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Oh Wengrin. I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you and your husband and children. I want to give you all a big hug.
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Ooops I didn't even realise I posted on the wrong thread... Shows you how out of it I was yesterday wink1.gif...
Oxford lol about dh and his tests... We were able to do the full spectrum off dh one sample - luckily as he's not a fan either wink1.gif except he was like a rocket when given the chance to check they're movement out under the microscope... Keeps telling me they were moving well and nothing wrong with him - men! The fs was ''I've always wanted to get an max FACS by the balls' when checking him wink1.gif made my day...
Last night was both fun and distracting and hard - as I was spinning from info and my sister and fiancé came over as well - so no chance to discuss.
Ok essentially as I said last night fs said that I don't have the time to mess around, he is 60 + and said its like him he only has x Christmases left according to stats... Same with me. He said my AMH indicates egg supply, but that having many nuts in the tree doesn't stop it being harvest time and that they are all not in good nick... So we are to both take supplements to improve our 'quality' (I need to stop my vital greens anyway - Ranee and I decided- as it has vit a in it) most of the stuff on dh list is stuff I've been trying to get him to take! Mainly zinc... (Sigh - how long have I been trying to get that into him?!)
He said he would give us his thoughts and we could still chose what or nothing to do... We decided to go with his recommendation - even though going so medicated broke my heart a bit - but it's not about me, I'm just the vessel so?!...
This cycle I start clomid today 100mg, (3-8) I think day 8 will be the ink test + the lipoid all flush as apparently it seems to give an increased chance of pg this cycle (based on sesame oil originally (antioxidant)- they stopped using it and success rates dropped) also I need to be on antibiotics for that.
Then if nothing happens and I get AF we are straight into a two part (stimulation and o prevention) cycle with egg harvest via sedation and a needle through the vagina to collect eggs, eggs will be fertilized half ipsci? - not sure on spelling, half traditionally to see what happens then two reinserted after 5 days. Fs says that by doing ivf it gives me back the 17% chance per month I would have had being under 35. That's about it, on the ultrasound he said my lining looked normal for cd2, I have a benign 4cm cyst on left ovary - I get pain on the other side lol - which he will remove if already there for egg retrieval only. On pelvic exam I have some tightening on the left hand side of the cervix which could indicate some endo... At this stage he's not convinced a full lap is the way to go due to complication risk. Very nice, supportive staff - I had bloods taken at 245pm and hadn't had lunch yet, so was a little brainless by then... Earlier during the exams I shook all over - nerve reaction lol.
I'm now ready to embrace it all, I'm a little concerned about the possibility of insulin resistance making clomid not work. (For me I ovulate, but he wants more eggs per cycle so the chances are one is healthy) fs doesn't have high expectations of the clomid cycle - it's a stop gap while stuff is shut over Christmas lol, but I'm hoping the dye and clomid is all that's needed (at my age it will almost double my chances to 7.5% of getting pg lol)
Dh has agreed to the natural supplements cos I told him that I'm only compromising my body and going full at it if he commits the same wink1.gif lol he gets zinc and pumpkin seeds - you saw my list, I think it's only fair...
Sorry it's all me...
Wengrin? How are you? We are all sending love and hugs xxx
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Wengrin- I'm so sorry. You must be devastated. All my thoughts are with you for tomorrow. We are here for you whenever up want to talk and as Mamablue said, we are all holdin your hand. Big big hugs. You are so brave xxx
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I'm so sorry, Wengrin. I so wish the outcome had been different.
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So sorry, Wengrin. I was so hoping for a happy outcome. Thinking of you.

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Cross posted - so sorry Wengrin... Count me in on the hand holding tomorrow, and take your time and whatever process you need to heal... We are always here
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Thank you all SO much. DS is going to go along with us to hospital simply because he has a hard time being with a sitter usually unless it's with a Buddy of his and even then his max is about 3 hours...then he starts getting fussy and looking for mama and daddy. So I would feel more anxious leaving him than to just bring him with. Hubby will take him outside during the procedure. I am not scared to be there alone (hubby couldn't have stayed with me during the "surgery" part of it anyway, but also I feel the warmth of all my girlfriends (near and far) who have been so supportive and sending hugs and warm energy. I will be glad once this is behind us. In especially looking forward to stopping the Prometrium and the symptoms going away. I have been so, so miserably sick. Vomiting all day is the absolute worst. I'm hoping I can recover and feel more like myself before Christmas next week.

Chuord it sounds like you are on a great path!! Excited for you!
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I'm so sorry wengrin. Many hugs and healing.
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Wengrin, I'm so sorry. Thinking of you and praying for healing and peace.
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Wengrin, I hope you managed to get some sleep? I understand your dilemma with DS, please make sure you get all the support you need from DH. It's so easy to focus on taking care of kids and miss taking the support that we need. I'm going to be thinking about you all day today and holding your hand across the Atlantic. Be kind to yourself honey xxx
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Chuord, that sounds like a full action plan, your head must be spinning! I hope your body takes to the clomid with no side effects. Hopefully that will just be the tipping that your body needs :-). I start clomid on Saturday, assuming AF visits on Friday. Let's hope it gives us both a super boost!
I like what your specialist said about IVF. I think I might go straight to that too and miss the lap. Such big decisions!

Mamablue, faith, everyone else... How are you doing?
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I hope it works for us both too Oxford! I'm still in a world of 'what shall I do'

Wengrin, hugs and energy from here all through my night xxx
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