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Charting confusion, thoughts?

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I've charted on and off over the past year or so, and I know what to expect from my body. I know when I usually ovulate, how long my cycles tend to be, what my normal temp range is before and after ovulation. This cycle, I am a little confused, and I would value any input here.

First things first, I bought a new thermometer. I have this dog who sometimes chooses to chew on things she shouldn't, and a few weeks ago she got hold of my thermometer. I was near enough to the end of my cycle that I let that one go and bought a new one to start using for the next (this month). It's a different brand than I had before (Vick's). It's registered higher than normal temps all cycle long. But everything else is completely normal! I had a normal period complete with heavy flow and cramping. My cervix opened at my normal ovulation window and closed again afterward. (And I know I didn't concieve this cycle because my husband went out of town for a few days at that time and then came home sick.)

I have exactly ZERO indications of pregnancy other than high temp. No sore breasts, no darkening, no morning sickness, no fatigue, nothing I ought to have at 6 weeks along. And yes, I know everyone is different, but what are the odds on a completely asymptomatic first trimester, WITH what appears to be a normal period? Slim to none, I'm thinking.

The thing that really makes me think I can't be pregnant is the behavior of my cervix. Reading some online articles, I gather that its normal behavior should be to open at some point, and that this can happen anytime from a few weeks in to the onset of labor. But I found nothing saying that it closes again, which it did.

I am inclined to blame the thermometer, but I also want to cover all my bases here. If I get to the end of my cycle and nothing happens, I'll test. If my period comes as usual, I'm tossing this stupid thermometer and getting another one. But can anybody shed some light on this confusion?
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I don't have any answers for you, sorry. How nerve wrecking though. I am replying in hopes someone else sees your post and can offer some insight.
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What CD are you on? Have you already ovulated? If you and your DH didn't DTD on a fertile or potentially fertile day, then you aren't pregnant. Is it just the high temps throwing you off?
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Okay I see you said you already O'd. Have you gone past your usual LP? I think the best way to figure is, if you go longer than your usual LP. But again, if no DTD on any fertile days, no pregnancy.
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I have a few more days to go.

I tend to have a less-than-obvious temp shift anyway, but I don't see the three-step elevation that is supposed to indicate pregnancy, either. I'm still going on the faulty thermometer theory, because still asympomatic.

And nobody seems to have the answer to the cervix question...
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You said it opened and closed around the normal ovulation window, so it sounds like a normal cycle for you then, despite the temps? I would say you aren't pregnant, and maybe should buy another Vicks thermometer! smile.gif
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The verdict is in: It's the thermometer. Bought a new Target brand like I had previously and everything is registering normal. Even used the bad one after the good one and sure enough, it gave a reading more than a degree higher than the other. So FYI, don't use Vick's brand.
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