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Big hugs chuord. Take some time and we'll be here for you. Keep your eyes fixed in your appointment and getting some support. Take care sweetie :-)
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I agree with Oxford, Chuord. Many squishes to you.
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My heart is with you, Chuord. It takes so much longer than we think. It's so much more complicated, and it's a strange journey whe we never thought we' be taking a journey. Hold fast and move forward. A baby is on your journey. I believe it.

My scan is Tuesday afternoon. My belly is looking quite round, so our plan is to make this public one we hear the heartbeat. So much depends on a tiny beating heart. We already know we want to name her (or him) Hero. That's their name. I see great things, everything, in the future of this living soul. Our hero, born to live. born to become one of us.

I have a very tough final tomorrow, too. So, good thoughts for me for the next two days.

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Primal, your words about Hero are lovely.
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Best for the next two days primal...
Thanks for the love ladies smile.gif
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The last three to 4 days been havin nausea every night when I lay down to go to bed my stomach hurts so bad with nausea when I'm trying to go to sleep only. Any of that happen to anyone??on cycle day 42
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Scjp - Do you know when in your cycle you ovulated? Are your cycles always this long? Have you taken a pregnancy test? If your period is very late and you are feeling that ill, go see your doctor.
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No I have no clue when I ovulate I know I got pain around cycle day 14-15 so maybe then lol. And yes my cycles have been crazy 35-45 days hasn't went longer than 45 yet. But I always get some lower pain like in my ovaries sometime during my cycle so I'm always guessin that's when I ovulate not sure. And yes I have taken a few and my last one was fri morning. And it was neg. and then showed a line a day later it was pink dye so just assuming evap
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Hi Ladies!

Chuord I am sorry about your cramping and BFN. Hoping for some positive news for you soon. FWIW- I have had lots of cramping even when a BFP was on the horizon so you just never know until AF arrives. Looking forward to hearing about your specialist appt.

Primal, Hero is such a lovely name. Absolutely love it! Good luck with your scan.

Forgive me for not going through all of the messages I have missed. I've been keeping myself distracted with DD's cheer/tumbling competition and family in town over the weekend. DD's team finished in 2nd place! She was nervous but she did well....it was so sweet watching her little nerves and seeing the excitement on her face. I am glad to have that behind us though. They stress everyone out about the tiniest little details. Very high stress....but the kids love it and it is a great creative outlet for her. Burns a lot of her high-energy.

I wanted to post a pic but I get nervous that this is a public board and you never know what kind of creepos are lurking. She was so stinken' cute in her little uniform.

Anyway we have our 2nd ultrasound scan tomorrow. I surprisingly maintained some level of patience and waited....so I am expecting not to see a heartbeat. That way I won't be devastated if it is indeed the outcome. I will celebrate a miracle otherwise. Just hoping that there are no chromosomal abnormalities. I am 9 weeks today. I have been so sick that I lost the weight I had started to gain and my tummy is unnoticeable. I always had a bulge after I had DS so it just looks like I normally do. I went to lunch with a guy friend that I have known for 20 years since college on Saturday, and he is sort of a mess, but anyway he likes to joke around a lot and he looked at my tummy and accused me of faking a pregnancy. You'd have to know our relationship...sort of brother-sister type harassment. Anyway he thought that I just looked like my fluffy-bellied self. It makes me wonder if there is a little bub inside of there or not.....

I will check in tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing well. I have missed hearing about you all....talk soon
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Wengrin, best of luck. That two weeks has really dragged, you are to be commended on your patience and fortitude! All my thoughts are with you for tomorrow and I have everything crossed for a really definitive positive scan. Glad DH is by your side.

Over here it's 12dpo. Totally sore boobs, creamy CM and frequent nausea. I have no idea whether it is the drugs tinkering with my hormones or something more exciting. It's funny how framing it in those two causes makes me either fed up or welcoming!!
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Oops. Early post!

Chuord- I think it's tomorrow for your appointment, is that right?? Hopefully you will get an ultrasound and a full check over on your blood results. I am so hopeful that this will be a new phase for you. Be brave, it's very emotional. Thinking of you.
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Background story: I have extremely irregular periods. Always have. I will go 8+ moths without a period and AF will finally show up for a couple days then the same cycle happens. I will have a normal cycle with birth control of course. So I have been off birth control for 10months. We have been trying. Months go by and still AF or BFP. Nov. we went to a fertility doctor. He put me on Provera to start AF and Clomid to O. Nov. 18th- AF. Dec. 2nd- O. I took a HPT 7DPO and got a BFN.

So that leads up to today. I'm 14DPO. I tested this morning and still got a BFN. I called the doctor like I was suppose to after my 2WW and his nurse said that he wanted to do a blood test just to make sure since it is the most accurate and depending on the results either schedule a pregnancy app or start Provera and Clomid round 2. What are the chances that I could get my BFP on the blood test? I feel like we did everything right. The doctor said our only problem was that I wasn't ovulating. I understand it could be positive if my levels weren't high enough before. I've just been really upset all day because I really thought my BFP was today. Opinions please?

Thank you,
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Wengrin -- I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, and hoping for the best, and if not the best, at least some resolution for you and your family. You sound so serene; I'm in awe. 

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Ladies best of luck for wengrin and chuord today. We are all behind you.

Over here my temp has dipped down again. That was ok before, now it just looks like a crazy chart, not a pregnant one :-( fed up.

Hi livesay. Welcome to our group, it's nice to hear from you. I hope this is your BFP, you always have a chance to get pregnant from any o, no matter how infrequent. I would strongly encourage you to push your doctor to find out why you are ovulating I frequently. Not only will that reduce your number of opportunities (less eggs to chase per year) but also the conditions that cause such a delay in ivylation will often affect your hormone levels, which affect your egg quality, quantity and pregnancy. I'm surprised your doctor hasn't done any investigation. First thought that springs to mind would be- is it polycystic ovarian syndrome? Google pcos. This is only top if mind because I have it. But it's so worth getting the diagnosis because the doctor can give you a drug to balance the hormones that will then make your cycle regular eg every 30 days and that massively increases your chances. It is diagnosed with a blood test and an ultrasound. I would urge you to push your doctor to refer you to a specialist to investigate.
Or if you have your BFP already, there's no need!!!

Hi it everyone else, especially wengrin. Keep breathing. Fingers and everything else crossed for clarity xxx
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Wengrin - I've been thinking about you for days. I wish there was a way I could guarantee that everything will be ok. When you go for your ultrasound, imagine all of us are with you, holding your hand. We care for you very much.
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Chuord and Wengrin--thinking about you!!
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Originally Posted by mamaBlue View Post

Wengrin - I've been thinking about you for days. I wish there was a way I could guarantee that everything will be ok. When you go for your ultrasound, imagine all of us are with you, holding your hand. We care for you very much.

Couldn't have said it any better. We're all thinking of you.

Chourd - I saw your update in the other thread. I can't really imagine what it feels like to get all that info at once, but I am really glad that you have a doctor who is taking this seriously and some wonderful ladies here who can help with information, experiences and support. I hope you are doing well, much love to you.
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Chourd, you have an update somewhere? Where? I'm eager to hear about how your RE appt went.
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In the old Saner Moon thread :)

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Hi ladies- not good news. No heartbeat and baby stopped growing a few days after my last scan. I had some strong cramping the Thursday after I had my scan a couple of weeks ago. I think it happened then.

So now we are going in tomorrow AM for a D&C...I am pretty numb because I was expecting this. I am sad to break the news to DD but I cautioned her that sometimes this happens in the first trimester.

Thanks for all the kind and thoughtful words and support. It means so much.
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