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Moving to Grants Pass

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As a traveling student midwife, I will be relocating to Grants Pass next year with my 2 kidlets, for about 7 months. Looking for ideas on neighborhoods, parks, homeschooling groups, etc. Also, will be looking for a 2 bd, 2 bath rental smile.gif

If anyone has any ideas for me, feel free to message me! Thanks!
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I don't have any info on Grants Pass, but I am curious about your student midwifing. Will you be learning under someone there?

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Hi, I'm in Ashland, at the other end of the valley from Grants Pass. I don't know much about the area since we're new here, but maybe we could try to explore together? I've been looking for others to connect with and I haven't found anyone yet. Where are you relocting from?
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