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In 10 hours from now I will have reached my due date.  With a cervix that is a TINY BIT lower than it was a few days ago, but still a stretch to reach, and a whopping 1/2 cm (IF THAT!) dilated.


We are getting our first storm of the season today/overnight in CT - and my mom, who will be driving down from VT at start of labor, is begging me NOT to go into labor now, lol.  If only it were within my control! 

Daily BH contrax, a few real ones here and there -- and all just totally frustrating!  Nipple stimulation is accomplishing nothing that I can see thus far.....

And so I continue to wait......


Rachael...Single Mama To:

DD, 16y old

DS, 14y old

DS, 12y old

New Baby - Due 12/9/13 (TOMORROW!!) 

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I feel you on the Nipple Stim. I am still nursing, so my nipples are impervious to Stim!
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I think Jenny hit it right on when she said that we are more prone to notice all the "pre-labor" activity after we've had a few babies (and maybe for you lilac since your uterus is more stretched out with twins.) With my first I never really even felt BH and didn't have any noticeable signs or indications I was going into labor until I woke up with contractions (which I didn't even realize were contractions for the first 5 hours!) Now with #4 I'm not even 37 weeks (tomorrow!) but for the last few weeks I've been having random real contractions, menstrual type cramps and low back pain, some spotting here and there, all on top of the normal BH I've been having all pregnancy. All things that probably would have given me hope with my first but right now all I'm thinking is, "I'll probably be putting up with this for another 4 weeks!" 


Nipple stimulation never really does anything for me either. With my last two (surrogate pregnancies) I started pumping at 37 weeks two have a little colostrum supply built up (which never even got used because I just nursed the babies.) Even with using my double electric pump daily I still went to 41 weeks.

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Originally Posted by dinahx View Post

I just scored a good deal on an SKR for my preschooler & I am IDSO a good deal @ Target for my infant seat (Combi Coccoro).
side note: If the Coccoro works in your car (it is hard to get installed on leather seats- no way to get it right in my Avalon), it is an AWESOME seat!  We use it in dh's Accent and it gave us several extra inches for the front passenger.  My daughter falls asleep in it super quickly, too.  Okay, plug over. ;)
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I am sure today's belly clenching shrink wrapping feeling with cervical pain has opened my cervix more but it just makes me think something is going to get going faster, then it all seems to slow down again. I can't wait to be over having acid reflux vomiting - happened again today.  Yuck.


Poor DH though. he is really stressed by the not knowing when everything will get going in earnest and we will head to the hospital. I tried to find something to do with him today but he just wanted to read his book and watch TV. It was cold outside and the walk we took didn't make him too excited either because he was cold. I think he just has too much nervous energy. How do I help him?

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Give him a job!!!!  A honey-do list!  What projects have you been putting off?  Start one!  At least my husband likes to have jobs and to work.

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I did this morning and he got mad at me - "I want to relax". I can't win for losing.

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I just figured out why I'm having diarrhea...the EPO...duh!! I can't believe I've been wondering about that!

Tonight, DH made me laugh so hard I started getting braxton hicks, then I had a long, cervix-stabbing contraction that I had to stop and breathe through, while DH was like "what?! What's wrong?! Did u stub ur toe? Did you poke urself in the eye?!" eyesroll.gif He's still only just realizing that baby could come anytime, or not for another month. Its driving him nuts too. I just let him talk when he wants to, and do his own thing if thats what he wants.
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I just ordered two homeopathic pill things from Amazon that came up when I googled homeopathic labor induction. One more thing that can't hurt to try. Homeopathy either works or doesn't with no side effects. They should arrive on Wed. I tried nipple stim today and it just didn't feel "right". Maybe because I have a bad cold and am just really tired today. So I stopped. I guess the not right feeling is my body saying not yet.
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I have had some opening feelings today, but we have had some serious water/ice/housemate drama so I suspect I won't have action before Tuesday . . . I have had a few light pressure waves/moving down sensations & I try to go into goddess pose.

If I am still hanging out on Tues I am going to hit up Acupuncture, Chiro & Yoga. Thank goodness school is closed tomorrow for my LOs.

My CarSeat is due to arrive tomorrow & my Mama just upgraded my phone from super old to not as old (and paid 4 overnight shipping) so great baby pics!
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I have some light nesting left (as we have no kitchen sink water right now!) & I need to motivate to start my hypnosis tracks. I have been a major hypnoslacker this time around!

It would be fantastic tomorrow if I could scrub the kitchen & bathroom floors & vacuum the edges for some quality hands & knees action.
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Oh, last post: I have monitoring scheduled @ the CNM/OB on Wednesday. I will technically be only 39w6 but that is the day my favorite OB is on call.
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Having contractions that hurt. Increasing in frequency. Been this way since about 8:30 pm ( it's 10 now) But cervix is unchanged, so I am afraid it's pre labor, like I had with my second child. Blah.i just hope I get SOME sleep tonight and that it does SOMETHING to my cervix or baby's engagement. Last pregnancy that this happened, I had bouts of it for hours at a time at night for over a week before labor began.
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Well I'm currently hanging out in a triage room in l&d. I had a gush of blood then passed a fairly large clot so my mw told me to head to the hospital. She's worried that they missed part of the placenta still covering my cervix and now that my cervix is changing the placenta is starting to seperate. So we're here just waitng to get checked out.
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I hope everything turns out alright Trish...thinking of you.


Kali, that sounds awful...it's not fun when it hurts and you know it's going to come and go like that.  Maybe not this time?!  Be easy on mama, baby!


I am exhausted emotionally.  Husband has been gone for three days fishing on the coast (caught nothing!) and couldn't get home tonight because of the snowstorm.  I haven't left the house since Thursday and I'm about to lose my mind.  I really lost it with my kids the past two dinnertimes, and I feel awful.  I just can only handle/do so much.  My oldest son is trying so hard to help me, which I appreciate.  I think I'm going to go to my room before dinner from now on and tell husband he needs to be in charge of dinnertime organizing and serving- seems like the boys all start fighting and wrestling and all that loud boy stuff right at that time and I just can't deal with it right now!  Tired of the cold and snow!  Only snows here a couple times a year on the valley floor where we are and doesn't usually last for more than a day or two.  


Had my first zingy cervical feeling tonight- you know, the ones that make you yell out or grab a quick breath!

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DH finally decided to go to work today. I told him a watched pot never boils. First baby's head seem down deeper in my pelvis. Pretty painful walking. I hope this ddoesn't go on for a week like
Kali. I think I would go crazy. no major belly clenchers yet today or cervical zingers.
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Hugs, Trish and Jenny! Neither situation is fun greensad.gif
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"Happy" Due Date Day TODAY for me!  (Pshhhh.... Whatever.)

Kali - I feel you, girl!  Last night was woken up by a few contractions. Off and on I have them - most still BH, but others, like the over-nighters, I feel in my back, etc....  and still that cervix of mine - well! SOMEONE should tell it that a baby is due now!  Because it sits way up there, happily Closed For Business, like I'm 12 weeks pregnant or something! ;)

We are having our first storm of the season now (ice/snow/freezing rain).. with the first real snow expected tomorrow day as well - you'd think that would be enough too, to kick things off (being a single mama, no snow tires on yet, etc...).  Oh the irony, I could say.  But - nope!  Feel just fine thus far - with this ever fattening baby just chillin' out in my belly!


Rachael -- Single Mama AND DUE TODAY

DD, 16y

DS, 14y

DS, 12y

New Baby - Any day now.......... :W 

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Hey, Trish! Praying that all is well with you and babe!


Jenny, I hear you about not being up for all the loud boy stuff! Yesterday my 4 yr old DS was running around, pretending to splatter me with his "dirt splattering cannon" (which was really just some legos). I was sooooooooooo over it. But I am starting to feel a bit guilty for constantly asking me to go play by himself and leave me in peace. Since baby girl is taking her time, I am going to try to refocus my attention on DS...but do peaceful things like read books or draw together.


Lilac, I am back at work today, too, for the same reason. It is time for me and the family to try to re-establish some normalcy. For the past week, we have been in a state of suspended time. (The only thing is that I take "the pot" with me...but hoping work will distract me enough to take my mind off of it.)


I still keep losing parts of my mucous plug, but that's about it.  Same ol' BHs off and on all day and night, feel it a bit more in my back now.

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