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do they make maternity pants that actually stay up?

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I am having a terrible problem keeping my pants up!  Most of my maternity pants are from Gap and Old Navy.   Is there a better option out there?  Most of the ones I own are the demi panel ones, do the full panel ones work better ?

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I have to pull my demi panels up occasionally but I can't stand fabric around my belly with full panels so I just deal with it and hope and pray I get to be back in my regular jeans after delivery (maybe a two sizes up but ya buttons!)

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The full panel ones work better for me IF they are the right size. My bff had the opposite experience though, so I think it just depends on your body type. I find that if the pants are just right around the hips with a full panel, they stay up pretty well. Although I do have a slight advantage there, as I got "the maternity clothes" and there are a TON of pants, so I have been able to move through the size variations as my body changes.
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I have a problem with my pants staying up, too! Nice to know it's not just me. I now wear stretch pants that have a separate maternity tube thing attached at the waist that goes up all the way to my ribs (sounds like that's called a "panel?"). These plus dresses are nice. Any kind of stretch pant with no top section (i.e. all one piece) falls down if I walk. I also noticed that my jeans, even though they have the stretchy top part that goes over the whole belly, are loose at the waist of the jean material. If I was crafty, I would fold and sew it in the back to get them to stay up. But as the weeks go by, that part of me is getting bigger, so . . .

If you want to think of something funny, think of me waking up and putting on stretch pants, having them fall down on my way to the city, so stopping by a thrift store to buy more stretch pants, which were tight but still fell down, then walking through the city, pulling my pants up every half block (while wearing a dress), and finally finding a store to buy regular panty hose that I just jacked up over my belly. Epic pants falling down day.

Good luck finding your pants!
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I have a pair of khakis that I got at Macy's that actually do stay up! They are full panel which I love, but have no pockets which I hate, lol! I also have a pair of Old Navy fully panel jeans that won't stay up for anything! I have literally had to shuffle out of the store or where ever I am, get to a "safe" place and shove my hands down my pants to pull undies, and pants, back up!:irked I am always fighting with them and this is after I tried on a smaller size and found it too tight so i ordered the next size up online and the denim part comes up over my lower belly so when I sit it is tight feeling, but when I stand/walk it keeps heading south. I keep wishing I had suspenders that would work with them.:eyesroll

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I got these and they are totally awsome;


I've literally worn them every day for the last 2 months. I wash them every week of course!!
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I don't like full panels, either. With some of my pregnancies my pants stayed up better than others - weird, 'cause I don't buy a whole new wardrobe with each kid or anything. =) My best pants right now are just non-maternity low-rise pants in a size that is bigger than my pre-pregnancy size. My legs are bigger and my bum is bigger, hehe. =) Low-rise pants with a belt is working best for me right now.

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