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SSC suggestions for tall skinny baby?

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My two month old is 50th percentile for weight but 95th for height. I know babies can change but DH is tall and skinny so I'm thinking it's a trend.

I have an Infantino Union carrier that was a gift and it's okay around the house but I tried going for a walk and it killed my hips. I'm wondering if it's me (after pregnancy body), the way I have the carrier adjusted, or the carrier itself. I've seen lots of moms rave about the more expensive SSCs and it always sounds like a lot of money to me. I haven't been able to attend a local babywearing meetup yet but I plan to. I wanted to know if in the mean time anyone has recommendations for proper set up of the carrier or which other carriers I should try on.

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A woven wrap will be the most adjustable and versatile option you have. There is a learning curve, but it isn't bad.  You can wear a newborn in one as easily as you can wear a 4 year old, and both can be very comfortable. 

If you really want to stick with SSCs, a Kinderpack is a great option.  And there is a cinching base infant size that would work even with a two month old.  It would be best to plan to size up though to toddler as you find yourself with a bigger baby.  By nature, an SSC is not infinitely adjustable, and should be sized if you use it a lot.  You can make do with a 'close enough' fit for wearing once in a while but for regular wearing, a properly sized carrier will let you both be more comfortable. 

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If you're on Facebook there's "babywearing swap" and "babywearing on a budget" (mostly US but there are other ones for other regions) where you can buy lightly used carriers and often at a bargain. Ergos, Becos and Bobas are fairly easy to find and can be scored at a bargain. If you're interested in trying a woven wrap then the swaps are great for getting a decent price too.
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