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Hi all! I contracted last night. Some pretty hard & long but not super close (from 5-8 minutes). My childcare came @ 6 & they petered out while I packed, etc. DH & BFF stalled me until now, I called CNM again. I am going in for an hour long strip @ 10 & see where we go from there. <3



Good luck!!!! :)

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Hello Ladies,

New to this Forum Site. I am currently 37 weeks and 4 days. I can't wait for labor to start. I am currently only 2 cm dilated with occasional cramping. Since its my second baby I was hoping to have her soon..one can always hope.

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Crickets in here today, ladies....is everybody in labor?!? Im at a big family wedding right now ( resting between events) and a little worried because baby isnt moving much today - yesterday he was nonstop, today ive hardly felt him. Wondering if i should worry. Also, was 2-3 cm yesterday but long and firm, so the midwife cleared me to go...but hoping all this crampyness and quiet baby isnt a warm up! Hmmm. Bit concerned.

Taryn, yay on setting dates and feeling better. Sending everyone good labor vibes today. Feels like stuff is afoot!
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Roisin, could just be baby is sleeping because you're moving around more than usual?
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Yeah, I always notice baby sleeps most the days when I'm running around. Still, it may be worth having a cold drink and resting a bit.
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No babies here yet. Just needed some rest and had some contractions that woke me up this afternoon.  Hoping they lead to some exciting contractions tomorrow and babies before Monday's appointment.

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I took castor oil with my first, at 42+3, and I think it worked.  I took it mid-morning in orange juice (yeah, way gross), had to poop a few times that afternoon, and had some strong contractions that evening while watching a movie.  6 am the next morning my water broke and he was born by 2:30 in the afternoon.  I didn't think the castor oil was a big deal at all.  I bought castor oil and homeopathics last time when I was close to 2 weeks over my due date, but just set them on the counter and didn't take them.  Went into labor the next day ; )


I have had friends that took it and it just made them feel awful but didn't do anything productive to bring baby.  My midwives always said it will only work if your body/hormones/baby are teetering on the edge of ready already.

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I had my baby this morning at 4:55AM. :) She is healthy and so far very calm.

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Yay Kali!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
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Babys fine. He woke up at the party and was moving all about. I danced like a fool, and nothing happened!
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Think I may be in early labor. Can't sleep at all from contractions and laying down is awful. Just checked my cervix though and not much is different other than that she feels much lower.
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Congratulations Kali!

Ari Michael emerged via Cesarean @ 8:17 pm tonight. He had a double knot in his cord & it was wrapped around his neck. We are so grateful for his safety & blessed by a smooth arrival!
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Congrats Dinah!

I'm still here, but I think things are moving. With both girls I had a sleepless from contractions night and then a day of doubting I was in labor only to be in active labor the next evening and have them the next morning, so *fingers crossed* that this is it.

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Congratulations Dinah! Glad everyone is safe and sound!!!!!! Love the name!
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Yay crazykittymomma. I hope this is it. Sounds very promising. I'm awake and stalking the boards after being up for an hour or two nursing and changing the twins.
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Originally Posted by dinahx View Post

Congratulations Kali!

Ari Michael emerged via Cesarean @ 8:17 pm tonight. He had a double knot in his cord & it was wrapped around his neck. We are so grateful for his safety & blessed by a smooth arrival!

Congratulations!  Now THAT is what Cesareans are for!  SO glad he's okay.  :)  

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hoping this is it for you, Sarah! 



I am now aboard the false alarm train.  I've been having lots of prodromal labor here.  I had it for 3-5weeks with dd (who finally came at 41.5w).  I've had clearing out, too.  I swear I pooped all day yesterday.  It's not the EPO, because after much thought and research, I've decided only to take it IF dh and I are not taking care of progestens in other ways. :o  So far, so good on that front.   He is SO so very low, and much more still (though still meeting kick counts) and I've been feeling "off"... all things I count towards progression of labor. :P

It all drives me crazy because I SWORE to myself I'd not even "think" baby until 40 weeks this time, but here I am at 37+3 or so thinking "maybe this is it?"  I'm annoyed with myself!  :) DD is sick right now, so I'm sure it's best if he stays inside, away from this crud.  I probably couldn't handle a newborn and my super-duper whiny toddler.  I'm already feeling touched out between our dogs and dd (who starts whiney/crying if I'm not touching her for more than 2 minutes).  The dogs (we have 2) cannot leave me alone- they try and lay their head in my lap, facing me CONSTANTLY.  Little worried watchers. They are big enough for it to be a problem with mobility.... I either get "pinned" down by one of them, or they get underfoot (which I literally cannot see) and cause me to stumble a few steps.  I know it maybe should be "cute" or "amazing" that they sense the change and all that, but at this point, it is just super annoying.


.... and then there is the heartburn, which I thought would go away when he dropped, but it's increased 7 fold since then.  It took me 4 hours to get to sleep last night, because the burning was so bad.  Nothing seems to touch it, I'm sure it's just hormones at this point.

Shoot.  I meant this to be in December Chat, I keep getting mixed up on the threads- too many tabs open at once!  Oh well.

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I got my husband to check me to confirm what I was feeling, and he felt the baby's head through the water sac and got all excited. lol

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Plan for today - go walking to shop for coat for DH, get pineapple, and sit on my ball and jump.

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Congratulations, Dinah! And I hope this is it for you, crazykittymomma! smile.gif

Ophelia, my dogs are like that, too. And funny enough, I was at a friend's house yesterday and *her* dog wouldn't leave me alone, either! I'm also with you on heartburn. Nothing works. My doctor switched me from over-the-counter Pepcid to a prescription, and it helped for a few days and quit. Now I just sleep sitting up. I'm seriously considering sleeping in my rocking chair from now until the baby comes!

So, I had a busy day yesterday. Music lessons for my older two girls, and then I took the youngest four to a birthday party for my friend's daughter. I like parties at her house because her husband is just as socially awkward as I am, so I feel a bit less out of place there. A lot of people asked me if my doctor is going to induce me soon, and rather than get into that whole discussion I just said they can't because I'm a VBAC. People are very receptive to "the doctor says it's not safe," LOL.

Then DH and I went to see a band at our local pub. They play there fairly often, so we know them and DH got the lead singer making jokes about turning up the music until it put me into labor. Didn't work. :P

I've really had very few contractions the past week and a half. I rarely have more than one in any half hour. I haven't had any moments where I think maybe this is it. Today is my ultrasound due date, too (though I'm still counting myself as 40+3 today). If I ever had any hope that this baby would come before 41 weeks, I've given up on it now.
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