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What to do next time? Pushing techniques please :-)

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Hello everyone,


This is my first thread and I hope I'm able to hear some wise words from other mama's out there. Honest opinions are more than welcome :)

 So here's a brief description of my little anxiety for natural birth number 2. 

I live in Japan, and here natural birth is not only encouraged, in many ways, it's expected. Epidurals have to be booked 6 months in advance, episiotomy's are mainly used for emergency's only and gas and air is used for the baby if they can't breathe, not for a panicy Mama. So any way, I have always wanted a natural birth as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a mama very young (like 12) thank fully I waited a good few years though. Therefore living in Japan was perfect for my plan of natural birth. I originally was booked into a midwife clinic for the birth, but I had to be moved to a hospital when they realised I was RH-. In Japan this is obviously quite a big deal and makes birthing outside of a hospital a no no. Luckily the hospital I went to is great! The Maternity unit is run mainly by midwives, and doctors are only there for the bigger check ups, and to administer globulin etc (And of course if there's an emergency during birth, they're brought in) 

 So long story short my first birth was, considering being thousands of miles away from home without my mum and closest friend, well it was wonderful. I had my lovely hubby, my best friend in Japan (who was also my Japanese translator), a very good friend who's had two natural births herself and been at two more, and my maternity yoga instructor all there with me. Everyone took to their very natural roles instantly, and it was as smooth as I think bringing a baby into the world can be. I was in labour for a total of 10 hours, 6 of which was in the hospital. My beautiful baby girl, Sirona Misora, was born healthy and my life has never been the same since. Here comes the story of the stem of my anxiety though...

When it came to pushing I had two fears, tearing and pooping! Of which I did a little of both I'm told haha! But neither caused me much discomfort. The problem was, due to this fear, I don't feel like I pushed as effectively as I could have. I pushed for three hours! And for the length of my labour that's a big chunk! I had just got it into my head that if I pushed slowly and consistently I wouldn't tear, I would stretch slowly and it would all be fine. Instead it just drew out the process and caused Sirona to go into slight distress twice. I'd never heard of this being done (and I want to be a midwife so have read up a lot about birthing etc) but the midwife actually pushed Sirona back in twice! She said that I have a narrow birth canal and her head was being too compressed causing her heart rate to drop. So I crowned several times, but wasn't able to get her out effectively so they just pushed her back in!! I know it sounds horrendous, and it did feel pretty awful, but I think it's incredible that they didn't just cut me open and get her out there and then. They knew that I could do it. They knew saw that as soon as she was out of the canal her HR went right back to normal. But it kills me to think that I could have saved her from that stress and potential danger.

 This is where my question comes in, does anyway have some really effective pushing techniques that could save me and my next wee boo going through the same thing again? I would really appreciate your advise ladies! 


Thank you! :)

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Hi and welcome to Mothering!

I'm going to move your thread over to our Birth and Beyond section where you will get much more feedback. I'm glad you found us!
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Poop on. The only birth I've attended that wasn't mine was just no big deal in the poop department. That helped me a lot. I'm sure it's not a big part of birth videos but maybe some have it. Maybe watch it till you have no reaction. Anyway you've wiped butt a lot since then.

About the tearing. You sound truly inspired to do whatever it takes to not put babe in stress. I tore the first time and it wasn't the end of the world. Tore less the second time. Also tell your team. They can communicate about how hard to push.

How exciting. Welcome to MDC!
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For my first drug free birth I was laid back in the bed as most women do. However with my 2nd daughter I used a squat bar and my goodness, it was great. With my first I pushed almost a hour. With the squat bar it took literally all of 10 minutes for me to push my daughter out. I must say I didn't arrive at the hospital until I was dilated 8 and I walked from the moment I hit the door. My midwife was very encouraging and let me lead the way. I knew I didn't want to go through a hour of pushing. She followed my lead and the squat bar was a absolutely great experience for me. Gravity is definitely your friend in the birthing process. Like yourself I was concerned with poop and such the first go round. With my 2nd I could care less. I just let my body lead me and it was a good experience. My first go round I had a small internal tear, 2nd birth, no tears at all. 

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I don't know if I'd even bother making plans for the next time around- each birth can be so different and second babies often take much less pushing than first babies. I personally ended up having little to no control about how I pushed. The pushing was more of a reflex than anything; my body just had its way. Intense!

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I agree that every birth is different.  Also, more often than not second and subsequent births tend to have very short pushing stages.


I had a home birth with all 3 kids.  The first I pushed for 2 hours, but my second was about 10 minutes of pushing and my third was 2 or 3 pushes and she was out.


With my first and third I had the typical pushing sensation, but with my second I didn't get that feeling.


I think keeping as active as possible during labour, feeling comfortable and secure, and listening to your body will help things go as smoothly as they can.

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