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B6, mucinex and other stuff

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I think that with my DH having low T, it is affecting our ability to conceive. I am fertile mertile, and I know that taking a B^, baby tylenol, and mucinex can help my odds....what are some simple strategies to help his swimmers that we can do at home that do not cost an arm an a leg? I have him on a multi vit, and I take a prenat every day. He is on the andro patch for his low T.... any advice? Thanks:)

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OP, wishing you the best on your TTC journey and that you are pregnant very soon. It looks like your post may have been missed, so I'm bumping it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have experiences to share?

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I know some men have taken Fertil-Aid for men and done acupuncture and that helped their swimmers. Good luck!
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Thank you:) I found fertileaid for men on Amazon and have talked him out of taking the andro patch he has been on, since taking it pretty much assures us not getting pregnant. He is going to start the fertileaide and ask his Dr for the HCG shots:) Hopefully (if we havent caught it this month) we can start trying again in January:)

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Also, have you tried the preseed lube? If you have lots of fertile CM, you prob don't need it. (Sorry if we already discussed this in our TTC thread - couldn't recall.) but if you don't have a lot of fertile CM, preseed sort of replaces that and provides a hospitable environment for swimmers. It's a little pricey, around $30 from Walgreens where I'm from. But it's so convenient and made to be conducive to TTC.
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Too funny, I was JUST asking about this on BBC in the TTC forum...... was waiting on an answer... I was wondering exactly what is in it that helps swimmers, is it JUST a lube, and gives them something to swim in? I dont really notice EWCM, sometimes my CM is clear...but usually very creamy.

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Preseed is supposedly made to mimic real, fertile CM that our bodies naturally produce.  So while it is a lube, it also is supposed to be hospitable to sperm.  Other lubes, like KY, are bad for sperm.  They get stuck in it and cannot swim.  I didn't know much about it so I just googled it and read the info on the manufacturer's website....

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