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"Before Baby Comes" lists!

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I am a compulsive list maker. I make lists about EVERYTHING! I love checking things off as I get them done, too. It's the one part of my life where I'm totally organized, LOL! Plus, I need something to distract myself for the last 10-ish weeks of this pregnancy :)


Here's our TO DO BEFORE BABY list:

Must Do:

- Wash/prep diapers

- Wash baby clothes

- Wash blankets

- Wash towels

- Wash Beco
- Make freezer meals! (We're dairy- and soy-free, so DH will probably be the one enjoying the meals that aren't made by our moms or myself)

- Paint 2nd bedroom! (The room that holds the change table)

- Make/buy/hang curtains

- Pack hospital bag(s)

- Install carseat and make sure DH can install as well. As a tech, I'm beyond anal about this!


Nice To Do:

- Finish glider & cushions.  We bought a secondhand glider, and it needed some help. DH is refinishing the wood while I sew new cushions

- Set up playpen for dog to get used to

- Make call/text list for after baby is born. Because we're guaranteed to forget someone.

- Bake snacks/make thank-yous for midwives & doula



AND - of course, I've also made a list of stuff we still need...


- Nursing pads (washable)

- Diaper pail(s)

- Pail liner(s)

- Fleece snowsuit-type thing, that's carseat-safe

- Change pad & cover

- Waterproof mattress cover or two for our King bed

- Extra bed sheets

- Suse KinderCoat

- Tank tops for nursing



- Area rugs for living room, 2nd bedroom

- Very tiny mittens

- Bed rail. We're having some trouble finding one that'll fit our very tall king-sized bed 

- Wipes container for cloth wipes

- Baby-sized hangers

- Non-microfibre diaper inserts

- Hamper

- Washcloths/cloth wipes

- Binsi skirt

- Kangaroo Tube top (http://www.milkandbaby.com/Halter-Strap-Kangaroo-Tube-more-colors_p_737.html)

- Baby leggings

- Diaper sprayer

- Ina May's breastfeeding book




So now that I've written a novel, what are some of the things you need or need to do yet?? Please don't let me be the only one thinking about this already!!

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Mine is pretty short still. I'm having a second boy, and kept everything, so I just need to do a few things:

Get scrip for Dr. Newman's APNO nipple ointment and get it filled (I hate lanolin)

Sort and wash clothes that are in storage

Wash diapers

Collect all the stuff I've loaned out to people, hoping maybe 1/4 of it comes back

Set up cosleeper

Find car seat newborn insert and wash cover for new baby

Buy witch hazel and make padsicles for postpartum

Buy a few new nursing tanks Thanks, zulily!

Find pediatrician for hospital, because our family doc doesn't have privileges at the hospital and I don't want the out of network on-call group

Buy a new ice pack (those old fashioned ones that have the screw-on cap)

Buy a new thermometer -- I don't even have one

Set up food tree (?)

Think about freezer meals and then realize my freezer is too small

Continue nesting clean out and house purge

Somehow miraculously get 5-year-old out of my bed before baby gets here (wishful thinking)
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We just moved, so most of my list involves finding where I packed everything.

--Corral baby carriers and make sure they're clean: mei tai, moby, baby bjorn

--Set up baby's room (really an alcove off ours). Reassemble crib, arrange furniture, go through the odds and ends left in changing table/dresser from when DD used it.

--Wash Snuggle Nest (cosleeping not in the cards for me--I am restless/insomniac, plus like to snuggle under a lot of covers in winter...but Snuggle Nest was nice for first few weeks last time)

--Uh, find where the heck I packed all our diaper covers, wet bag, etc.

--Freezer meals!

--Sort through and organize all DD's infant clothes, figure out what new stuff we might need

--Switch DD's carseat to front facing and have both it and new baby seat (to be purchased) checked for proper installation.

--Find nursing pads, get Lansinoh, dust off breast pump in case I need it to get milk going (had to do that last time)

--Try to get DD to abandon some of her bedtime stalling tactics and let her dad put her to bed more often

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Ugh, I really need to make a list.  I have no idea. 


  1. Get out and wash newborn clothes and diapers. 
  2. Buy whatever is missing.
  3. Get out and clean co-sleeper.
  4. Rearrange bedroom and dresser space to fit cosleeper and other baby gear in our bedroom.
  5. CLEAN CARPETS!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Get out car seat and buy a second base (?)
  7. Find moby and wash.
  8. Get a breast pump and bags.
  9. Figure out insurance for everyone.
  10. Double stroller?
  11. Pack bag for hospital.
  12. Start/finish Christmas shopping/making


7 weeks until my due date.  Plenty of time, right?

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1.  I need to have about 14 plans for where to send my kids when it is "time".  I have some idea- but need to have it more planned out and perhaps on a calendar or something.  I just have too many littles to have them at home during the birth.


2.  wash some clothes and stuff like sling and boppy.


3.  finish my birth kit- I think I just need a bottle of iodine scrub?  


4.  decide if I really need to test out my birth pool first.  I blew it up and it was fine- do I really need to fill it an extra time?  


5.  Have DH get a hose and adapters and stuff for the pool.


6.  food or shall I just pray someone feeds me?  lol.  I have never starved....


7.  carseat?  I should figure this one out too.  But I might just move everyone up and put the new baby in the Marathon and forget about using an infant seat.  I hate them.  It is too tempting to be like everyone else and just leave the poor baby in that dumb seat all the time.  You know what I mean...  Crying baby and the dumb people don't bother taking them out and just rock it with their foot.  I would never do that- but why even lug that dumb thing around?

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I have so much I would like to get done but I feel I am running out of time to get it all done. So here is what I NEED to do:


1. Order my birth kit (like tonight to make sure it is here on time.) 

2. Finish washing baby stuff.

3. Organize my bedroom and move stuff around to make room for baby.

4. Buy some neutral socks, mittens and a few other baby things. 

5. Write up birth plan.

6. Have a bag packed for DD in case she needs to stay overnight with my parents during the birth. 

7. Make a playlist for labor and birth.

8. Make more frozen meals ( I know my family and a few friends will want to bring meals but I don't want to plan on it!) 
9. Buy some nursing tanks and maybe a new nursing bra. 

10. Survive Christmas!!! lol 

11. Hopefully decide on names. (I think we have a boy name for sure but I have been so fickle with the girls names) 


 I know there is more than this but my mind is going blank.... 

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Thank you all for sharing your lists...I just made mine by combining all of yours :-)  I have 6 weeks until my due date--but DS came at 38--so I could be getting down to the wire.  Throw in closing on a house on the 16th, a few minor remodeling projects, and moving...I need to get organized!

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Irishmomma- Right there with you. I have about 5 weeks left but DD came at 38 weeks. I don't want to count on that happening but trying to be prepared if that does happen again!! But really... I could be having this baby in 3 weeks! Ahh nervous but so excited.

Oh and I ordered my birth kit last night (woohoo!) and got a message saying it will be here Sat. I'm impressed with how quickly they are getting it out! EXCITED :joy

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Pamela- How do you make padsicles? I'm intrigued.  I had a really rough time down there last time.  Sounds like that would have been nice.

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Originally Posted by Kellyshea82 View Post

Pamela- How do you make padsicles? I'm intrigued.  I had a really rough time down there last time.  Sounds like that would have been nice.



You can do it several ways, but the main ingredient is a postpartum herbal sitz bath type liquid.  Saturate either a disposable pad or cloth reusable pad and freeze.  Then you tuck them in on top of your regular postpartum pad until they thaw. 


The recipe a friend gave me is below.  I'm not sure if I'll be that fancy or if I'll just get some chamomile tea and add it to witch hazel. 



Put 1 ounce witch hazel bark and 1 ounce comfrey root in 1 quart cold water.  Cover with a lid and bring slowly to a boil.  Simmer twenty minutes (barks and roots need to be decocted rather than infused because they are so much tougher than leaves and flowers).  Remove from heat.  Immediately add 1/4 cup comfrey leaf and 1/4 cup calendula flower and replace lid.  Allow to steep several hours or overnight.  Strain.

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Pamela-Thanks for the info on the padsicles! I'll have to try those this time.  

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So helpful to see everyone's lists! I know in some ways we will be better prepared this time just because we've had a baby before and have stuff on hand we didn't last time... (I bought 12 prefolds the day before DD was born, they had only been washed once [thus no absorbency yet] and we had no diaper pins or covers yet... nor did I actually know how to fold a prefold and fit it on a baby, lol!!) In other ways there is just so much more going on in our life these days that things feel chaotic and I don't want to forget anything; also having a baby in January means planning more carefully for keeping baby warm and not necessarily being able to run out and get something if the weather is bad. We are having a very unusual cold spell here in the Pacific Northwest which has me suddenly worried about having a baby in midwinter. What if the power goes out? What if there's a blizzard?? What if I go into labor and we have no hot water for a shower/birth pool? (GAAAA!!!!) (Here I'm having visions of having the baby in the dark in the basement of a neighbor's house because at least they have a fireplace... but, please God, no!)


So far I've collected and washed the diapers and newborn clothes and discovered that our infant carseat, stored in a shed, had become covered with mold.... and ordered another one.


Gradually collecting a bag with birth/immediate post-partum things like maternity pads, herbs for sitz bath/padsicles, tinctures for hemorrhage/retained placenta, etc., a couple big chux pads for the bed (I loved not having to worry about getting blood/baby pee on the sheets those first few days!) As for padsicles last time I just splashed some witch hazel from the drugstore on pads and froze them... it felt really good for a few days while things were swollen down there, and is super easy and cheap if one is lacking time/energy/money. This time I bought some Earth Mama postpartum herb "teabags" which can either be used in a sitz bath or to soak pads.


Lastly, I've started a food box which is strictly off limits until the baby is born! Somehow whenever I try to stash away some "good stuff" it ends up disappearing... So everyone knows they can't touch the box, in fact I'm not even telling what is inside it so no one is tempted. Non-perishables are somewhat limiting and I plan to keep a good supply of cheese and fruit in the house at all times from here out, but it's good to know I have "the box" with my favorite juice (pear), good multigrain crackers, a couple chocolate bars... I add a couple things every week, right now I'm thinking I should add a couple cans of tuna and some dried fruit and nuts.

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