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DTaP Scheduled: Nervous

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I have scheduled my second (3.5) for one DTaP in advance of the baby's birth. It is Daptacel. I feel like it would be beneficial in a few ways & I don't actually intend for it to be part of a series. Just more to provide some minimal level of Pertussis protection (cocooning) & Tetanus on the 'once every decade' tip. I will probably be able to convince DH to Tdap & my oldest IMO cannot b/c he reacted severely to his first DTaP (Infanrix, GSK).

I am *very* nervous tho. I guess I just want to hear that it is NBD & he will not seize up & die . . . I know this maybe shooting a RE in the foot & that has to be considered (the potential risk from being abruptly forced to catch up to the entire schedule), but ultimately a large part of my personal RE is that the state does not have authority inside the body, so actually totally abstaining would also be giving the state that authority.
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We never did a DTaP but just wanted to say that I'll feel the same way next year with the first of the dT series, so I can empathise. Hope everything goes well. :hug

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Fingers crossed. How did you get your hands on daptacel? Our office is still out.
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The "once every decade" recommendation for the tetanus booster is for people who have already completed the primary series of several shots. I suggest looking into the rate of protection from just one shot if you haven't already. I'd hate for you to want him to be protected and think he is, but have him really not be. 

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They swear they are in . . .

Erigeron, I will look into it, but everything I see regarding 'catch up schedules' seem to indicate aging out of the 'primary series'. Again, I will confirm, but my impression is that the primary series has to do with the idea that young children & nurslings take longer to develop immunity . . .

I know if you just never do DTaP, after 7-10, they just get a Tdap . . .
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Okay: I found this: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/downloads/child/catchup-schedule-pr.pdf

Catch up schedules do seem tricky but it seems clear that you do get out of @ least some of the 'series' concept, albeit, not all of it . . .
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Saw on the other thread that everything went well. Hurray! :thumb

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