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Thank you  @PokeyAC I did check out holistic moms network, it seems great except there isn't any chapters around my area. I live in a "dead" area in a manner of speaking. I've decided to start a group on meetup.com. So we will see what happens.

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Ok it's been a week. I don't know if anyone's following this thread but for future members this might prove to be useful. Dr. Moore's book is gold. My infant went from barely sleeping at night and never sleeping in the day to sleeping mostly through the night (he wakes to breastfeed) and three 1 hour naps in the day. I am proud of this method because there were no tears, no recommendations to cry-it-out and no training. I highly recommend it to anyone having sleep issues with their baby. I hope someone finds my post useful.

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That's wonderful news mamamayhem! It sounds like you are feeling better.
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Your welcome apeydef! I am still going to see a therapist but thank you pokeyac for your support, your partner is very lucky to have you.
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My baby is 16 months and gas never been a good sleeper but naps good! He just started sleeping through the night!!!!! I'm so happy... But I will definitely keep that book in mind for future babies! Or maybe I will just read it anyway in case we go back to old ways lol
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Thanks, mamamayhem! I may not have had much useful advice, but I can certainly support a new mom and empathize with how hard it is. I hope your baby is happier now that he is sleeping better.
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Oh mamamayhem!! I spoke to soon. Soon after I said my baby started sleeping through the night teeth came.... The eye teeth at that and now we are back to waking 2-3 times per night!!
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Aww I'm sorry to hear that.  Going from "uninterrupted" sleep back to "interrupted" sleep is hard no matter how old your little one is. I hope she feels better soon and goes back to sleeping soundly.

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Thank you
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This is probably an older thread but just wanted to add my .02 cents. My oldest DD didnt take a nap longer than 20 minutes until 5 months. Now at 3 years old she is definetly a 'highly spirited' child but she is also very bright and ahead of most 3 year olds in language and understanding and is also very athletic and all muscle. She continued to not really ever wnted to take a nap and the last 2 winters when we are outside less she would temporarily give up naps until Spring again. Luckily around 9 months old I gave up trying to do any sort of nap scheduling or routine tryingbecause it just is not her style.
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Every snowflake is unique, sounds like your daughter knew what she wanted or didn't want in this case-sleep.

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