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Thanks everyone.  Feeling a bit better today after a good nights sleep.  Decided to take a break from trying to get labor going and focus on finishing some projects instead.  Hoping to have had some cervical changes at my appt tonight.  I still can't reach my darn cervix and its not from lack of trying.  lol.  On a positive note this is the first appt DH is coming to this pregnancy.  It means paying a babysitter but I'm happy he will be coming with me.  We'll get a bite to eat after before heading home.  I hate driving in the dark.  I have terrible night vision.  Last appt was an hour there and then an hour back in the dark and it was raining.  Not fun.

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Trish, that is what I am hoping for.


I am going to go out with my mom. She is getting a pedicure done and I just want to see something besides my own four walls. Hasn't been any exciting action today since that "I can't walk feeling" earlier this morning.

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I sure am feeling that four-walls feeling. I feel like I hardly get out at all, except for the same few errands I do. I am still in pajamas right now. Because why bother getting dressed? I have no where to go! Wondering if this going to get better or worse when the reason is new baby for the winter? or whether by spring I will be stark raving mad? Its totally not labor signs, but its gotten so that if I sleep on the one side, I'm up in a hour with shoulder pain, on the other, knife (read: feet) in the ribs/diaphram. Baby is feeling like he has NO room in there, and I'm not sure what ten more days of growth is going to do to me! I keep thinking of the aunt who's son broke two of her ribs in utero…


fingers crossed, Lilac! 

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I have not been out since Thursday due to snow!!  Husband isn't being supportive in action, only in words, and then not so much.  Just wrote him the "please get a reality check" email wondering why I have to ask for this...it's not like we haven't been here before!  I told him to imagine carrying a baby in the moby all day and all night, except that his body also feels like he just ran a marathon, he has a couple of cracked ribs, and he fell on his but on an icy hard sidewalk and it's bruised.  Then imagine feeling that way for a couple of months while every day I leave him until dinnertime.  Hopefully some of those visuals will set in!

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Jenny - can you email my hubby too?
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Let's see if my email is effective first.  Might just make him annoyed and defensive.

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Feeling labory this evening.  Called hubby home from work early, took a long tub while 2 year old napped and 4 year old watched Caillou.  We also decided to have the in-laws come up from NJ.  Hopefully it picks up overnight, but I am 40+2, so I imagine in the next week or so anyway, and having them here will make the waiting easier, I hope. 

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Ugh, broken ribs, Roisin?! I didn't think it was possible! Thank goodness I have small babies! My only complaint is constant diarrhea. I'm afraid to fart and pee, because the diarrhea just comes! Haven't done EPO in 3 days so I don't know if this is still a side effect or my body clearing out for labour. I cant reach to wipe properly, so I'm using wet wipes to clean up, an my bum is raw and sore. Penaten cream is my friend. Sigh greensad.gif

Upside is my mw doesn't think I'll make it to postdates, so maybe 2 more weeks? I'm thinking he may actually come sometime next weekend or at least by xmas.
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Why does your midwife think that, Lida? Good solid pre labor? And omg on the poop issues. I just have the have-to-go feeling constantly, although I don't, nor am I particularly constipated. But yes to the not being able to reach to wipe! hahaha, I tell you, nobody understands these things…and yes, poor Diane's ribs were actually broken by her ten pound baby boy! I'm trying not to think about it, as I push his feet down for the millionth time today. (every time he catches me doing that my dh is like "OH! contraction?!?" And i'm "NO FEET! contractions are not way up here!")


Jenny, right on with the visuals. My dh is very sympathetic, but still, there is just no sharing the experience. And I think that he copes with the anxiety by acting particularly normal…heck, even taking up new hobbies! The only way I know that he is really paying attention is the extra picking up the house he does at night when we are in bed. Its small, and only takes him probably 20 minutes, but it means the world to me to get up to a tidy house in the morning (esp since I'm going to be wallowing in it all day!). But he still knows not a single helpful thing to do in labor (even drank my hospital bag stash of gatorade, haha). Oh well, can't have it all. 

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Soounds promising Lida. I had diarhea and a sore bottom the couple days before going into labor:).
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Roisin: I don't know why my midwife thinks I won't go past dates...possibly because at my other births, which were inductions at 39+1 and 39+3, I went into labour really easily? who knows! DH and I amused ourselves by marking on the calendar which dates we think he will come. I've picked the 21-23 and DH has picked the 28-30. And probably he'll show none of those days ;p  And, yes, no one understands (or would want to hear about) issues like diarrhea in pregnancy!!! I'm SOO grateful for MDC and the anonymity of the internet ;)  LMAO at your DH's reaction to getting kicked. Mine is really bad at shutting up when I'm in pain or trying to concentrate on something. DD1 is just like him. NO, I DON'T NEED YOU TO ASK WHAT'S WRONG, CAN I DO ANYTHING, DO YOU NEED TO LIE DOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF A CONTRACTION. Ha, ha! Oh, and pooey on the Gatorade drinking. I'm surprised my DH hasn't drunk mine yet. But red isn't his favourite...soo...I did hide the box of Larabars I bought to bring with me, tho.


Bibi: that's really encouraging about the diarrhea. It's my only consolation to hope that it means SOMETHING :)

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We should just all live together right now!  In a beautiful home where our menservants (husbands) bring us food and give us massages...or something like that!  Or I just need my mommy!  :wink

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LOL, yeah, our menservants. I hope my DH is able to relax more once the boys arrive. Last night about 8 pm I started getting really intense cervical pain and much more regular contractions. They kept me up every few hours last night. I don't have a doctor's appointment until 3:20 p.m. so I am hoping things will pick up between now and then because I have had some pretty intense contractions and this "baby is going to come out right now" feeling. DH was going to go in for some overtime, but based on how I was feeling I asked him to stay home. I have been up a couple hours because I was hungry and wanted to get my blood sugar done and see if the contractions would pick up more if I am up and moving around. Now I am going to go back and snuggle with DH who went back to sleep after calling his boss.

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40+4 here! And I always thought Friday the 13th would be a cool birthday - so we'll see!  ;)  lol

I am considering myself "in labor" now. At least for the sake of my super excited kids - who feel like they have been waiting "forever" for this babe!

Saw my mw yesterday and was (finally) at a nice soft 1cm, cervix lower, and she could feel the baby's head vaginally (so could I! First time for that - sooo cool!!!! :).  She did a sweep at around 3pm.

Contractions, but nothing major, last night.  Woke with stronger ones (including my back) around 3:30am and they kept waking me until almost 5am. Then it was time to get the kids up and out for school, etc...  since then - just feel extra, how are people saying it? Labor-y; contraction here and there.

That said - to make myself, and my kids, and my mom who has decided SHE can't take it anymore (dodging snow storms, etc) and is driving down from VT to CT TODAY - I am calling LABOR NOW.  Even if it is the s-l-o-w beginning..... ;)


Rachael....41y old, single mama to...

DD, 16y

DS, 14y

DS, 12y

New Baby *WAS Due 12/9 

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Rachael, my oldest daughter was born Friday the 13th. It didn't work out for her (hospital infection), but hopefully it would go better for you. wink1.gif

I'm 40+1 today, and I feel HORRIBLE. I'm exhausted, having all over bodyaches, random strong contractions that refuse to get into a pattern, and my legs and feet are so swollen that I can barely walk. (Yes, I talked to my doctor about the swelling because that's not normal for me. Everything else looks fine, so he's not worried.) I think today is the last day of working on our kitchen. I honestly really wish our friend wasn't coming over to work on it today, because I look like a total mess. It's one thing if it's a stranger I'll never see again, but he and his girlfriend are friends of ours, and she's pregnant and due next month, and she always looks GORGEOUS! I'm telling myself that surely by late next month she'll be sitting around in her pajamas with her hair unbrushed all day long, begging her kids to please just go play outside, but I doubt it. :P
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Lilac, I hope you miss your appt this afternoon ;)


Rachael, fingers crossed this is the start for you. Unfortunately I was like for two days before things finally got going with my 3rd baby. Just try to relax and go with the flow. Once things finally started happening it was my easiest, most enjoyable so far.


Yesterday I was telling DP that if baby is going to come before Christmas them she needs to do it now, then he said something about not wanting her birthday to be on Friday the 13th. I think it'd be cool (since a Halloween baby is out) and it's only going to happen every 6 years anyway.


Michelle, I'm sure your friend's girlfriend sits around at their house in pj's with unbrushed hair. I know I'll put on "real clothes" and usually a little make-up when we leave the house but as soon as we're home it's right back in the sweats with my hair pulled up. 

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I woke up way too many times last night- forgot to be the tooth fairy so had to get out of bed to trudge out to my snowy car at 11:30 and get a dollar (husband was out), then a kid fell out of bed, then kid came to my bed.  I had night sweats, and then about 4 am I woke up with horrible terrible heartburn and sulfur burps.  I had to poop and felt like I needed to throw up all that acidic junk, so I did and boy was that awful.  Then my boy who had lost his tooth woke up at 4:44 and was panicking because he couldn't find any present in his tooth pillow.  For God's sake!  Baby definitely lower and feeling different.  


Lilac and Rachael, you sound close...!!    

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Had an appt yesterday. 2cm dilated. My midwives are willing to do a gentle induction as long as I'm at my due date (no judgement please) so I scheduled one for the 18th.  I'm hoping I go into labor before then but for my mental health and the sake of my other kids I really just need this pregnancy to be over.  I was induced at 42 weeks with my third so my thought is that if I'm going to need to be induced anyway I would much rather have the baby sooner.  I'm feeling much more peaceful now.

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How are they going to do it Taryn? I am going to try Foley Bulb if I go that route, but my NST today was great & so I am going to give it the weekend & wait on Tuesday's Full Moon!!!
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Oh I am only 1.5 cm today , still. Baby needs to drop more, as I am only @ -3 still.
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