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Wanna talk about weight gain?

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I really dont like to focus on weight during pregnncy or any other time really but I find it interesting to see where I fit into the aveage of a DDC.

I am 15 weeks today and hadn't gained anything until the last few days. Now I am up like 3-4 lbs. I always seem to gain chunks of lbs when pregnant like that. OB wants me to gain 25-30 lbs. We'll see....I habe gained any where between 30 and 60 lbs depending on my weiight when I started out and on how the heartburn/food aversions/ms went.
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4 or 5 pounds.

Feeling better about it than last time, where I lost 10 lbs in the first trimester and regained nothing by this point (and ended up 5lbs above my prepregnancy weight). The other two times I gained some normal unremarkable amount.
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held relatively steady through the first trimester. I'd like to keep the gain to a minimum since I didn't have a lot of time to get back into shape after DD was born.

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I am 16 weeks today and have gained
around 3-4 lbs.
Would like to keep the weight gain as low
as poss as I had a little bit extra before I
got pregnant
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Beautifulnm, I didn't realize that you are another mommy with a real young one. My youngest was born 5/3/13. I had started out underweight when I got pregnant with her so I was hoping to keep an extra 20 lbs on and did but that means I can't afford to gain 60 lbs again this time! :Sheepish

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At 12 weeks I hadn't gained anything. Now I'm 16 weeks and I'm up 3-4 lbs. I've always been underweight and have never been able to gain weight no matter how hard I've tried, so I'm truly amazed to see the scale inching upwards these last few weeks. My biggest worry has been not gaining enough weight (this is my first pregnancy).
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I lost about 5-6 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight during the first 10 weeks. At my last appointment (14.5 weeks) I was holding steady at a 4 pound loss (so gained 1 back). As of this morning (17.5 weeks) I am now at a 1 pound loss (gained 4 back). If my scale is the same as at the midwife office, anyway. (My midwife counts gains from the pre-pregnancy weight so that's how I think of it).


I'm overweight/bordering on the obese line for my height, so I'm hoping not to gain more than 20 pounds total. I gained 40 with DD (weighed less pre-pregnancy with her). These holiday treats are NOT helping things, considering my current obsession is chocolate-mint anything and that flavor combo is everywhere right now.

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not really :) I feel fatter how's that?  My first pregnancy I was the only person I knew on her first baby, so everyone was all "oh how small you aren't showing at all".  Third baby I show alot faster so everyone's telling me how big I am.  Except my awesome husband who always says hi tiny <3.  Someone knows how to get a big hello kiss.

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Aww, sorry to hear that. I was/am the same way. Everybody was telling me to "get fat" with my first and every pregnancy since they continually ask me if I am sure it isnt twins, even after u/s.

Since I started thi thread my sickness has mostly lifted and I cannot STOP eating so I am sure it will start to add up soon.
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I'm at 17 weeks and have gained about 4 pounds after losing 13 pounds.  I think a lot of is is just water weight, though, because I can feel it in my hands.  They are stiff and a little swollen. 

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With my first, I gained an ABSURD amount of weight(50+ lbs) because I wasn't watching what I ate. I was way overweight when I got pregnant, but I've lost a net 2lbs. so far with this one. Mostly because my nausea simply will NOT go away. 

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With my first I gained 54lbs!!  My second I gained 23lbs.  This one, so far, zero pounds gained.  I'm hoping to stay under 15lbs if possible because I was not a stick when I got pregnant anyway.  My doctor didn't say to gain X amount so I'm not super concerned but for my mind's sake I'd like to stay on the low side.

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I'm up about 5lbs at 17w. But I had no gain until ancouple weeks ago. I struggle with heartburn which means I don't enjoy eating much, which hopefully results in not too much overall gain. I had just barely hit normal bmi before I got pregnant and I suck at getting in shape after so fingers crossed for moderate gain.
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I'm up 6.6lbs at 17w3d.  I will stay the same weight for awhile and then jump up like a pound and a half overnight.  Anyone else? Now and then I use this weight tracker...just out of curiosity. 



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MrsGail - That link is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I'm smack dab in the middle of my recommended range so that's reassuring.


I'm up 7-8 lbs at 18 weeks. I'm so excited about gaining weight that I put this app on my phone where I record my weight every single morning and it makes a graph for me. I've noticed that sometimes my weight will go slightly down or stay the same for a few days or even a whole week, and then all of a sudden I'll go up 2-3 pounds in just a couple of days. There have even been days where I gained more than 1.5 lbs in a single day just like you MrsGail. It's pretty cool. I've also noticed that during the days when my weight is going up really fast, I tend to have a lot of ligament pain so I assume this is my baby growing fast and trying to make more room for itself!

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Originally Posted by Sourire View Post

At 12 weeks I hadn't gained anything. Now I'm 16 weeks and I'm up 3-4 lbs. I've always been underweight and have never been able to gain weight no matter how hard I've tried, so I'm truly amazed to see the scale inching upwards these last few weeks. My biggest worry has been not gaining enough weight (this is my first pregnancy).

I'm the same. I could've hugged my midwife last week when she told me my weight gain was just fine, it was the first time in my entire life that an health specialist was satisfied with the numbers on the scale.


On Friday I had gained 5lbs and I'm now at 18 weeks. I'm convinced I've gained weight during the weekend but I won't know for sure until Wednesday when at my appointment with the nutritionist.

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Oops, I think I unsubscribed to this thread for some reason...


At 21.5 weeks I am up 12 lbs depending on the day. After having polyhydramnios with my last pregnancy I feel so small. I keep feeling like the baby must not be growing well but the doc says my weight gain is perfect for this gestation and my height, etc and that baby is measuring right on shrug.gif. I feel like my weight will go up a few lbs and then I will have a few days where I am starving and I will weigh myself and I am down a few lbs. Normally I gain 10 lbs the first trimester, then 1 lb a week until about 20 weeks, then I gain like 2 lbs a week until about 28 weeks when my nausea starts up again, then go back to gaining .5 to 1 lb a week until I deliver.


3rd pregnancies are the hardest and 4th pregnancies are the odd balls?

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I am 23 weeks and have already gained around 22lbs. I feel so fat and nothing fits, which only adds to the horrible feeling. I can't seem to get motivated once I hit the couch and put my feet up.  It's not like I can't move around, it hurts, or I'm uncomfortable.  I go swimming but I get out of breath and then just end up wading around the pool.  I don't know what to do.  I need motivation.  Help anyone?

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I gained 8 lbs. The midwife was unconcerned but I knew the 8 lbs represented a lot of junk food I'd been eating because of busy schedules and spending half my life in the car. Then yesterday I ate pizza. We haven't eaten pork in a while and I felt gross after having it. Blah. I've also felt bloated because we gave up gluten but with being busy it's been hard to get meals made so we resort to grab and go type stuff. Today has been more controlled with some hemp granola, fruit, coffee, and clam chowder.. but I also ate a couple of DS' apple cider mini donuts he got after karate.  I'm kind of at that point where I'm tired of feeling bad from eating poorly and want to do the drastic change to like salad and cereal.


Baby, I was thinking about swimming but I think I underestand how it could be frustrating to be trying to actually swim and thrown off by your body being a different shape.. What about the treadmill, stationary bicycle, or that one thing with treadles (it's like a cross between an elliptical and treadmill)?

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