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Anyone brew Kombucha?

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Hello! I recently began thinking about brewing my own kombucha- my dad has been brewing beer, barleywine, and wine for the past two years and bottling it, and has the equipment for brewing and bottling- I thought perhaps kombucha would be a neat (and economical!) thing to try :)


Anyone brew their own, or have any resources to suggest? thanks!

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i'm interested too.  tired of paying over $3 for a small bottle.

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I make my own and I love it! I use the continuous brewing method so it's pretty effortless and we can get a litre a day that way. I can't recommend a supplier as I'm in the UK, but try fermenting forums to see if anyone has a spare scoby. There are a couple of good fermenting groups on facebook if you use it; fermenters kitchen and wild fermentation. It's well worth it, and if you make your own you can also flavour it however you want.

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Sanstree- totally! very spendy!


& nettle soup- thank you! I will definitely check those out!



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If you can find a scooby in your area I've done it from a bottle of commercial kombucha. Make a quart or liter of tea add say a tblsp of sugar let tea cool add the say half a bottle of kombuncha to the sweet tea. Cover with cheese cloth add say a teaspoon of sugar daily for three days then every other day. In a month is so the mother will be grown and you'll have kombucha.
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I haven't been lately, but started making it this past year. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I got a scoby from a friend of a friend. I will have to ask for another when I start brewing again because I stopped "feeding" my scoby. I've heard you can make it without a scoby and start your own, but then I read where there are problems with doing that (can't remember what it was though).

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