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Here's my chart: http://fertilityfriend.com/home/41a892/
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Oxford- I would think you most likely O'd since you got the EWCM and then it dried up and corresponded with hour temp shift. One other sign (it's a little strange to do but I am used to it because I insert progesterone vaginally so I am used to reaching up there) but if you feel in the back of your vaginal canal you can check your cervix. Right before you O it becomes soft and you almost can't find it, then once you've O'd it closes and drops lower. That's another way that I would confirm when I O'd. It has always been very reliable. I would O on CD 11 or 12 and sure enough my cervix would change around that time.

I think 3 days of temp rise over your cover line (.3 degrees if you use farenheight, I guess it is different for Celsius) would be a good indicator that you releases the egg. I can't be sure though...probably best to still BD every other day for a week? I know it gets a little tiring. It is tough to find the drive to BD that much, especially when it's not spontaneous.

I am having a rough time with DD. She has been getting into trouble at school and also at home. She is very difficult. I have to be very firm with her because she will try to manipulate things. So anyway she has been uncooperative and in order for me to get her to do anything I have to stand over her and make sure she does it. She got in trouble at school yesterday and got 3 bad marks. Anyway I wonder if she is stressed because of the pregnancy. She knows that I am/was pregnant but I haven't told her about the recent worries. I am sure she can sense it though. Plus I have been so incredibly sick she must feel unsettled because of that. It is driving me bonkers though. I won't tolerate her making poor choices and cutting up in class, and then allow her to be on the cheer/tumbling team. It is expensive and very time consuming. She has to make good grades and her behavior had better turn around or I am going to have to pull her off the team. I am so frustrated with her. This morning I told her to get ready and be downstairs in 5 minutes and she just dragged her feet. So I let her miss her ride (I knew that would upset her because she loves riding with this friend) and then I had to drive her. Hopefully that will get her attention...I am not going to stand over her at 9 years old making sure she stays on track. Ugh so frustrating.

I am still unsure of whether I will call the doctor to see if they can do a scan today. I don't know....maybe I should just wait another week. I don't know.

Also Oxford yes normally this would be a good sign, the nausea, but the progesterone causes extreme nausea. So I am using that 3x a day. I feel like that is what is making it so bad. They want me to stay on it another 2 weeks unless we find that there is no heartbeat...

Hope everyone is doing well. :-)
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Oxford - I'd wager based on your chart that you did ovulate. On rare occasions someone can have a thermal shift as though they did ovulate, but the follicle didn't quite burst so no egg was released. The luteal phase would be wonky if that happened, and sometimes the body will try a second time in the cycle to ovulate. I do know that some PCOS ladies have very long anovolutary cycles, but you've never fit into that category. Your chart looks great.

Wengrin - I'd go in for an ultrasound. Not knowing is the worst. A week is plenty long to wait.
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Thank you. I'm really relieved that you think I did ovulate, I'm questioning everything now!! Thanks forte advice and for looking at my chart :-)

Wengrin- I don't think I'm qualified to give you advice about dd! I don't have any children and my sd is off the rails and driving me insane. So, I will just give an observation and see if it makes any sense! I notice from your description that you are dealing with all this bad behaviour (good for you, I wish someone would have given boundaries to my sd!). Although when she is misbehaving, she is getting your undivided attention (driving her to school, standing over her). I wonder if she is issuing bad behaviour instead of good to get your attention. Could you remove attention when she misbehaves and use time together when she does something right? If you cancelled time together for bad school grades it may send a sharp signal.
Euh I feel so unqualified for all this so please ignore I that is really unpractical!!

Hi Mamablue- I'm sensing your restored calm and it makes me smile :-)
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Oxford - ditto on mamablues restored calm wink1.gif it's awesome!
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Thanks ladies, I had planned to call today to see if doctor could see me. But both kids are sick so I can't go anywhere. We met a friend at the park Monday and her boys had just gotten over a stomach flu. They looked very weak though and not completely over it. I thought because we were outside it wouldn't be a big deal. Now hubby, DD and poor little DS have been sick. I could have it too but I wouldn't know since it is the norm for me to vomit several times a day. Uhhh.....not what we needed right now!

Oxford you are exactly right about DD feeding off of the negative attention that she gets when she misbehaves. I have noticed it in the past as well as her teachers. When DS was born she acted out that way and would try to get in trouble even though it was negative attention, she enjoyed it. So I do agree that finding a way to extinguish the poor behavior by not reacting when she gets in trouble and just calmly issuing a consequence would be ideal. Then if she behaves I am supposed to shower her with attention. It is counter-intuitive though and takes a lot of thought. It is our nature to react when things go wrong...I need to mentally prepare myself though and know ahead of time the game she is playing. There is a good parenting book about this type of thing "The Nurtured Heart Approach"...I need to dig that out and put those practices to use. You have great wisdom Oxford, and you're going to make an excellent mom! Your SD is fortunate to have you in her life, even if she doesn't appreciate it right now. Kids (of all ages) need boundaries and discipline...they crave it, even though most don't realize it.

Hope everyone is doing well. I'll check in and write more later. :-)
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I've not much to say today, but all is quiet so I thought I'd put my voice in the space!!!

Wengrin- you are such a sage. Something you said about all kids needing boundaries has set me off thinking about my sd and her insatiable need for money. Bit my boundaries to place unfortunately, but so true.

How are you feeling now? Have you arranged a scan yet? You are doing so well at holding your patience. Big hugs.

Baby dust to everyone else
Nearly Christmas!! New year must bring us a new BFP ;-)
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Thanks for the welcome.  Like I said, we just started trying this cycle.  I got a positive blood test today but still negative on the HPTs.  I can't believe it.  I'm on cycle day 32 and have been averaging 28 days.  I had this endocrinologist appointment yesterday to check my thyroid and hormonal stuff, since we are TTC and I have a history of PCOS.  Well the Dr said yesterday that IF I am pregnant, I'll need to start a thyroid med immediately due to the risk of miscarriage. Oh, great.  So I'm waiting to hear back what the "level" of my HCG is and I have to do a repeat blood test tomorrow.  Can this be real?

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Congrats lovely. Hoping for a sticky baby!!! I'm on cycle day 38 I'm 9 days past af I think I got very faint lines on my test the beginning of the week very very faint so really hoping this is it gonna test prob tomorrow morning or sat morning. Been nauseas off an on this last week boobs are very tender
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You too, scjp!  I've never been pregnant before so I'm pretty freaked out with all the unknowns.   Ever since I (think I) ovulated this cycle, I've had strange brief dizzy spells that make me a little nauseous.  That's the only difference I have noticed.  Are you symptom stalking?

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Yes lovely I am. Lol I have been having hot spells that make me nauseas and dizzy. My boobs are very tender and have had headaches every day for a week. And now I have a weird thing happening. Been happening for last two days. Me and hubby had sex 2 days ago and it was very tender when we had sex so totally not like that ever, and ever since its just tender greensad.gif not sure what that means anyone ever have that happen ad be pregnant?? Just curious I have never been sore or anything I take that back when I was 6 weeks with my so. I experienced light spotting and was sore after I had sex I had to be put I. Pelvis rest lol
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Wengrin - Hope the kids are feeling better. Have you decided on the scan?

Scjp - testing soon?

Chuord - How are you sweetheart?

Primal- Hi!!

Oxford - best of luck!

Lovely - congratulations hun!!

Mamablue - great news on your scan!

Im probably missing someone and I'm sorry if I am. Fingers crossed for all of you!!!
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Congratulations lovely! That's fab news. How are you planning to tell DH?

Scjp- I'm holding out to hear about your next test. Good luck :-)

I've got a weird question. My zen is totally slipping! Has anyone had mouth ulcers before a BFP or in early pregnancy? For the last few days I have loads of small mouth ulcers along the side of my tongue that has made my tongue swell and it's sore to eat. I have been feeling very grumpy about it. I used professor google to try and find some new ways to get rid of them and lots of threads about early pregnancy came up. At the same time I know it's a symptom of being run down, vit c or b6 deficient. I am taking so many bits I don't think I'm deficient but u am stressing my body with all these drugs so it could be due to that.
Ohhh I don't know. I'm totally symptom spottin now. Add to that my sore boobs and occasional headaches grrrr. Stop it. Stop it.
Someone please restore my zen! ;-)
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Congrats lovely and scjp... Hoping they are sticky!
Chrissy - I'm hanging in there... Lol just!
Oxford - I can't help, I'm totally with you on the symptom spotting... I've been feeling really good - until those evil single lines and then I start second guessing myself... I'm trying to hold the faith... Oh and strongish spotting, but I've been a little constipated (sorry tmi) do maybe straining doesn't help lol... This is too much hard work - plus I got dh cold... Sorry pity party over
Oxford your chart is looking soo pretty!
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I feel like I need to be cautious in my approach to telling DH since it's still so soon and my hcg was only 20 yesterday.  True to the thread's theme I'm feeling pretty "zen" about this right now.  The charts I checked made it seem like I might only be 10 DPO with a level like that.  I'm not quite sure when I ovulated, since I quit temping with a spike at day 13 and that was not likely the O date afterall.  I'm still new to this!  The nurse called back with my other lab results and said not to worry about my thyroid so that's good.  But I do need to get my betas checked tomorrow and Monday. It's a rural hospital so the lab has to send my blood to another state to analyze, so I won't know how things are progressing until next week.  I guess this is where patience comes in.  :meditate

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Lovely - I understand about telling your DH. I never keep secrets from my husband, but I kept my BFP to myself until I took my 14dpo test. I'd never done that before, but it just felt like the right thing to do this time around.
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Hi, ladies. I'm reading, but have been feeling very unfocused, which makes it hard to organize multiple replies in one message. Will everyone forgive me if I mostly respond to just one person at a time? And then sometimes have posts where I just update about myself? I do try to do this the right way, but my brain is mush right now. I will do what I can.

I called out of work today, jusy feeling very tired. I also had to go take a final for my nutrition class. That went well, and then I got my hair cut (finally!).

My doctor's appt is Tuesday, and I'm really trying to be chill about it. I'm feeling apprehensive, though. Thoughts like, what if they berate me for my weight? My medication? I don't even know which doctor I'm seeing, and I'm a little worried they'll be male. I haven't had a male gyn in about fifteen years. I don't know how I'll do with that. I tend to be of the opinion that birth belongs to women, and should be in female hands. I just don't know.

I really need them to do an ultrasound then, too, because I really need to be able to move forward emotionally with this baby. I swear I'm starting to show, and I just need to see that little heartbeat before this goes public. I talk to this baby all the time. I say over and over, "Be okay. Be alive. We want you so much."

My instinct tells me that this is a healthy pregnancy. I'm starting to feel it more, feeling fatigued, bloated, weird needs to eat right now but oh god not that! I'm glad I'm feeling more sure, but it makes it so scary. I'm so afraid of letting my guard down and then experiencing another loss.

So, I think I'll get an ultrasound on Tuesday. Wednesday is the due date of the baby I lost in May. I really need good news at this appointment.

Other than all that crazy, we're good. Christmas shopping is just about finished. DH and I have a sitter and are going out of town for a friend's wedding Saturday. A week after that, we're headed out of state to spend Christmas with my family.

How are your holidays shaping up?
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Primal - hugs! I totally get the mush brain thing, lol have you noticed I try to write frequently? Then I am only replying to a few at a time wink1.gif
I'm sure the scan will be good, this one (to me) feels like a keeper for you. Keeping my fx!
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Hi ladies! I'm having reddish spotting - so just biding my time, although aside from the cold and coughing I have been lifting a few heavy ish things... Anyway I got a newsletter and wanted to post the link here for you ladies - just ignore the first page. But the second refers to magnesium and issues it can cause when depleted - like post part in depression etc. I just wanted to share it in case it resonates for you, lol I'm getting up to go and spray myself with some as I've been forgetting!
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Morning smile.gif I just need to ask if everyone is doing ok? It's been so quiet on here and I was starting to worry. Oxford how are going? Chart is looking interesting smile.gif I had a huge temp drop this morning too - but I spent all night breathing with my mouth open.
Wengrin - how are you doing?
Mamablue, primal, mares, Chrissy - and the people I know I'm missing (sorry no brain and a head cold am very forgetful right now!)
Afm - 16dpo so 2-3 days late... Too scared to take a test after the last two bfn's... So just enjoying assuming I am
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