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We'll see how dilated I am. With my third all I needed was some pit and she was born three hours later. And they turned it off an hour and a half into those three. So maybe a Foley, ROM, or just low dose pit.
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My baby is very low. My midwife said she could barely reach my cervix because she had to go around baby's head. They didn't mention a specific station or effacement. Just super mushy and a 2.
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No judgement, taryn. Hugs.

Today is my due date! smile.gif I'm usually pretty chill about babies coming when they are ready, but I'm eyeing the castor oil. Lol. Cervix anterior now, baby is good position, head not way low but I don't care too much about that, , very mushy, about 3cm.

Anyone else taken oil before to start labor?
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I haven't, but DH's ex did with one of their kids. He told me it made her horribly sick and didn't help. She also mixed it with orange juice, and couldn't drink oj for a year after that.
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I guess add me to the prodromal/slow start labor camp.  Spent a horrid night last night with intermittent contractions and lots and lots of pooping.  So gross.  Didn't go away with warm bath, couldn't fall asleep until 4 am.  The by morning seemed fine again.  Went to my various appointments today, and around 1:30 things started up again, probably every 20-30 min contractions that are fairly uncomfortable, but not anything like later labor contractions.  It is very disheartening, with both of my other children, by the time this started up I was holding a baby 4-12 hours later.  40+3 today, so hopefully it will organize into something over the weekend.  My in-laws are here helping with the kids, and we are expecting a storm Saturday night, so before then would be nice.

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Thats great that you have and end date in sight, Taryn. Definitely no judgement here.

I cant believe we don't have a Friday the 13th baby! I had you in my thoughts, Kali wink1.gif i haven't done castor oil, but did give myself (ok, DH gave me) an enema last time. I lost my mucous plug but nothing else except poop all over the wall behind the toilet. And the most disgusting inside of a toilet I have ever seen. And I felt like dying for a few hours. Not worth it.

I spent the last 3 hours putting together a tv bench from Ikea, which is like spending 3 hours in purgatory. I told DH that if this doesn't put me into labour, nothing will! I'm actually not anxious to go into labour because I know how busy life will be afterwards. I can wait another week wink1.gif
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Kali - I've actually tried castor oil with all three of my other pregnancies. I was almost 42 with DS, with DD1 my water had broken but no labor, and then with DD2 again at almost 42.

The worst part is the taste. It is God awful. I have a hard time not throwing it up. I just found out that they do make capsules of it so if I had to I'd go that route. I've also heard it's better in peanut butter since that is naturally oily. Maybe make a milkshake with pb, vanilla ice cream, and the castor oil if you go that route.

And it never really worked. Cleared my system, had some contractions but once it was all the way through they stopped. My midwives were shocked it didn't work with DD2 because my cervix was very favorable.
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I have an encapsulator machine so I'd just put 2 tbs
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Originally Posted by Lidamama84 View Post

I cant believe we don't have a Friday the 13th baby!

Hmmm, we haven't heard from Lilac since this morning...fingers crossed that two Friday the 13th babies are making their way into the world!


Taryn, no judgement here. Hopefully having an end date will give you some peace.

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Won't be
Babies from me tonight. Still 1 cm dilated but now 90 % effaced. had non-stress test, babies fine, but I had
No contractions. Dr freaking out that I. . am 39. week9 with gestational diabetes. Smh. Ultrasound on monday and push to schedule inductio asap next week.
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Awe, that's too bad Lilac. Effacement is good though, people tend to overlook that it's just as important as dilation. You are definitely rockin this twin pregnancy thing!. Fingers crossed you won't make it to your Monday appointment.

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90% effaced is really awesome!! Effacement typically happens before dilation so you are likely to have no problems dilating once labors start!
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Lilac - I agree with trish. You really are doing a great job at this twin pregnancy!

Kali - 2 T might not be enough but it's worth a shot. A little laxative never hurt. Lol. My mws have you take 2 OZ.
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Well: looks like the 14 is my day! Water just broke, warning ladies, stay away from funny movies! I called the CNM on call, I am supposed to eat something, make sure baby is moving & if labor doesn't start by 9 am, come to the hospital. I am very freaked out b/c I haven't ever had this happen before the onset of labor, but it is what it is!
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Woo Dinah! Hope things are rocking by now!

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Great Dinah! Hope to see great baby pictures from you soon. I think I need to find some funny movies to laugh at.


No action last night as I slept. Effacement before dilation?  Great that all the cervical pain the last week was good for something.  Today is the big Christmas program at church so I am going to take the stairs (which I haven't done the last couple times I actually went to church because frankly it is hard to climb them). I probably won't sit much, because it is so uncomfortable but I know I want to get out of the house and enjoy some great music and the Christmas message.

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Woohoo, Dinah! And Lilac, just try and focus on what you can control...you can always postpone an induction, especially if the boys are fine.

Not sure if I 'm the only one obsessively checking their TP? But this morning I had some chunkier, stingier cm, no pink, but makes me think its the start of the mucous plug innocent.gif Am I crazy!?
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Hi! I was curious whether anyone has used Barlean's EPO? I just switched from another brand, and this morning had a lot of brown spotting. Wasn't sure if that was just the weird (dark) Barlean's gel cap melting or bloody show. I am 40+4, so I was hoping it would be the latter. Not that I am getting desperate to have a baby or anything.... But with my first I was five days late. Should I get excited??
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Yay, Dinah! Guess we aren't twins anymore. :P I hope you're holding your sweet baby soon! orngbiggrin.gif
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Hi all! I contracted last night. Some pretty hard & long but not super close (from 5-8 minutes). My childcare came @ 6 & they petered out while I packed, etc. DH & BFF stalled me until now, I called CNM again. I am going in for an hour long strip @ 10 & see where we go from there. <3
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