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opinion plz

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I am a mom of 24 month old boys. I have been thinking of starting a home made baby food  business. My credentials are medical related and I have knowledge in nutrition and healing foods. I am posting this thread to take opinion on buying homemade nutritious organic food for your baby and toddler instead of buying store bought bottled food.
Please share your opinions
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It looks like your post may have been missed, so I'm bumping it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have opinions or suggestions to share?

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I think the toughest thing will be that, at least as far as I know, selling home cooked food is illegal unless it is cooked in the home of the customer (like a personal chef service). To sell food, you'd need to set yourself up at a consignment kitchen or something like that. And be subject to inspections, licensing, etc.

If you are talking about a more informal thing with mostly people you know though, you can probably sidestep the legalities.
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I think it is likely you could find busy parents who would like that service, depending on your area.


PP is right though about the legalities. You would need to know your state and county laws. Here in Colorado I am certain you would need a certified commercial kitchen which is regularly inspected. We do have cottage food laws, but I don't think the foods you are talking about would fall under those here, as they would need to be refrigerated.

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