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Had a pretty good nights sleep without contractions. Woke up to some strong belly cinchers. Looking forward to seeing the chiropractor today. I was reading up on baby positioning last night. My first boy is LOT because he is staring at my right hip. My doula thinks that could be why the contractions aren't as effective to get my cervix open.  I will give it a try and see.

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PS, does anybody else feel like your belly is sore or bruised? The lower part of my belly hurts on the outside. It is where my sweatpants press on me a little too tight, but I hardly ever wear them?

I have been feeling very sore lately too. I think its the baby streching.
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I am officially 38 weeks!! I am currently 3.5 cm dilated. I had cramps and contractions all night. They slowed down in the morning. I have had so many false labor calls. So I am definitely confused about when to head to the hospital.

Good luck to all the ladies in labor or being induced. Please do share ur stories.
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Siro, that sounds like some great movement toward getting your baby out.


AFM, I went to the chiropractor today. It felt great to have my pelvis adjusted, then my back and neck adjusted. Then she flipped me over and massaged my belly for awhile and released the tension in the muscles surrounding my belly. I am hoping that this will put William, my presenting baby, into a good position to put pressure on my cervix and get labor going. Went shopping for an hour with my mom because I figured that walking will help jiggle the baby around. Now I am home sitting on my exercise ball.

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Getting very nervous and anxious about our decision to induce tomorrow.  I just want tomorrow to be over.  Dropped the kids off at my parents (1hr15min away) so tomorrow is the day.  Prayers, good birth thoughts, etc. appreciated!  I'll be thinking about and praying for all of the ladies here still waiting.

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Taryn, I totally understand the night before an induction feeling! Try and get lots of rest and best of luck tomorrow!
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Best ofnluck tomorrow Taryn. Hope things go quickly and smoothly with your induction.

Lilac, I have my fingers crossed for you!

AFM, I think I'm experiencing that wonderful prodomal labor hell. I've been having crampy contractions that are uncomfortable to down right painful since Sunday night, but they're not consistent enough for me to believe labor is close to starting. Plus I think baby is still somewhat high up. I hate to admit it but I'm somewhat happy that our girls will be with our exes starting Friday. I'm really looking forward to being able to lounge around and not have to worry about dealing with them for a week. I've just wanted to stay in bed all day today.
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Well my two days of prodromal labour turned into actual labor late Friday night/Saturday morning. Woke up to contractions around 1 am, but was confused and tried to go back to sleep. 2 am my water broke and Henry Francis was born 2 hours later. We made it to the hospital, barely! So glad we had my in-laws head up on Thursday, it made everything go much more smoothly. Good luck to everyone still waiting, I hope your babies are on their way!
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Awesome, Court, sounds like it was quick and smooth, but I know those quick ones can be intense!!  I imagine it's awesome to not be pregnant and to have your little one!!!  Take good care!

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Congrats, Court! I was just coming here to say it seemed like nobody had had a baby in a few days! Glad to hear your little one has arrived!
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That sounds great, Court! hope you are recovering well, and congratulations!!!


Taryn- will definitely be thinking/praying for you tomorrow. Hope it all goes beautifully. 


Today for me: more mucus plug, lots of totally un-contraction-like, non progressing, not particularly painful cramps. And heavy. I can't even fathom two, Lilac and twin-bearers. Can't even fathom. 

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Congratulations Court.  Enjoy your babymoon!


Taryn, hope your induction is going well.


Roisin, I hope something happens for you soon.


I really thought last night that I was in early labor because all night long the contractions got stronger and stronger, but then I fell asleep and they didn't wake me up again.  Ugh. It does feel like the kicks are in a different place than before, so I think the chiropractor adjustments did allow my babies to reposition themselves.  Hopefully the first baby is in the best position possible to exit. Planning to go walking again today and see I can get the baby moving down some more.

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Taryn, you probably won't read this but thinking of you, praying it all goes smoothly today :goodvibes 

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Good luck, Taryn!
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Ok, so just got out of my appointment. My doctor has a unique way of making me feel anxious for no reason. :P He was talking about how concerned he was about the baby's growth, and how we need to take advantage of the testing that we have available because he needs to be a "good doctor" and make sure she's doing well... but when it came down to it, all he wanted to do was an ultrasound. And after that, he said everything was looking great, and to schedule my next appointment for the 27th. We did schedule a c-section for the 30th, but if I'm still pregnant by then (42+4), I think that's a pretty reasonable option!

I don't think I'll make it to my next appointment. I'm sure I'll have this baby either this weekend, or early next week. Fingers crossed!
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Good luck today Taryn!! I hope you're holding your baby soon.


I'm now beginning day 4 of prodromal labor. I woke up at 3 am having more crampy contractions and I was uncomfortable so I got out of bed and came downstairs to sit on my ball and spent some time on my hands and knees. I think she's in a bad position or can't seem to settle into a position and stay that way because I keep feeling her butt move from the left side of my abdomen to the right. I finally went back up to bed at 4:45 where I continued to have contractions, but I must have been dozing off between them as I actually felt fairly rested when my alarm went off at 7:15. Still having the contractions and trying to ignore them as I get DD ready and off to school. My mw is coming at 11 and we'll do a NST (yes, she has the machine and is bringing it to my house!) I'm really curious if these "contractions" will show up on the monitor. She's dropping off the birth kit including the pool kit as well. I so want to set that bad boy up right now so I can just soak in it. We need to do a test run, right?

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A Soak in the tub sounds heavenly. I have just been showering  because standing up from sitting in the tub in the house got to be too much.  I even just went from tub to side of tub, then stood up but my belly makes it hard to manuever. Time for a quick nap before lunch.

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Well I've been at the hospital since 8 am. It is very slow going. I'm finally starting to have a few contractions after 6.5 hours of pit. Just bored waiting. No real pain yet which is good. My midwife will probably check me soon and break my water and then hopefully things pick up!
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Hope things get better for you Taryn and things get going for you soon.


Been having belly clenchers and back pain and sort of that "I am getting my period" feeling since 2 p.m. Hoping it keeps going and gets more intense.  All the walking in the grocery store was good. A few of the belly clenchers made me stop in my tracks. Haven't been timing them yet.

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Hope things pick up for you, Taryn! The worst part of my inductions was the long, boring hours of waiting...
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