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Still here! Just busy! When was the last time you tested? That spotting sounds interesting smile.gif
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Hi faith smile.gif I think I was going to hard, I stopped lifting anything heavy and was gentle and it settled down lol... We will see... Hope it's all going well with you?
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Are you usually somewhat irregular? Did you go to your appointment yet? (Did I miss that post?)

I don't have my first prenatal appointment until January 3, and I'm antsy. I'll be 8-9 weeks... hoping it goes well. Symptoms are coming and going which really freaked me out at first. But I'm trying to stay occupied!
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Busy weekend preparing for Christmas. I'm 10 dpo. My breasts are so sore! Lots of creamy CM and a temp dip today that could be a secondary estrogen surge. Mere what happens tomorrow and if it pops back up.

Chuord- sounds promising! When are you testing.

Hi to everyone else :-)
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Faith only previously with the chem pregnancies... Normally 13-14 luteal phase.. Day 16 today... And like you symptoms on and off... I could imagine it gets very frustrating! Which symptoms and things have you been having?
Oxford - I did chart stalk this morning and thought it was looking fab smile.gif
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Whee! Oxford, I'm so hopeful for you. Eagerly looking forward to how this coming week plays out for you.

Chourd - Hello 16dpo! It'd be awesome if you got your BFP. Is your RE appt on Monday?

Faith - Yay for symptoms! I hope they are icky enough to be reassuring, but still tolerable.

Wengrin - How are you doing? Is you scan this Monday?

AFM - Feeling like poo most of the time with some decent moments here and there. I'm starting to feel sicker than I was before. Still spotting, but it's very light pink and then light brown and back and forth it goes. I am feeling relief from last Monday's scan, but I'm still feeling very guarded. I'm beginning to look quite poufy around my midsection, so DH is going to get my maternity clothes out of the attic.
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Dang it, Chuord. Test soon?
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Yay on the bloating and symptoms mamablue... There was a good forum on here (old one) 252 entries if you are searching on spotting - I read it yesterday morning for reassurance or answers... Seems Wengrin is not alone and many people get it...
Lol Chrissy... I'm seriously scared to attempt, I feel pg, and I'm in a happy place - even with my chems I never got a positive and it's hard to step up - lol a negative before AF is due can be reasoned away... Mamablue specialist is Tuesday, so 2 more mornings till then lol... I'll try and be brave... Also this cold is killing me - I can't take the normal things I would, and am on antibiotics for sinus (everything is pg safe)
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Mamablue- hang in there and keep thinking of your LO. They are certainly making themselves heard!

Chuord- you have either a baby there, or an irregular cycle that you are about to get some super help with. It all feels like it's moving for you girl!

Wengrin- how are you my friend? You have been on my mind all weekend. Are you ok?

Afm- temp shot back up to higher than before so I'm still in the game. Only time will tell. 11dpo today, so 5 days until I will know :-)

DH and I went Christmas shopping yesterday, it was really nice. My winter coat is very old and has holes in the lining. DH took me to the store and got me to try on a new one. There were two that we liked and he bought me both of them! He's a sweetie and likes to keep me warm. I thought that was so sweet, it touched my heart. I'm very blessed.

Looking forward to Christmas now. How is everyone celebrating?
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How many of u ladies have got evaps on the pink dye test first response?? I looked at my test I took a cpl days ago cuz I was throwing them away and both test have lines. Is it common to get evaps on pink dye test. And also I'm on cycle day 41 with some nausea at night. The last few night been getting nausea last night it was worse feeling. Hopin it's a great sign
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Chuord--16 dpo looks up! smile.gif I agree with Oxford, if this is is just an irregularity, you've got that appointment coming up! But it IS very interesting. Fx for you!! I understand not wanting to test, especially when you are on happy terms with everything. Can you test at the specialist? If not maybe test that morning
at home!

Mamablue--sicker is better, right? For the baby and maybe your sanity anyway smile.gif. I heard spotting is normal unless it's associated with severe cramping--have a little hope! smile.gif will shoot up a prayer for you.

Oxford, that's looking up!! Fx for you!! New coats make winter so much more endurable orngbiggrin.gif sounds like you picked a good hubby! Love that feeling of being blessed by them--gratefulness. The weekend before we got our bfp I ordered this AWESOME sweater, and when it came in (after the bfp--I wouldn't have ordered it had I known) I opened it and left in in the box on the kitchen table over night with the flaps pushed down. I woke up and the cat had gotten to it and put a bunch of holes in it (rookie mistake on my part). That night my husband called and asked if we could go buy a new one. I just started sobbing (hormones--this is unlike me) because he was so thoughtful. We hardly ever buy clothes and he doesn't generally encourage it, but he wanted to bless me--what an amazing feeling! Sounds like your hubby is a sweet guy too! I think I'm having sympathetic swoons for you. Ah, those guys.

Primal: hoping this appointment goes well and that baby stays safe!!

Scjp--wish I could help--always threw out the negative tests right after. Maybe take another test? Have you seen a doc yet? If I remember correctly your cycles have been on the irregular side. That said, nausea is encouraging. Fx for you!

AFM: Morning sickness (nausea... No puking yet!) has been added to my symptoms (tender bbs, cramps, varying appetite and avoiding anything very sweet)

This morning I skipped church--I felt like if I were to get up I would lose my cookies everywhere. I woke up three hours later and I'm just a little hungry.

I think my friends are seeing me as flakey, but I'm just trying to do everything to stay healthy and listen to the doctor. Not to mention I've worked 47 hrs in the past week.

DH had his brothers and their gfs over last night til 2 am playing dominion and I stayed up to entertain (they don't know I'm growing a child and am very tired so it would have felt rude). Oy. This is very rare so I didn't discourage it.

Other than that, I'm crafting to keep busy. Knitting and trying a new one--pyrography (wood burning). I want to add a wash paint to the wood soon.
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Tried to upload a photo of the pyrography, but no luck!
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Also.about 6 weeks ago I had an inner ear infection and DH bought me sea bands hoping the would help with dizziness. I've had really bad nausea this morning and he reminded me of them--I had really fast relief! Didn't help with dizziness with the inner ear but helped almost immediately with ms--anyone else try these?
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Oxford - I agree with faith, what a sweetie! It great to be pampered, even better when they just want to love you the best they can (faith you got one too wink1.gif ) mine isn't too bad either - lol but he's a spender so I have to say thanks but no a lot. (I'm not tight but he will go that's a nice sapphire and diamond bracelet $3,500 - want it? Lol and I'm like robbing a bank? No we don't have that sorta cash)
Oxford - I'm soo excited for the changes in your cycle this month smile.gif it does seem regardless of the outcome that it didn't take that much to get your cycle regular - great news!
Faith - awesome news on the bands! Could you take a pic? So I get the right ones? My nausea kicked up a notch last night, but it could be the antibiotics... I'd much prefer bands to maxolon.
Mamablue - after my red bleeding I've gone back to yellow cm with hints of pink or brown too... I can vaguely understand how freaky, the red really disturbed me last week... I really think you have a keeper though, your babies energy is really strong.
Wengrin - fx for you and hoping you are not suffering with the unknown... You've almost made it the whole 2 weeks right? Please just let us know you are ok, or at least surviving.
Primal how are you doing? How many sleeps till your scan? I always get out if whack as its Monday here for me now, I have to focus to remember its still Sunday there.
I wish we could all get together for a day, there's a beach near here where we could have an outdoor picnic in a sheltered cabana... Chat all day, and there's a great interactive park and sea pool (shallow and safe) for any children that are with us... There's something about salty water that makes it easier to breath and let all the worries slide away....
AGM spotting never goes away before AF, it just gets stronger until AF hits... Still in bed trying to get up nerve to test...
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Faith - I forgot to say I love that you are busy with crafting!
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Did you test chuord?????
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Nope... Lying in bed soo hungry I'm starting to feel nauseous (730am) reading posts on late bfp's wink1.gif lol... I'm sure it will be bfn, and that it's too early for me... Sorry about the drama. I do have paperwork to just walk in and get a beta though... Ok getting up
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Did you test???????
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Ok bfn and strong cramps... Taking a break... Hugs all
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Aw, bummer, chuord!  I'm sorry.

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