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Baby Photos!

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Okay, I can't help it - I have to start a thread just for baby photos, cause I miss seeing all your fantastic pregnant bellies.  I know there are a bunch of super cute pictures scattered throughout our other threads, but they get lost so easy.  Let's have a place just for cuteness!  It's therapeutic.  :)


My current offerings: Norah at about 1 month:



We're going to try and get a good shot or two of her tomorrow so I can get holiday cards printed soon (we do Hanukkah and Christmas, and freaking Hanukkah starts next week!  Super early this year!).


Post your pictures!

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She is so cuteRainy! Such a little sweetie!


Here's my little Lily :) She's starting to smile for us! 


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Aw, thank you, Dahlia!  Lily is ADORABLE - that little smile is so sweet!  Somebody likes her play gym - I'm looking at getting one for Norah too, since I think she'd like it.  :)

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Thanks, Rainy! I definitely recommend the play gym! It's nice to have now that she's starting to focus on objects and be more interested in the world around her. Ours has a cute little mobile on it that plays music too. Lily seems to really like it.. for a few minutes at a time at least, haha

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My John Boy!!! He is 10 weeks now and so amazing!!! I think he is so pretty for a boy! Lol!

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abk, he is PRECIOUS!  I love those eyes!  He's going to be a beautiful little boy.  :)


dahlia - my husband's aunt found us a play gym at Goodwill the other day and we tried it out last night - she loves it!  This one doesn't really have any toys left on it, so I'm still thinking of getting her another one for Christmas, but at least I know she'll like it!  :)

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Thank you! Norah and Lily are so pretty! Girls are so fun!
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My sweet girl!  Hard to believe she's 2 months old already!


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Thank you, Abk, John is so adorable!! He is definitely a beautiful little guy! 


Eloise, she is precious! I love her facial expressions! It looks like her big brother loves her!

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Eloise, those eyes are so beautiful! She looks like she is contemplating something important....or popping! Lol
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Oh how I LOVE all of your squishy babies!!!


Heres my lil squish Izell...nearly 4 weeks young!!!


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Eeek this thread is exploding with cuteness!
Here is miss Katherine I can't believe she's 8 weeks old

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Danielle, she's beautiful!! Love your pictures, what a sweet baby girl! I was just thinking of you today :) Hope all's well!

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Katherine and Izell are so cute!! Good job mommas!!
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All of your babies are adorable!

I keep meaning to get my pictures off my camera and onto the computer, but I haven't been on the computer in a while. I don't like the camera on my phone as much, but here's one of Ivy, for now.
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Gracisue, so peaceful and precious! Does she have red hair?! I was hoping for a red headed baby...ended up with a blondie!
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It's funny because we can't decide what colour her hair is! I *think* it's red. In some light, it is unmistakeably bright red, but then other times it's kind of an odd blonde colour. She's got the white eyelashes, though. I'm pretty sure as it grows in, it will be red, but DH isn't so sure. My husband is a red head and it's on my side of the family, too. People used to insist my older children had red hair, even though they clearly didn't (one dirty blonde, one brown and one blonde blonde), so it would make a lot of people happy if she does!
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I can definitely see some red in it, Graci. My husband is a red head too, and my father has red hair, so we would have been very surprised if Lily didn't have red hair! Whatever color Ivy's hair is, she's beautiful! I love that picture, she's so peaceful :) And those cheeks are so cute!

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My husband is a red head too! Lol. I just think it's funny how many red headed husbands we have. Lol.
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No red headed husband but we both have a red headed grandparent and our gorgeous second son has flaming red hair which we just love! :-)
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