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PS, does anybody else feel like your belly is sore or bruised? The lower part of my belly hurts on the outside. It is where my sweatpants press on me a little too tight, but I hardly ever wear them?
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Ugh. I took a nap and now I feel like things have slowed down.

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Michelle, I had that with my last pregnancy. It was at the top of my belly, but man did it hurt. I've been feeling very pressure-y and crampy today. Oh well.

Sarah, I hope things pick up for you!
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It picked up like crazy and then stopped when I laid down to try to get some sleep. :( She was ROA yesterday though and now she's LOA, so I guess at least all that work did something. I REALLY thought that was going to be it.
Going to my chiropractor and midwife this morning, so hopefully we can get things started again.

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Sitting at dr waiting for ultrasound. Was awakened at 3:30 by contractions that came about every 30 minutes but now they seem to have disappeared of course since I am at the doctors office.
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Good luck Lilac and Sarah!  Keep us posted.


Less than 48 hours for me until my induction.  It feels so crazy to know ahead of time when baby is coming.  I would never schedule an elective repeat cesarean but I do understand the appeal for women who only want a couple kids and don't care about having a vaginal birth.  I never would've scheduled an induction except for the fact that I've had two fairly easy successful ones and I have a favorable bishop score.  I swear I will never have another baby due in December. lol.  Finishing up cleaning/organizing, sending the kids to my parents tomorrow night, and getting ready to have a baby...  I'm sad that I will miss my kids Christmas pageant Fri night but I'm going to have DH video tape it.  Who knows maybe I'll be feeling great and up to going with a 2 day old baby but I doubt it.  If Christmas was day or two later I would wait until next week to be induced but as is this is the best date for us, the hospital, and my midwives.  Praying everything goes smoothly.  Babble over.  ;)

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Good luck Lilac and Sarah! Hope its the day and its going to  go smoothly

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Today I'm feeling like asking for an induction. Like, now. Puh-lease!!! But, after waiting so long to go into labour on my own, I am grateful for the opportunity to go natural. It does suck to think that I am likely going to be having a Christmas baby, though. Not something I have ever planned for or wanted. I think I'm down today because I have YET ANOTHER cold and I can't leave the house because of the temperature outside (-19 right now). And I was woken up out of a deep sleep this morning. All I want to do is lay in bed and read, but my toddler is here and WON'T TAKE A NAP. And I feel like I'm starting my period. DH is finished work in 2 hours and I've just cracked and turned the tv on for DD2. And I keep looking around and seeing things that I should be working on and I just can't get motivated. Ok, rant over. For now :/


Oh, and good luck, Sarah, Lilac and Taryn. 

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I hope everything goes smoothly for you Taryn!  I think the anxiety must be worse knowing when you'll be having your baby!


Lida, I feel the same way- I have two kids home with colds and coughing (been going on in our house for much too long) and my 3 yr old is naughtier than usual because he's not feeling well.  I definitely am on the grumpy train- my husband is driving me crazy how reactive he's being to my moodiness!  Give me a break here, man, I'm a gazillion months pregnant and uncomfortable all the time, how many different ways do I have to say it?!  ugh.  My back hurts, my right SI joint is pinching...thank goodness I'm getting a massage today!  But the sad thing about it is that I can't afford to get anymore, and will probably be sore again in a couple of days : (  How's that for being positive!!


Feeling totally unmotivated to work on the last craft project I need to do to make a pillowcase for my littlest boy...it's embroidery and I don't what picture I want to make yet so hard to motivate.  Unfortunately I can't think of anything I'd like to do right now- not sit, not lie down, not take all my clothes off and get into a bath- too much trouble!  restless.  And I'm not even quite 39 weeks!  

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yep. my 2yo was up at 6 and hasn't napped yet. I'm dyin. dh home in an hour…MAYBE i will make it without another Calliou. Took her out walking for 3 hours (!!! not that far, just walking with a toddler), but its so icy I was worried for safety! sleeeeeeeeep.

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Well, an induction is scheduled for 7:30 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 20 when I will be 40w1d. I was comfortable with that because I believe that I will go into labor before that. The Biophysical profile showed that the blood flow from the placentas was good, plenty of amniotic fluid, and the babies looked great. We did a non-stress test too and the heart beats were good - but I did not have any contractions during the 30 minutes I was on the monitor. On the way into the doctor I could hardly walk the baby's head was sitting in such a way to cause me serious pain and I was having strong contractions. Ultrasound estimate of the baby's weights was 6 pounds 14 oz for one and 6 pounds 12 oz for the other. The ultrasound tech said the babies are likely 7 pounds or so because the way the babies are laying it is hard to get a good picture of their bellies and heads which is a major part of the ultrasound estimate of their weights.


I need to call the chiropractor and see if I can get in and maybe loosen up the spot where the first head down baby is so he turns a little more, since he is facing to the right in my pelvis. I have done some stair climbing and ate some pineapple as well today.

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My chiro and midwife confirmed that she's now LOA, so I guess that's what all the fuss was yesterday. I'm losing way more mucus plug and having bloody show and was 2-3 cm, 50% effaced, baby at -2 when she checked me. She's ordered me to stop thinking about it...(ha) and try to rest. I took my kids to the park and walked around a bit and then came home and took a nap. Not really having contractions, but I'm very crampy. Hopefully I'll be holding my baby soon.

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Sounds good Sarah and Lilac!  Can't wait to hear of your babies' arrivals!

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Hmm, wondering if the full moon tomorrow is messing with us, both physically and emotionally. I also did not sleep well last night and am just grouchy and irritated today. On top of that I think baby dropped because all evening and today now I've had crampy pressure way down low, that lovely "need to poop but not really" feeling, and I keep having stabbing cervix twinges. Not fun feelings at all. I'm not even entertaining thoughts that this means anything will happen soon though. I'm 38 weeks today so still thinking it'll be another 2-4 weeks for me.

Sarah and lilac, I hope things start moving for you guys. I can't wait to hear aboutnsome full moon babies!
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Oh, this morning when I got to the doctor, I got out of the car and told DH, I have to go to the bathroom. I could hardly walk the pressure was so intense.  After emptying my bowel, I felt so much better and could actually walk a lot better.  Pressure is still intense tonight though. Baby is really down deep.  Now it just has to get labor going.  I guess maybe full moon stuff will play a role in my boys birth.

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Oh no!  Full moon!  Totally effects my mood and sleep, didn't realize because it hasn't been clear at night here.

My babies have never been at all enticed by the full moon!

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Huh, I never noticed the moon either...not sure if/how it affects me...
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Moons have never affected my babies arrivals either. Had some contractions tonight and felt some pressure right on my cervix. And then came to bed early with dh hoping to use his prostaglandins to their best potential. It is Pope Francis' birthday tomorrow which I think would be a cool bday for baby to share but I doubt it will happen.
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My DD was born on a full moon, but I'd been saying my whole pregnancy that she'd be born on that day. The other two it didn't have any effect, just one more of those things to add to the list of "stuff that's suppose to start labor but really doesn't"....like spicy food and pineapple.


I'm still super crampy and having a lot of pressure way down low. I'm just uncomfortable and in pain and have no hope of it actually turning into the real deal anytime soon, sigh...

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Still pregnant and not a whole lot going on other than being super grumpy. Ugh.

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