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Seeking advice on co-sleeping arrangements please

Poll Results: In your opinion, what would you have done if you could start your co-sleeping adventure again?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 7% (1)
    a) Queen sized bed with a Co-Sleeper (this will be revised after baby outgrows the Co-Sleeper)
  • 50% (7)
    b) put our queen mattress on the floor and add an additional twin bed to make more space
  • 50% (7)
    c) buy a king-sized mattress and put it on the floor
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Hi everyone!


I'm a newbie here, and am five weeks pregnant. My husband and I are (hopefully) moving in the next few months and are trying to figure out what bed situation is going to work best with a newborn.


We currently have a queen sized bed, and have an Arm's Reach Co-sleeper on our registry. My husband is a big guy (about 240 lbs) and is really worried about rolling over on the baby at night. We also have a 70 pound dog who sleeps at the foot of the bed or in her dog bed in our room. 


Thanks for any advice you can provide!

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With our first, we all slept on a queen bed with bedrails. We moved it to the floor once she was mobile enough for falling to be an issue (about 9mo IIRC). I wouldn't change how we did things at all.

Before we had DD2 we added a single mattress and moved the bedrail on that side to the outside edge of the single. Also a great system for us.
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I think a queen with bed rails would be big enough for you 3, but having a queen and a twin would allow you to remain a family bed even if you were to add more children in the future.  I have 2 kids in my king with DH and I and a twin in the same room with us for my oldest DD.  If you DH is scared, have baby on the other side of you.... We have done it both ways, and it is not a problem either way.... I kinda like baby on outside, next to rail so blankets and pillows are less of an issue (especially in the winter).


Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy.

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We currently family bed with a 3y.o. and newborn. What has worked for us is to move our bedding down to floor level and our bedding area is currently two full sized mattresses wide (bought these new for the kids and our queen mattress is elsewhere in the home). Roomy, no worries about falls from heights and everyone is sleeping soundly.
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We put the mattresses on the floor. You could put yourself in the middle so your husband isn't next to the baby. I always did that when they were little.

And the dog really needs to be in another room. Sorry!
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Neither Husband and I move much, so when we did do co-sleeping (we have moved twice since Baby was born and co-sleeping wasn't always ideal) all three of us slept in a queen bed.  This is the current set-up.  It works, but when we vacation and have king-sized beds, I feel that much more comfortable.

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With DS we used a co-sleeper for the first few months, then moved to having a twin mattress on the floor next to our mattress (also on the floor).  It was pretty easy to transition him to having his mattress in our room but farther away from ours, then later on to his own room.


With DD we tried a bassinet for the first few weeks but quickly moved to her having her own twin mattress next to ours.


We haven't had any issues with our dogs trying to get into the beds, there is a dog bed in our room.

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If it's a regular mattress and not a futon, your husband's weight could create a bit of a well baby could roll into.  I understand his fear, and it is entirely a rational concern.


We sleep on futons and have have various arrangements.  The 2 beds together were the best arrangement--dh was on the other bed and I shared one with my two girls.  We were not on the floor.  One side was against the wall and dh's bed was on the other side of that.  For dd1 the cosleeper was nice, but I should have made room for the full size edition (this was in our old house--tiny bedroom).  She was super sensitive to changes, we discovered, as would not transition to the crib (same room) when she outgrew the arm's reach bassinet, so we brought her into the bed where she was wiggly and squirmy and I didn't sleep as well.  DD2 wanted none of that and came into the bed straight away, and thankfully wasn't so wide awake at nights as her sister.

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We bed share with a cosleeper, but also occasionally with her in bed with us. However, my husband and I are both 5'5 and 198, 165lbs respectively. I often wish we had a king bed anyway because we'd be more comfortable, but this works. I hope to transition DD to a full mattress on the floor in her own room when she seems ready.
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Oh, and the dog has to go from the bed. I'd start teaching now that only the dog bed is OK. If he is still trying to get in bed by your third trimester, I'd start getting him used to sleeping in another room.
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We have a family bedroom consisting of a queen for me & 1 or 2 kids and a twin for DH on the floor together plus a regular height bed for older kids when needed. They're all on slightly different levels but together, if that makes any sense. Our setup also makes a great "rumpus room" during the day!
My 80 lb dog sleeps on her own bed (one of those foldout foam kid couches) at the junction adjoining my bed and it works fine. She would even huff to wake me when a wayward toddler tried to sneak out of bed when the girls were small. Good dog smile.gif
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