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Feeling Movement?

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I am 12 weeks today and I could swear that for the last two nights, when I am laying in bed still and reading, I have felt two or three tiny nudges from inside!  They are coming from where I know the baby is - I can easily feel my uterus and the movement is coming from where I can find the heartbeat with my doppler.  I know I am not feeling true kicks as Baby is way too small for that but maybe I am feeling hiccups.  Or summersaults.  It is enough that for once, I am not constantly wondering if everything is okay inside me.  (After 2 losses in a row, I have been quite paranoid with this pregnancy, LOL)

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I am 12 weeks too, and I swear I felt something today kinda behind my uterus. Like something just got bumped a little. Could have just been gas, but I'm definitely watching out for more of the same now.

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I'm 11 1/2 weeks and have been feeling movement for a couple of weeks now. That feeling of feathery softness barely brushing up against the uterine wall is unique and easy to identify once you know what it is. The baby is moving constantly starting at 8 weeks so there is no reason why you couldn't feel it from that point. Though most don't feel it quite that early. I did feel the first Braxton hicks at 8 weeks this time. Usually it was 10 weeks in the past.
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I am 11.5 weeks now and I am still not feeling anything. I think I started to feel movement quite early in my last pregnancy, I need to go down to the basement to dig out the journal where I wrote everything down. 

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I am almost 12 weeks and I swear after we left the midwife office last night I felt movement. But this is my first pregnancy so who knows....

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I have been feeling slight flutters for a couple weeks but this morning I felt thumps.  It was awesome.  I can't wait until it's all the time.

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Earthylady - I started having Braxton Hicks at 8 weeks this time as well. They don't hurt, it is just a tightening.

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I think I've been having some braxton hicks also, but I haven't noticed any movement. I'm almost 11 weeks.

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I figured it was gas.  There's been a lot of that.  Strangely I do feel connected with the heart beat in a way I have trouble describing.  My HR is way up in general and there are plenty of times it seems like there are extra flutters . . .  or something.  This is my first pregnancy knowing I was pregnant and I have a ridiculously sensitive body so most of what I experience we just chalk up to my "weird body". 

Whether it's a real connection or not I am going to start making a greater effort to drink more liquid when I feel these flutters and more intense pulse.  If nothing else, it can be a reminder to me to stay better hydrated.

Another thing I noticed is that when I lay done, part of my abdomen shifts separate from the rest.  There is definitely a secondary bulge that will shift from one side to the other if a lean to one side. 
Long and the short of it - pregnancy is just damn weird, man.  shake.gif

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It is not unusual to not feel the baby for a while.  I have a cousin that did not feel her twins until 22 weeks = and it was her third pregnancy.  She felt all her babies around that time.  I think a lot of those early "is that the baby" moments really are gas.  I wonder when the baby starts being able to move enough to stretch the legs and do summersaults. Hmmm.  Going to see if I can find out!


Michelle - my abdomen shifts as well.  One weird thing is that when I first lay down, my uterus feels deep inside.  As I spend time laying down, it is like it rises up like a balloon and when I wake up in the morning, there is an obvious bump easy to see and feel.  Quite cool :-D

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Wikipedia (not always the best source I know) says stretching has been observed at 10 weeks and kicking by 12 weeks :-)

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With my first I didn't feel her until I was way past my ultrasound, so maybe 24 weeks. I knew with absolute certainty what it was, and it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I was looking forward to that with my second, but I think the doubt got in the way. Was that the baby? I think it was. Maybe it was just gas? And that went on for a couple of weeks until I was able to easily differentiate the baby from my digestion. I don't even remember the first time I was certain of what I was feeling, and I'm guessing this time will be more of the same.


So for all you first time moms out here, I hope you all get to have an unforgettable experience of feeling your baby move for the first time too. Pregnancy kinda sucks sometimes, but that moment right there is what it's all about. And I'm a teary mess today, but at least they're happy tears, right?

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Originally Posted by BethaniaDawn View Post

Michelle - my abdomen shifts as well.  One weird thing is that when I first lay down, my uterus feels deep inside.  As I spend time laying down, it is like it rises up like a balloon and when I wake up in the morning, there is an obvious bump easy to see and feel.  Quite cool :-D

Glad I'm not the only one!  Took some pictures today and will try to post them when I get a chance.  Was hoping I could get a pre-/post-BM photo series, but it looks like whatever is in my gut today is staying.  I'm taking that as a good sign. 
Seems the belly is diminishing the real progress made on the chest-front.  The best photos include my boobs and are NSFW or prudish company.  Since they are the most consistent form of personal amusement and cheer for me I decided I might as well have a record of their arrival and existence before things change too much.  (^.^)
Before today I felt too miserable to record all the changes.  Here's hoping more good days lead to more fun exploration. 


Edit: Haha!  Claiming preggo brain on this post.  Couldn't remember which post on which thread I was responding to so now I'm not sure if this post makes any sense. 

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11 weeks today and I swear I've felt movement a few times the last couple days. It's so quick, it's hard to know w/o a doubt, but gas isn't that fleeting so I feel certain I can rule that out.


The earliest I've felt movement is 11 weeks. My uterus and baby's hb is a bit on my right side, and that's where it's been. <3

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With my first, I have that awesome moment of first feeling her move.  I was in bed, reading late at night with my right hand over my belly.  I felt an obvious thump and then pause another two followed that quickly.  That was all I felt that night but that moment of awe is forever imprinted in my brain.  With my second, I was moving across my bed and felt an almost tickling roll in my belly that took me completely by surprise because it was so early.  But he kept that rolling tickly movement until he was close to term.  My third I felt several weeks later than my second, no idea why. I don't remember that first movement with my third :-(  I am feeling this one about the same time that I did my second. And usually late at night when I am reading.  But today, I have felt it off and on several times today.  (12 weeks 5 days)

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I'm pretty confident I'm feeling my baby move. But I'm still not 100% sure. Can they get the hiccups this early (13 weeks), because that's what it feels like.

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I swear I felt the baby move again today.. it felt like a kick or something in the exact place the baby is.

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