decade younger than me, most were first time moms, and their issues were all very personal and dramatic - rarely ever related to pregnancy or child birth.  (Most of the husbands/partners seemed to be cheating on them.)  They also had very different ideas about parenting and birth.  In a Facebook group of local moms someone said she belonged to a birth month group for her two year old and "all the moms are pretty crunchy."  Sounded just up my alley!!  I asked where she'd found the group and she said Mothering.com.  So here I am :) 

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In the old days before websites, in the 70s, I had a collection of about 10 Mothering magazines. They were like my Bibles. I loved them. They were much appreciated support fpr my best instincts - natural birth, breastfeeding, etc. I forget where I got them but I was a member of a home birth collective and probably one of the other women knew about Mothering. After my babies were grown, I used to lend my stack out to expectant moms - and request them back!. I remember including the special circumcision issue - just the thought of this awful practice takes my breath away.

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I was searching for info on luteal phase and mothering forum came up and I was reading various articles and decided to join.  I have a wonderful husband and I am blessed with a son, Nolan who just turned 5

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I found this website when I searched for a question on google, looked through some of the forums and decided to join:D

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Hello all, my baby is 6 months old and I do so much more research and reading on healthy options for her, than I had thought I would before I had her. I've been reading the Mothering Magazine at my work during my pumping session. Those magazines had been collected and saved in this "Nurture Room" for years, passed from one working mamma onto another.. Some of them go 10 years back and I was just thrilled (and scared) to read so much about topics like vaccinations and nursing facts back then.. Is the world in denial these days? I love how much light and truth it was bringing into this world. I would love to subscribe to an actual magazine, too bad it's gone. Excited to join the online version.

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