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November chat??

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I know that there are still some mamas on here, and that not everyone is on Facebook. I still try check up on The DDC every once and a while. Maybe a monthly chat for us?

Julian will be 3 months old in a couple days. He's about 12lbs (bad mom hasn't found a Ped since moving to California! Heck, I haven't even applied for a SS card orngbiggrin.gif) He's happy, and healthy, and giggly- other than his first cold from his thoughtful big sisters. It's very mild though.

How are your LO's doing?
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I still try and check in here regularly too.  Hollis is three months the day after Thanksgiving.  I weighed him in the produce aisle the other day (yes, I did) and fully clothed he was 14 1/2lbs.  He is a pretty happy baby, except for the gas.  Everything I eat gives him gas to varying degrees.  And it doesn't seem to correlate like you would suspect...  Bean soup for dinner doesn't make him any more gassy than chicken breast and quinoa.  Some days just seem to be worse than others.  shrug.gif  Other than that he really likes going for walks and playing shadow puppets at night.


As a lot of you know, I am still struggling with a postpartum blegh in relation to my body.  I am still having night sweats most nights (yuck),  WHEN I finally get to sleep that is, as insomnia is keeping me up until what some people consider morning (at least I am getting a lot of knitting in :p).  I am trying to exercise more because I know that helps with all sorts of things, not in the least just FEELING better in general.  Speaking of which, the boys are napping, I am going to yogacize! 


Cheers mamas!  I hope all is well with you all and your families!


Oh, and Banana... Do you guys make the trek over to Berkley ever?  My friend co-owns a fantastic ice-cream shop there you should check out.  Mmmmmm, I am drooling now!  :yum  Ice cream!!! 

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Mama- In sorry to hear about your continued pp woes greensad.gif I'm glad you're getting some decompression time though, and the knitting (though the circumstances could be better!) And I totally thought about putting this guy in a scale orngbiggrin.gif

I have not been over to Berkley at all yet, but I really want to check it out. I'm told I'd probably really like it there, as the last place I lived (and loved) was actually modeled after Berkley. Please message me the name of your friends shop. I'll be sure to check it out!
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DD's first tooth poked through today! orngbiggrin.gif. How is everyone doing?
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A tooth?!  We are working on them here too, but I am hoping he waits for a little longer.  DS1 started teething around 3mos, but the first one came through at 6mos on the day!  I've got to find a scale and weigh this baby, he seems HUGE to me.  We are about 3 1/2mos and he is bursting out of most 6-9mo clothes.  He is just so beautiful, I am so in love!   :love


DS1 (just in the past couple of days) started showing some real jealousy.  I wasn't even sure that it would crop up since it hadn't yet, but he has been super clingy and wants me to do everything for him.  He is pretty good natured about it though, and I do as much as I can to get us some special time together every day.


How's EC going for you Paula?  We are doing fairly well here.  I really enjoy that connection with a babe and just try to stay relaxed about it.  I haven't figured out how to do cloth diapers outside of the house though.  He pees a lot and is super vocal about it, so I end up spending more time in the bathroom of the grocery store (for example) than shopping.  I am thinking this will change as his rhythms get more consistent though, and we'll be able to ditch the disposables.  Does this sound right, or like a hopeful dream?  We stay home a lot as it is, especially with the cold weather...

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Aww, I am totally smitten with our baby too. :love  She is 4.5 months and ~13 lbs.


Sorry to hear about the jealousy issues.  We have definitely seen our share of that with DS as well.  He seems to be slightly better lately though, a bit more accepting of me spending time taking care of her. 


EC is going pretty well, although not as well now as when she was 2 months.  But yeah, just trying to have fun with it and stay relaxed.  She really loves diaper free time on a playmat, she pees a lot more frequently during that than when she is wearing a diaper.  She's also moving around a lot too (rolling and/or scooting herself while on her back) so I think she's busy with figuring that out. 


Except for this week with the teething, she finally consolidated her poops to 1-2 a day, we're catching most of them at this point but still do have some misses.   I do best with pees when I am wearing or holding her or if she is sitting (in a carseat or bouncy chair).  For a few weeks we had pretty much all dry nights but now either she doesn't get upset/vocal enough to wake me up until after she's peed or else I am harder to wake up because I'm getting less sleep these days.  If I could get to her quickly enough then she usually would wake up dry.


I wish I could easily take her to the bathroom while shopping but it is too difficult with DS there as well, he would get upset.  So what we do when out and about is I have a little potty in the back of the car, potty her before and after we go into the store and in between stores.  Don't always make it back in time but she surprises me with how long she'll hold it sometimes (with some major protests in the checkout line sometimes).  I use baby legs and sweaters and a potty cozy to help keep her from getting too cold.  We use cloth out and about but did have a little stretch of doing disposables leftover from a trip.  I think you will settle into a rhythm with him soon enough. :)



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I'm holding off on EC until Callie can sit unassisted. I know we could do it now but logistically it's simply not in the cards. There are little ikea potties scattered throughout the house so once she can sit, we'll do family potty time with big sis. At 4 months 1 week she was 26.5 inches and 20lbs. Yup, she's a gorgeous little chunk! I love wearing her, she loves being worn and 32 month old big sis also gets into it whenever possible. Here are some pics for fun:

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Paula - wow, great on the EC! We just ordered a smaller potty. I'd love to get pee in the potty and keep their bottoms drier but in the meantime I"m just happy we full time cloth diaper and that's about all I can handle with nursing and washing diapers and taking care of DD. We're doing OK, super exhausted but slowly moving from survival do getting a few more things done .We are about all out of freezer meals and I'm having to cook again which is crazy, one more job I can hardly get done. My babies are doing well, still supplementing with some donor milk but otherwise they are still fully at breast and I'm glad for that. They'll be 5 mos next week. No teeth but teething, pretty sure. I quit the dom and have lost some weight but still have 14 lbs to go....ugh. Oh well, progress is progress.

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Hi all! there are two little teeth showing up here too! Not sure how fast they will truly come in, but you can definitely see them. Doesn't seem to bother her much. Total surprise because big brother was more like 9 months I think.

My little peanut is a whopping 12 pounds at four months. We are still nursing with the Lactaid and have met some amazing women in our search for donor milk. We have not had to give much formula at all, which has been great. She is the happiest, smiley baby, I am totally in love. <3
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Hi ladies! I do check in on MDC, but mostly just to threads I'm subscribed to and forgot to check for new posts.

Natalie, my mom totally weighed all her babies on the produce scales. I need to remember to do it!

We have had a fair share of jealousy issues here, too, but more and more so am seeing less of the conflict for my DS and more of him just wanting to play with sister. He has just in the last week gone from being potty resistant (Mommy, I'm your baby!) to 95% pottying and proud of being a big boy in underpants who can "teach sister so many things!" I hope we're really out of the woods.

I have been having body issues, too. I was looking and feeling great at the end of pregnancy, but I have gained so much back and just feel so loose and flabby and kind of spacey and exhausted. My body doesn't feel like the Miracle machine I know it can be- just bulky and worn out. Magnesium supplementation (oral and topical) has helped some, but I am so. Hungry. All the time, I feel a bit trapped into gaining because I'm packing it on like I'm planning to hibernate. It's just hard and disheartening.

Good to hear from you, somegirl and congrats on the great success with EC! Hi to all friends. Thanks for starting the chat Brianna!
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Mary - what is magnesium supposed to do for wt? I take cal-mag-zinc I have leftover from PG since I get almost zero calcium in my diet being off dairy.

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Just seeing this...in January. I only know that in many people, including me, magnesium supplementation can lead to weight loss. I suspect it is because if you're truly deficient, as I was, you're hungrier more often and not for the right foods. Just postulating though.
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