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The Saner TTC and Graduates -- The Beaver Moon

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Hello all and welcome!

The original "Sane 2ww" thread was started by zenquaker. This is a continuation of the "Sane 2ww" thread and we felt "A Saner TTC" was a natural evolution. Over time, many of those TTC among us have been successful, but neither us nor them are ready to say good bye to this Saner Sisterhood. For that reason, we've expanded this description to include both those currently TTC as well as the graduates in the group.

Here's the gist of the original thread: this is a space to re-conceive the 2ww as a time of waiting and contemplation. Although we don't judge those who wish to poas frequently, symptom-spot, or do chart analysis, this a space set apart from that activity. We share our thoughts about other ways to approach the 2ww and all parts of our cycles. We encourage each other to feel our feelings fully and to greet all possible outcomes with openness.


We also seek to approach our pregnancies with the same holistic calm, knowing that both growing a baby and being a woman are complex experiences that deserve our humility and reflection. As our babies grow into this world, we seek to hold the space for them within ourselves and the world around us, to make our spirits ready as our bodies are made ready.


We also remember that there is much to life outside our efforts toward procreation, and we enjoy sharing all of our journeys with those who share the space with us here.

We hope you'll join us.

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Nice Primal!
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I'm on cycle day 21 and bout 6-8 dpo and boobs are very tender hoping its a good sign. With my son my boobs started hurting at 7dpo. And also like the new thread smile.gif and I agree we should all keep in touch smile.gif
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Thank you for the new thread. It feels good to be officially included in the thread as a graduate. I was so hesitant to post much of anything pregnancy related because I didn't want to stifle the upbeat conversation going on in regards to everybody's journey towards their sticky BFP. Thank you!

Oxford - I think your husband and you are smart to give the metformin a head start before you fire up your ovaries with Clomid. You're headed towards week 2 of your cycle, yes? That's the fun week. Woot!

Chourd - Whereabouts are you in your cycle? Any blood draws to measure hormones on the horizon?

Primal - I saw your pretty BFP. What CD was that? It's a stunner.

AFM - Today I am 6 weeks, and tomorrow is my first ultrasound. I'm excited and so, so nervous. I've been thinking a lot about what I will see at my appt. I'm thinking one little bean. I know I had 2-3 fat follies, but I'm thinking only one took. That's my guess anyway. Oh, and I think I have a big corpus luteal cyst on my right ovary. Maybe another on my left. Just please, please no ectopics. Please.
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Thank you for starting the new thread, Primal! The intro is lovely. I am also really happy with the choice to have a TTC and Graduates thread. I'm really glad I get to keep in the circle with you ladies. 


Wengrin - I hate to say it, but if you don't really, really want a dog please don't get one. As much joy as dogs can bring, they are so much work. If they don't hold a real place in your heart it is so hard to put up with them. I adore my dog, Lady, but she is the first dog I've known (out of many) that I truly respect and enjoy. Especially with getting ready to add someone new to the family :) Dogs and kids can be great, but it is also not an easy situation. Especially small dogs, as they can be more prone to being timid and snapping at kids. Of course big dogs tend to knock kids over, even the nice ones. Personally, I like cats. But that was probably obvious.


Oxford - I am so excited for you! The good things coming to you are so close they're almost palpable. 


Chourd - Is DH home yet? I hope you were able to catch that O!


Primal - Look at that BFP! That sure is a pretty one. So exciting! When is your EDD? Any appointments on the horizon?


MamaBlue - So exciting! I can't wait for an ultrasound. I usually try and get one around 9 or 10 weeks. How are you feeling? I think there are usually symptoms for an ectopic, right? Post pictures of your ultrasound if you feel up to it!


AFM - Thank you so much for all the love, ladies. It means the world to me to have such thoughtful women keeping me in their thoughts during this transition. We are settling into my mom's. I have my car and internet, and DH was here this past weekend and will be home late Thursday for Thanksgiving. Then we will go up to Washington on Saturday to look at a few houses. So kind of exciting, although we don't have the down payment saved, so I'm not really sure how that kind of thing works. We're preapproved for a loan... I really don't know. Malcolm has croup, which is a bit tough. I hate seeing him sick and he's wanting to nurse sooooo much. 


Pregnancy wise, feeling good. I haven't told anyone in my family yet (other than DH of course) and don't feel like it yet. I am definitely feeling some symptoms - very hungry, a bit queasy (I figure that will kick in full force next week), a bit emotional, tired. High sex drive, which is inconvient with DH gone. And some discomfort with ligaments and my stomach muscles. And some cravings - mostly starbucks egg and ham breakfast sandwhiches. Although that doesn't sound very good right now. So it's all exciting! I love any symptom. I'm 5 weeks 2 days. Looking forward to getting a bit farther into it. I have a very strong feeling that we've got a girly in the works. I had a strong intuition with both my others (and was right), so we'll see. I am hoping to get the Harmony Screening and find out.




Pictures of me with DH this past year. I miss that handsome face.

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Primal a huge thanks for all you've done to get this started smile.gif it feels like a really good space to be in. Also I'm with mama blue - that stick was kicking! Where are you at now?
Mamablue - I'm really glad you now feel more comfortable chatting, I missed the info lol smile.gif fingers crossed for you with your ultrasound, I'm sure it will all go well - your betas have been nice and high and I've heard low betas are more common with ectopics (lol can't remember where though)
Chrissy - great to see you on here, I'm hoping you are part of the regulars wink1.gif how's things?
Mares - you've been coping soo well, I'm glad you are getting to spend some time with dh... Hope ds recovers soon!
Dh did get home and on time... I think I am due ovulation on Thursday or Friday, only faint opk's so far (lol I'm regressing for this month) and dh has been offered next weekend to work as well... So I gave till Friday morning to gather all I need wink1.gif
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So glad to see the new thread!!! Thanks Primal. I really like the intro.

Ladies- thanks SO much for your thoughts and advice about the dog. I completely agree about everything....it is rotten that they are trying to give their doggie up. She seems very happy with them, and I'm sure she would be devastated and probably have some adjustment issues (maybe lots of them). Also WTF why would you give away your dog that is almost blind and not at least tell the person first about the cataracts...also found out she hasn't had shot in a long time because she is an "indoor dog". I know people who have done the same thing (stupidly) and in this Florida climate we have awful Mosquitos and dogs get heart worms...which is fatal unless they have surgery. Also she hasn't been spayed. I see a thousand dollars of vet bills in the near horizon for her. And with a new baby and 4 other children...I think it would be terribly unwise to take on. Also I totally agree with several of you who said that taking on a dog/pet is a lifetime commitment and I wouldn't want to do it unless my heart was in it 100%...which it is clearly not or I wouldn't have posted looking for advice...so this morning I called my friend/hairstylist and let her know. She understood. I felt like telling her she needs to step up and get the poor little girl her shots and a clean bill of health before passing that on to the next person.

Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out with your kind suggestions. Whew! I feel better having made that decision. I hope someone with a big heart and a big checkbook adopts her and can take care of her...get her cataracts fixed through surgery, etc.

Mares- your hubby is so handsome!!! You are a beautiful girl and make such an adorable couple. Hang in there- you'll be back together soon. Good luck house hunting. We had to put a binder down once we wrote a contract (in Florida) but it is usually $1000-2500..,here at least. Unless you look at new construction and it was a lot more. Best of luck to you hon...Also poor Malcolm! My kids get croup and it is awful. There is not much you can do and they sound so miserable! Hugs!

We are going through freezing temps and then 80's....of course the 80's are nice, but I like it to sort of maintain some kind of consistent pattern. Also preparing for hosting Thanksgiving on Thursday. We should have about 16-17 people. I am not ready to tell anyone...not even my mom. I will explain why later...also my in-laws are a bit rude and even offered to pay for a vasectomy for DH when we had DS 2 years ago. I have a hard time being nice to them but I just suck it up and smile for my hubby and the kids. Bleh.....I plan to tell them I have a migraine. I hate to lie, but it is something I am prepared to do. I want to wait until I am through the first 13 weeks before telling everyone.

I went as a chaperone on DD's 3rd grade field trip this morning. It was a 3-D IMAX movie....really cool but I had a horrendous migraine in addition to the overall nausea and malaise from early pregnancy. I got through it though and we really enjoyed it. The first show was about the Monarch butterfly. It was a really cool story about a couple that dedicated their lives to tracking their migration. Very sweet story. And the IMAX 3-D makes the butterflies circle all around you...the kids were all reaching up trying to grab them as they flew by. It was cute. It really did look like they were flying around the theatre. Then the next one was about the Great White shark....SO cool. However 3-D and migraines are not a good combo. I vomited as soon as I left. Thankfully DD knew that I am pregnant so she understood as she stood in the 1 stall bathroom and watched me get sick. So it is a good thing I told her! (For many reasons).

Oxford glad you are doing well!! I am thinking about you!

SCJP- good luck! Hope you can find out soon if this month turned out positive!!
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MamaBlue -- First ultrasound! How exciting/nerve-wracking. I'm putting my money on one healthy bean, and no ectopics. Will it be far enough for a HB? It's good to be hearing from you again!

Chuord -- It sounds like your timing might be just perfect. Have you identified a time of the day that you get the best results from your OPKs? I never quite got the hang of mine; I think I always surged at a time of day I wasn't testing.

Mare -- you and your family are so cute it kills me. :-)

AFM, I had a good recommendation for the OB group out of our local university hospital (where I delivered DD), so I called today to set up an appointment. The practice nurse is going to call me next Tuesday to take a phone history, and I guess we'll go from there. I really feel kind of frozen and unsure about how to proceed with this pregnancy medically, but this is at least a first step.

I had a difficult night sleep-wise. The med change combined with hormone changes are giving me nightmares; I was awake from about four a.m. on. I've decided to resume my regular dose, since it's been a few nights and things aren't getting better, and talk to my doctor about it when I get an appointment.

Thanks for all the affirmation for my BFP. I took it this morning, 17 dpo. I took one yesterday afternoon, and it was much lighter. Who knows what the rhyme and reason is to all this? I think, now that I got a good dark one, I'm not going to press my luck and test any more.

What else is everyone up to? I have about three weeks of school left this semester, and I'm really having to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get motivated. I'm registered for classes next semester, too, and hoping I'll get a second wind for it after the break.

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Wengrin -- I find IMAX overwhelming under the best of circumstances. You must really like your kids! :-) Also, good call on the dog. It's doubly heartbreaking when someone is trying to rehome a dog that they haven't been caring for adequately for a long time. As far as dogs in general, I like mine a lot, but this really is the first time in my life that I feel I could have handled the commitment. I think it helped to have a good idea of what our situaiton would be for a while; I would wait until things are more settled so you can better know if it will fit into your life. But I do think dogs are great!

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Wengrin- in so pleased about your decision with the dog. I adore dogs and grew up with one, they are marvellous companions and require so much love and care. Just the thought of juggling the walks and exercise while you are heavily pregnant and then nursing a small one, it sounds like a lot. I am sure your kids will enjoy pushing the new baby round the block and playing with him/her! Great call!
I can't believe what your IL's said about DH and vasectomy!! Shocking!!! How rude!! You are very patient. I hope you manage to avoid your thanks giving.

So for an English girl, tell me about your thanksgiving. That's the one where you acknowledge how grateful you are for your blessings? Is it the one where traditionally you eat turkey with family? Or have I seen that in a film?!

Mamablue- how did the ultra sound go? I know you will feel so much better when you have seen the little one(s)!

Primal- textbook BFP!!

Mares- great photos! DH is a cutie!

Chuord- glad DH made it back through the storm. There's nothing like reunited sex, there's got to be a baby around!

Afm- I'm stuck under a grey cloud today. I feel a bit hopeless, as in no hope, about getting pregnant. All this talk about polycystic ovaries and reading up about it makes me feel deeply unattractive and defective. I just wanted everything to work and to have a baby with my adorable DH. :-(
Sorry my cloud is dark tonight.

Think I will have an early night and start afresh tomorrow.

Night all! X
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Hi. My name is Chrissy and I would like to join you if possible. I've been reading along on the other thread for awhile now. We're not really ttc'ing but af is missing. She's been gone for almost 14 days. At day 9 I had a beta and was told it's negative but nurse asked if home test is positive and I said no because it's not. Haven't testing in days and have appointment for 12/4 unless af shows. Stupidly am testing tomorrow (14 days late on the nose) just so I can keep scratching my head. lol

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Hi, Crissy! I'm glad you're here. I lurked the scenic thread for ages and ages, so I feel as though I know you a bit. That is a crazy cycle! I think four or five days late was my record when I wasn't pg. Does doc have any ideas?
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Oxford, I typed a long response to you, and my phone ate it. Basically, I just wanted to say don't give up. You're making so much progress, getting the help you need... I feel as though you're very close to the cycle that's going to work for you. This journey is so long and miserable sometimes... We hear you and are here for you. Do speak your heart about all of this. And as Chuord said, your babies are so going to know how much you wanted them! Many hugs to you. Hope tomorrow's brighter.
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P.S. Yes, our Thanksgiving is the tv kind, where you eat turkey and talk about being thankful and maybe watch American football or the parade on TV. My family is across the country, so we do a "chosen family" thanksgiving here with orphans like us. More card games than football, though.
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Yay Chrissy!!!!! I'm soo glad you are here with us as a regular fixture wink1.gif way confusing about your body this time around.... Fx for tomorrow's test, or AF to show her face... The limbo is the hardest - for me at least...
Oxford - hugs!!! Hang with it, I had a burst of similar emotion with dh - apparently I came across as a bit psychotic... So I explained exactly why I was tense about it all - focussing on all the approaches I've taken lol and the lack of emotional responses from him wink1.gif I'm sure I explained it psychotically too lol... We are all good now but I totally get the frustration of the process.
Wengrin - I love you but omg I couldn't sit through one of those without the migraine... It made me feel blah just reading it... You are crazy lady wink1.gif I agree with primal you love your daughter a lot! Hugs on thanksgiving - if this keeps up you won't have to lie about that migraine!
Mares I forgot to add I love the pics, so casual and perfect.
Primal joy - I think that was very strong test for 17dpo... I'm glad you are stepping away now wink1.gif this new thread has revitalized everything... Here's to the fresh starts and new beginnings!
Mama blue - are you ok?
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I'm heading into my ultrasound right now. So nervous I wanna barf. I'll report back when I know what's up.
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Whew. Ultrasound done. One bitty little heartbeat. Big cyst on my left ovary that will fade as time goes by. I'm happy and so relieved.

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Mama blue, that is the most beautiful, perfect scan picture I have ever seen. Congratulations to you and DH xxx
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Hello Everyone! I like the new thread. I just wanted to let you know about a thread for the graduates of graduates, Zen and the Art of Peaceful Parenting. It's a continuation of Peaceful Pregnancy that came out of the Saner TTC thread. A place to talk about keeping your sanity with a baby in your life. I hope to see you all there soon.

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