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The "Progressing / Positive / Impending / I'm in Labor" Thread - Page 20

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I'm sorry to hear you guys are feeling anxious! I have actually felt more at peace the further away we get from the holidays. I never wanted a Dec baby, and I cant help thinking that this weekend or early next week would be perfect!!
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Jenny- the night I started with early labor (2 nights before Henry came) I was so anxious I had to do deep breathing all evening to keep myself from hyperventilating.  I have had two pretty good, pretty straightforward births, but I also had some really vivid memories of the most intense of my contractions from the last time around, and I think I was psyching myself out thinking about it.  When labor actually started, I was totally able to manage it, and we did fine.  My sister mentioned that with one of hers (I think also her third), when labor started she also had a brief freak out, where she was sure she wasn't ready and couldn't go through another birth.  I am sure you will rock it, when the time comes!  

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Thanks for the encouragement, Court...I really do appreciate it!

I think I might have chickened out of going into labor last night.  I hope he tries again tonight!  Today I was so sore and uncomfortable walking, I'll take a night of labor!

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This *may* be it for me... I've finally got waves lasting the approriate length and frequency for early labor.  They are INTENSE as well.  I CANNOT talk or walk through them even though they are only 7 minutes apart, 1 min long.  I thought I'd be able to sleep through them at this point, but I cannot.  May end up being another "practice" run... but if it is, let me just say then, "It isns't fair!"  A drop in barametric pressure, snow storm, and supermoon= good time to birth, is it not? ;)

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Fingers crossed for you, Ophelia!
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Sounds promising! Hope you're holding your little one soon!
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Fingers crossed Opheliajoy! Hopefully you're holding your baby soon.
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yes! maybe two babas today!! Good luck Ophelia!

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Mw just broke my waters....that was actually very painful because there was no big pocket of fluid for her to get ahold of. Just found out if baby is under 3180 g (7lbs), we will be here for 36 hours of glucose monitoring...right now that sounds restful, but I know the sound of crying babies is going to get on my nerves before long!
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Good luck, Lida and Ophelia!
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My midwife friend came over today to feel baby's position.  I was happy to hear baby is getting the message the time is near, as he's turned from ROP to LOT and she said his head was so low that she couldn't get a hold of it (which is why I haven't been able to feel it)...so good enws and reassuring and I'm feeling a bit of relief over that...

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Yay, Jenny! Fx'd for you!!
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Felt more "different" yesterday- pressure low and crampy, spacey, still emotional...walked 2 hours in the sunshine, it was awesome.

Today in a weird void of life- nothing to do but wait!  Had acupuncture again, baby still LOT, and now I have what feels like a terrible stomach ache but it's more like the top of my uterus.  Not comfortable.  Maybe I'm feeling contractions strangely this time?  My oldest child's 15th birthday is on Thursday- he was 17 days late and spent 10 days in the NICU...this is too close and I don't want to think I'm reliving that nightmare.  I also know he doesn't want to share his birthday with the baby.  Moon in pisces still today...hoping for today still, it's not too late.  Come on baby!!!!

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Shouldn't be too long it sounds like! I keep checking back everyday to see if you've had your baby yet. Hang in there!
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Woke up to bloody show and some contractions this morning.  I think I'm feeling about 4 cm with a tiny bulge of water bag poking out of my cervix.  Lots of bloody mucus.  Took a shower, ate breakfast, sitting feels weird but haven't felt contractions since I got up.  I think once they come back and kick in and I'm upright things will move along!  

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Yay! That's awesome!
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Great! Praying it gets going strong for you today!
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Yay for bloody mucus! Fingers crossed that today's the day you meet your little one!
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yay!! sending peaceful birth vibes

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Great news, Jenny!!
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