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TTC number 1 for two years

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I have been reading through blogs like these for the past year, but never had the guts to create one! I am 24 years old and so is my husband! We started trying for a baby soon after we got married. We learned a year ago he has a low sperm count it has ranged from 2-12 million. We have had 3 unsuccessful IUIs this year:( each one is even more heartbreaking than the last! I've done different blood tests and HSG test and all is well with me! I'm looking for advice wether to continue with IUI or move to ivf we don't have fertility coverage, so the price is extremely terrifying! My husband swears we can concieve on our own, but I don't feel like we can at all! It would be nice to have someone to talk to who actually knows what I'm dealing with! Thanks in advance!
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Aww, sorry to hear this. The infertility journey is strenuous'hugs'
What does your doctor advice? Have you done acupuncture in conjunction with your IUI's?
I swear by it and believe it was what helped us get our miracle baby through IVF. We also do not have fertility coverage through our insurance( I think it is pretty common) . If you go the IVF route could you make payments to the office if you put a percentage down? Some offices let you pay as each treatment is done but I know in the end $ 10,000 is still10,00 dollars.
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hayhurst, hoping and waiting month after month is a very stressful thing. Has your doctor given you any reasons for why your DH's count is low?  Have you tried any supplements to help raise his count? My DH and I were able to take his count from zero to something (25 sperm per ejaculate) so that we were able to freeze enough for an IVF. In your case, depending on the reason for your DH's low count, the supplements might make the counts higher so you have more success with IUI. It took 3 months for the supplements to take affect (since sperm are produced that far ahead for exit from the body). The cost of supplements was higher than I expected and DH took them for about 6 months. We used http://www.fairhavenhealth.com/ which has a FertilAid for men, CountBoost, and MotilityBoost. DH took all three since we didn't want to chance not hitting the right combination that he needed. If you have your DH take supplements, I would recommend trying that for at least 6 months just because of the lag time between taking the supplements and the sperm actually being affected by them.


Good luck. May you find encouragement and support here on MDC.

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Thank you so much for your response! We haven't been given a reason for low count! His hormones came back normal and he saw a urologist to check for any veins that may be closed off, but all was well! He has been prescribed clomid. He took that around April this year and by Septemeber is count was 57 mil but then his morphology was really low! We have seen 2 doctors now & waiting till the first of the year before we make our next decision! I don't much about your story, what brought you to this site?
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Tracyamber thank you for your response as well! I'm not sure how this thread works yet ☺ so bare with me! Our doctor doesn't think we should need treatment as invasive as IvF, but we spend around 1,500$ per IUI . I wonder if going more invasive would be worth the money. I've heard that we could make payments and that would help a lot especially if we did concieve, but i don't think my husband is ready to take the step:( something about infertility can make me feel so extremely alone at times greensad.gif i appreciate you guys replying!
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It can be lonely. When I was trying to get pregnant i did not tell anyone. And I was not aware of mothering. The women here are so supportive. When I was trying to get pregnant again, I started posting here http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1380696/spring-ivf-2013/740. Not all the women here do IVF so all are welcome.
I did get pregnant with my son in 2010 through IVF after 4 years of trying naturally. We were living out of the country and decided to return to get some test and it turned out my husband( dh) had very little sperm and they moved funny and were shaped funny. We recently tried getting pregnant a few cycles with our left over embryos and nothing. So lately I have been grieving this... Alone but with support here. And lilac above that responded to your post is very knowledgable and supportive btw.
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This is another supportive group of women who are trying to get pregnant through various methods. Read through the thread and see where you feel most comfortable http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1384523/taking-the-scenic-route-to-a-bfp-sping-summer-2013
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hayhurst, I don't remember what brought me to this site originally but I know when I found it, the site felt right. Being a natural minded person, it was nice to find people on the spectrum of natural thought who weren't weirded out by home birth, vegetarianism, etc. I started out getting involved in a TTC thread for 30 somethings and connected with several people there over the months I was a part of it. Locally, there just weren't people my age TTC that I could talk to and mdc provided that outlet to get feedback and support.  When my DH and I found out that it was his azoospermia (lack of sperm) not my hypothyroidism (which can mess up all sorts of female hormones making pregnancy tough) that was causing our infertility, I found real support through a couple of threads in the infertility forum and ended up sticking with the IVF thread because it was the direction we had to go because DH had so few sperm. The challenge with infertility is the "wait and hope" cycles you go through.  When it is the DH that is the person who needs help to boost fertility, that can be particularly tough because people don't thing a man needs that help - it is the woman that gets pregnant right? Well if sperm don't make it to the egg for whatever reason, the woman never will get pregnant.


It is good news that clomid was able to up your DH's sperm count. Trying some herbal supplements might be just what he needs to get that morphology to be better. Infertility treatments of whatever kind you and your DH need can be stressful though.  Taking time to come to grips with what needs to be done is important and being supportive of your DH as you try the different things that you doctor suggests.  I know my doctor scoffed at the vitamins and mineral supplements my DH took, but when we did our actual IVF and the doctors wanted a fresh sample of sperm, DH hadn' t been taking the supplements for 8 months, and again he had no sperm so I know that little push was what my DH needed. We will never know "why" my DH has azoospermia, that is sort of annoying, because there isn't as much research into male infertility. I am just hoping that our two boys that will be born soon won't have to cope with that condition.

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Hayhurst - I'm sorry you're going through this. Having been through 3 years of TTC myself, I know how hard it can be.

From the statistics I've seen, if you haven't gotten pregnant after 3 IUIs, the chances of getting pregnant from an IUI in the future are not very high. I don't know what IVF costs where you are, but from what I've heard it's usually more cost effective to do IVF than IUI just because IVF has a much higher chance of working on the first try (at your age the success rate for IVF is probably over 50% per attempt). In addition, given that you're in your mid 20's, you have a very good chance of ending up with leftover embryos to freeze... That is what happened to me. If you have frozen embryos, then your future tries can be much cheaper because a frozen embryo transfer does not cost as much or require as much medication as a fresh IVF cycle.

The other ladies that have already responded had some great suggestions for more natural methods to improve your DH's sperm. Acupuncture and supplements can definitely help, I would suggest trying those things for a few months and in the meantime try to save up some money for IVF!
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You all are so encouraging!!!! smile.gif acupuncture is something that has definitely been on my mind! lilac, I totally agree, people don't understand that its not only up to the women to get pregnant, it takes two healthy parents to concieve! Sourire, i have heard the same thing with IUI after 3 attempts. But i have also read through stories where women concieve on their 4,5,6 th IUI, so i guess every situation is different. But you're exactly right, spending the money on 3 more IUIs when one IvF may work for us! Where I live IVF is 8,000 and IUI is around 1,500$. We have been told our success rate for IVF is high, it still makes me crazy thinking if it didn't work and being out that much money! I love that you all had success with IVF:) a friend of mine just concieved with her first IVF a few weeks ago! She is close to my age with similar issues so that is hopeful! What was the process of IVF like? I've done injections with IUI and taken clomid, is it like that?
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If you've already done IUI with injections, IVF isn't such a big jump! For my IVF cycle I was doing 2-3 injections a day for about 10 days. You have more ultrasounds of course, and then there's the egg retrieval. To me that was the biggest difference. I was very nervous going in but my clinic did a great job with my local anesthesia and I was fully awake and remember everything, but didn't experience any pain at all. The embryo transfer is a breeze, it's just like an IUI.

For me IVF ended up being a bit rough because I responded way too well to the meds and ended up with OHSS. I had about 30 eggs retrieved but at one point I had over 40 follicles growing which is a dangerously high number. Because of that I wasn't able to have an embryo transfer and all my embryos were frozen. In addition I was really sick for a few days after the egg retrieval and it was not a fun experience. Obviously today I don't regret a thing because I'm pregnant from one of those embryos that was frozen. Most people don't get OHSS though, I think if I hadn't gotten it I would have found IVF to be a breeze, not that much harder than an IUI.
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hayhurst, with IVF, the hardest part for me was the egg retrieval. All of the shots was crazy for me too because I really hate needles. Thankfully I had a RN friend who did the intramuscular ones at the end that were needed for causing to "pop". My DH wasn't comfortable giving me those shots in the bum and I certainly wasn't able to do it. Egg retrieval for me was painful and I was awake for it. They were able to get 18 follicles, 14 of which were good enough to try intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) which is what my DH and I needed to get pregnant. 13 of those actually made it to day 2, two of the best were transferred back to me, that was a whole lot less painful than the egg retrieval. My ovaries just felt terribly full for many days even afterward and I was bloated, but I didn't get OHSS.  If DH and I want more kids we have 11 embryos on ice and we may use some of them and donate the other embryos to another couple/couples who have issues with sperm and eggs.  One of the ladies from the IVF thread just gave birth to a little girl from an anonymous embryo donation, and I think for my DH and I we would love to give someone else the gift of pregnancy, birth, and a baby with more embryos for siblings even if they are not able to use their own sperm and eggs because at one point, when we thought DH had no sperm, we had considered donor sperm to grow our family.

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Wow, sourire! 30 eggs is very overwhelming! Thankfully you were able to get pregnant and it didn't cause you any harm! Lilac, the shots are the biggest downfall to these treatments! My husband was a nervous wreck the first time he had to give me a shot! I would rather have them in the bum than my stomach! That really hurt and i hated seeing it! I guess my biggest fear is the baby not implanting. Because with IVF, it's already fertilized right? Did your doctors tell you anything that interfers with the baby implanting?
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& that's really amazing you both were able to freeze embryos! We've decided we would do the same! When we first found out our issue was my DH we thought we would have to use donor sperm, and I too would love to give options to couples who feel the same anxiety we have felt when trying to start a family! how many children do you both have now?
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These twins are my and my DH first babies.
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That's so exciting:) Congratualtions 😃
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Same here, this is my first baby.
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My heart goes out to all mummies who have been trying hard to conceive and awaiting good news. Just adding on some resources if it can help any of you to conceive quicker and in a less stressful way. Read up Pregnancy Miracle book. It can help the infertile, those in their 30s and 40s, with tubal obstructions, had history of miscarriages, low sperm count, PCOS and etc. All the best!



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