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Feeling really menstrual crampy here this morning. I'm a little scared to go into labor yet though. A. My husband, daughter and I all have a cough and cold from hell. B. We are not sure of my edd...and my later due date puts me at 36 weeks 3 days.
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OK getting a bit nervous here about what is going on . I'm still having contractions (9 -11 minutes apart, around a minute long) that are intense but I wouldn't call "active" labor (as in I-need-my-MW-right-now).  My MW called this morning and is worried a bit because apparently it is almost 6 cm dilated, not 5 as I understood. She's going to call me back this afternoon and looks like she wants me to go to the hospital to get checked again.  She also said if I've dilated further to 7 or 8, I should stay in the hospital.


This is so weird. With DD, when I was at 6 cm, it was very intense - nothing like this.  Now I'm actually very nervous about this going very fast once the ball gets rolling and I'm stressing out about when to call my PiL to drive over (they need a little over an hour to get here).

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My digestion is on holidays too...yesterday I kept feeling pressure down there like I had to poop, and then nothing would come, but sitting on the toilet felt sooo good.
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Lida, it could be the baby's head if he's already dropped. I remember that feeling with my first and was so irritated that I was getting constipated so close to the end when it was really her hard little head causing that same "need to poop" sensation.


Lilykay, maybe you should just call them and have them start coming over now. That way they'll be there when you need to leave and hopefully alleviate some stress.

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Lily- my fourth baby was a long labor- 40 hours- and I spent a whole day of it dilated to 5, then most of the next day dilated to 7 with a bulging bag of water and contractions 10 minutes apart.  It was so weird because it wasn't really intense though the contractions did take my attention away from other things.  I would try rocking on hands and knees as that can help with positioning in case that's what's making it slower.

Hang in there!!   

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Lily, sounds like positioning issue. Not a bad thing to be at 6cm and not too intense though!there is zero risk as long as baby is doing well! I'd get a chiro adjustment and do some hands and knees time.
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You know,Trish, I think it might be his head both causing constipation and the "need to poop" sensation, because eventually I was able to go, but there is no doubt squatting and sitting on the toilet feel good too smile.gif
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Lida- the day I went into labor with my second, I went to a midwife appointment and told them nothing was going on yet (we didn't do any internal exams), went out to lunch with my husband and tried to use the bathroom like 4 times, complaining I was so constipated, what the heck.  It seriously took me all day to realize it was even maybe related to labor.  Hopefully that means you are getting close!

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If feeling constipated but nothing happens is a sign a of labor, I may be a little in that boat too.  Today it sure feels like one of my little boys' heads is pushing down hard in my pelvis. I have to be careful when I sit otherwise I nearly levitate from the pain of sitting.  Oh, and sitting on the toilet feels pretty good, since there is no pressure on the middle of my bottom.


I have felt a few more strong squeezes today that are different than the BH I have been thinking I have been having.  Man a first baby is so tough since I have no idea what labor feels like.


My mom told me this weekend that her labor with me was 4 hours, 2 hours with my next sister, and less than that with my other 5 siblings (my last brother was 4 pushes and he was out).  I think she is just talking about the really active part of labor. She kept talking about "ghost pains" that she felt before hand.  She is worried I won't get to the hospital on time if I stay at home to labor until I feel ready to go. I am hoping I will be able to push these little boys out with as much ease as she talked about with birthing my siblings and me.

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Lilac, I have been feeling like that for the last few days, like if I sit on a hard surface I am really uncomfortable because of the pressure.

Its funny that all our pre-pre-labour symptoms seem to be related to poop, lol! I just was finally able to go freely for the first time in a few days smile.gif
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My mom always described her labors with all four of us as just feeling like she was going to start her period. With her first she got to the hospital as she was pushing which is probably a good thing as my sister was a complete frank breech. None of us have had labors as easy as her though.


It looks like my spotting has stopped for now. I'll still have my mw check me tomorrow to see what's going on. 

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Yeah, my sister who had a baby in April 2013 said as she listened to my mom, "Not everyone has it that easy!". Plus the fact that my mom's last birth was 22 years ago and I am 37 so maybe time has washed away the memories of pain.


Had the worse heartburn last night.  Woke me up twice.  My bowels seemed to be moving a bit more freely.


Question: I haven't had any bloody show yet. Should I expect that before labor begins or is that kind of like water breaking - it could happen before or it could happen during labor?

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Hey, all!  Well, I am back at work today.  After the bloody show, I had some regular BH but they didn't feel any different than what I have been experiencing all pregnancy long.  Yesterday, I had more of lower crampy/period about to start sensation off and on.  And I have seen some brown/old blood (it  was so dark brown at first, I was concerned that it was something else...but it barely smelled at all...then I lost some more brown blood with some mucous plug). So I must have dilated a little more.


Lilac, I did not have the bloody show before DS, but I did lose the mucous plug and it was tinged pink.  For me it was real obvious b/c it plopped out on the rim of the toilet seat. However, I think a lot of ladies lose their mucous plug without knowing since it tends to come out while you are using the restroom.  My understanding is that you lose the mucous plug when you start dilating, but the other ladies here might have some insight. (I have banned myself from looking up medical info from here on out....I only allow myself this DDC!)


With DS my water broke before labor, but the first sign that labor was starting was the feeling that I had to poop and escaping to the restroom every 15 mins.  Finally I realized I didn't have to poop, that it was DS's head...but it felt so good to just be alone, that I kept saying I had to go to the bathroom.


Lily, thinking of you! Hoping labor has progressed well for you and looking forward to an update! :lurk

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Originally Posted by lilacvioletiris View Post

Question: I haven't had any bloody show yet. Should I expect that before labor begins or is that kind of like water breaking - it could happen before or it could happen during labor?

I have only noticed bloody show or mucus plug with one baby. Each baby I was dilated to at least 3cm before labor started, one of them to almost 5. So, the answer is that it is different for each woman.
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I've never had bloody show either.  With my 3rd I was 5cm before I was induced.  I did have a small blob of mucus the other day.  Hopefully that means things are getting started down there.  My hemorrhoids are killing me though :(  I have 2 tiny ones but boy do they hurt.  The prescription cream isn't really helping anymore and I am not constipated (the epo and alfalfa are causing the opposite problem) so I don't know why they are getting so irritated.  I'm afraid of pushing during labor with them...

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I've never noticed bloody show or mucous at all. I assume it comes out sometime when I'm in labor and not paying attention, because I've been on high alert watching for it in every pregnancy and still never seen it.
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I only saw my plug with one baby, and never had "bloody show."  


Taryn, fwiw, I didn't notice my hemm. at all when pushing my baby out, and they felt the same after birth as they did before, bothersome but not worse.

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I don't think I've ever noticed losing a mucus plug per say, but with all three once I started having regular contractions in labor I'd start seeing a lot of bloody mucus (that sounds really gross but it was like my bloody show was mixed in with the mucus plug and they were slowly coming out together.) It hasn't happened until after I was already pretty sure I was in labor, though (except this time of course...still just really lightly spotting today.)

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With my first I only had show after a stretch and sweep. With my second I didn't until I was like 6-7cm.

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With my second I never had mucus or a show. I was still waiting for it until he came out! lol.gif
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