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My girls were both born at 39.1, so if it doesn't happen tomorrow, I'm just hoping for later. I would hate to ruin xmas for them this year. I already figure at this point we'll be doing a couple weeks early or a couple weeks late for parties. Ugh. I really just want to get this over with already.

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My kids weren't disappointed at all, probably because we've been warning them for weeks that this could happen. They're just happy that Grandma and Papa and all of their cousins will be here. They also agreed that it would be best to wait to open their gifts from us / Santa. We told the little ones that Santa was willing to come fill their stockings a few days late if they didn't mind, and they were fine with that.
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Have we heard from Lilac, BTW?
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Originally Posted by michelleepotter View Post

Have we heard from Lilac, BTW?

No, I hope everything is ok. She's probably just too busy with two babies to get on here.
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I hope that's the case.

Ok, everybody please pray that this is it for me! I've had enough strong contractions in the past hour that I feel like I should at least start timing them. What's most significant is that I had them while out doing stuff, when every other time it's only been while I was sitting around looking for contractions and stopped when I got up.
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Keep us updated, Michelle!
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In the hospital right now and things are looking good for a Christmas Eve baby!
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Congrats Michelle. Christmas eve baby on the way for me too. labor getting really intense now...
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I've actually been timing contractions too. Not getting my hopes up yet. Last night they were eight min apart and only thirty seconds long. I either slept through them or they stopped during the night. I've never had contractions on my own before though. And I've come to a peaceful place about the possibility of a Christmas baby.

Good luck Michelle and SG!
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Wow! Exciting things happening! I think its going to be just me and Jenny left, lol! Thats fine by me as I haven't even reach my due date yet!
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Go Go Go ladies! :D 


Yeah, I'm not due yet, either.

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Congrats Michelle. Good luck Taryn.

Ladies I am still here..lol. I have had moderate to intense contractions for past two days but they are not consistent. Hubby will be far away due to work today. Hopefully I dont have her while he is gone. :/
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Exciting!  I've been wondering who's going to have a Christmas baby?!  Probably not me!

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I was having 5 minute apart contractions all yesterday afternoon and night but they've spaced out to about 10 minutes apart now. I'm hoping this picks up. I really don't want to drive to my inlaw's tomorrow.
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My contractions petered out too.  I wouldn't mind having a Christmas baby if labor started in the afternoon tomorrow and I still got to enjoy watching the kids open presents in the morning.

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39 weeks now. Ob says she will only give me one more weeks before inducing, bc the baby is measuring big. Really don't want to be induced so hoping she comes before that. Fingers crossed.
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Siro, the baby is measuring "big" by ultrasound?  I've seen them be more than a pound off at this stage.  Unless you have diabetes or eat a whole lot of sugar or non-organic milk, I wouldn't think that would be a reason to induce.  But I'm of the "we grow babies we can birth" camp and I've given birth to three babies 10 1/2 pounds or more, so I guess I don't worry about "big" babies so much!  I hope you go into labor before thn, but that's just your due date, right?  Something like 60-70% of babies naturally are born after their due dates, which makes me feel not so alone.  


I'm due tomorrow!  Can't believe the day has come that we've been looking forward to for so long...and then the wait and wondering will really begin!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!  My kids are driving me nuts asking me if they can open a present tonight, which ones, what time can they come downstairs in the morning, etc, etc...!!  Looking forward to a mellow family dinner, carols and playing Santa's elf; and I love Christmas morning- such fun!

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I love christmas morning too, and my favourite part really is the presents...i used to be excited for myself, but now that i have kids all my excitement is for them orngbiggrin.gif

Siro, I would go with your gut feeling about inducing, you can always say you want to wait a few more days, etc. I have been through two inductions for "too small" babies and they are not fun. I'm very grateful to have a midwife this time who is ok with my baby being a bit smaller than average...after all, on the percentiles, someone has to be in the 2nd percentile, just like someone has to be in the 99th percentile, right??
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My contractions had picked back up yesterday and my cervix was making good change (hubby and I estimated I was at 6cm)...and then of course I went to sleep and it all slowed down to just enough to wake me up a bunch. Not that I'm not happy that I'm not ruining the birth teams xmas and we can still go to the inlaw's so they're happy, but damn it. I've officially never been pregnant this long and I am SUPER grumpy about it. I don't even care if she has a christmas birthday anymore, I have decided that I want a baby for my present this year! Ugh.

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Thx for the kind words Lidamama and mataji.
I myself believe inductions are the worst. I was forcibly induced with my first. I am getting an ultrasound to check the baby weight. But I know my dr won't risk it if the baby is big. So hoping for her to just come by herself before Monday.
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