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this thread is overloaded with cuteness! so many gorgeous little babes! how blessed are we!

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AppleMarkthe first time I actually dressed her in something other than pajamas.... 2.5 weeks old.


sleeping contentedly at the beach at 16 days old.


AppleMarkher one month photo. husband made the sign.


AppleMarkbaby arm rolls!


she always puts her hand like that on her face like a clawshe started smiling alot this past week.... 6 weeks now :)



AppleMarkblissed out nursing face

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Pretty, pretty babies!!!  They are all so gorgeous!


Sorry I've been so absent but we've been dealing with some pretty intense reflux here, thankfully we are starting to get it under control with medication.  I couldn't help but pop in and post a picture of my little girl, I love her so much and am so happy to

show her off :)

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Love the knitwear Solielmama she's gorgeous pleased to hear things are improving with the reflux much love!
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She's so cute, Soleil! It's nice to hear from you!! I'm glad her reflux is getting better!

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I love this thread! It has put such a smile on my face. smile.gif

Here's Lillian, she's 10 weeks old now & finally seems to be getting over the worst of the colic phase, thank goodness!

I love the progression of these lol. She goes from "hey, cool, Moms taking pics of me" to "OMGICANTTAKEITPICKMEUPWOMAN!" In like 10 seconds. smile.gif
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Yogini, Leela is very chubby and cute!!

Soliel, lovely photos of such a pretty girl!

Everyone's babies are so beautiful and precious! I love watching the babies grow!

We officially started counting in months now! It was a weird change, but now that he is THREE MONTHS OLD....I no longer feel the need to count by weeks. I think he is almost 14 weeks now!

Kisses from sisters!

Morning smiles!
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Omg, Abk! So cute! I looove his little double chin haha! Such a chubby cutie!

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Yogini so often I see similarities between your sweet girl and my own. Acelyn seems to love her own face.

I love seeing babies even more now that I have my own. All so beautiful, so darling.

I don't use the warp a whole lot at this point, but I love it every time we need it. She is starting to teeth and this day she would only sleep when I held her, normally her swing or bouncy seat will do.

Her "I just woke up, now I have to poop" face.

Sweet dreams on mommy milk

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Oh my goodness, OklaFarmMama! How precious! I love her expressions!

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Oh my god, I had to share this.  This is Nyoli going grandpa style!  Bwhahahahaha!!!

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Lmao. That is too funny soleilmama!
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Oh my gosh that is hilarious!
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Hahahaha I love it!

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Love it Solielmama!

Here is. Katherine at three months old! She is such a little honey!

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I cant believe Izell is 2 mths old already! :love

My little boy doesnt seem so little anymore...

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Time sure is flying by Irielyn! Love love love Izell's cute clothes!
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3 1/2 months! Went bowling tonight. Lol

Christmas photo!
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Adorable photos!!!

I don't know if I've shared these 1 month photos here...


12 weeks:
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