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Happiest Baby on the Block

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Hi, guys!  


So, at our first pediatrician appointment, the nurse practitioner gave us a copy of the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD.  We promptly forgot about it until Norah was about 2 or 3 weeks old, but we eventually watched it.  I assumed it would be some sort of gimmicky type video about 'training' your kid for sleep or whatever, but I was pleasantly surprised.  


For those who don't know, it's more about how to calm your baby rather than put them to sleep, although that's a common result.  Dr. Karp's techniques revolve around the whole 4th trimester concept, meaning that for the first 3 months of life babies are most comfortable when you recreate the womb with things like swaddling, bouncing/jiggling, shushing or white noise, things like that.  It's really Attachment Parenting friendly, and I love it because either my husband or I can do it (my husband has become an expert at it!), and it's very hands on - even if she's screaming bloody murder, I know that she's being held and comforted, which makes me feel better.  No crying it out of any kind.


I know for us that as Norah got older, she started having some random fussy times in the evening where she wasn't hungry, wet, or gassy, but was still crying.  We tried out some of the things in the video and they worked like a dream!  


Has anyone else seen this video or read his book?  I'm seriously going to give this out at baby showers from now on.  

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I think I have that dvd! Now that you reminded me, I want to find it and watch it!

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I used that book like a bible for DD, and checked it out of the library for this LO. I swear by it!
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