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My siblings and I where breastfed, my twin sister until she was 1 1/2 and me until 1 year old, I dont know why I stopped earlier though.

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 Both my brother and I were EBF for six weeks, then mom had to go back to work. Who knows after that? I am assuming formula. [...] We were born in the early 70's.

There were breast pumps in the early '70s!  (Actually, there were manual breast pumps at least as far back as 1902--they're in the Sears catalog I have!)  Depending on your mom's work situation, it might have been too difficult for her to pump at work, but it's possible that she might have.  My aunt did.  My mom was a SAHM when we were little but was a LLLLeader, and I remember her having custody of the chapter's electric breast pump and having moms come over to learn how to use it, not for work (they would have needed their own) but for temporary situations like being in the hospital or taking a short trip away from baby.  I was kind of freaked out by the pump, and the feeling stayed with me until after my son was born when I tried pumping myself--it wasn't nearly as uncomfortable and weird as I'd expected! :)

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My mother bf me for a year. She went back to work pretty early, but had an awesome boss that loved babies. So I went to work with her and napped and nursed in her office, and was taken outside by a babysitter. I must have received formula bc I have a very clear memory of confusion of being told not to bother my mathematician father bc he was hard at work on his formulas and he wasn't drinking from a bottle.
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We recently found out my husband as a baby was fed karo and evaporated milk! That was suppose to make him less colicky.


Hah!  My grandmother can describe the recipe in detail!  She laughs about it now, how it was all the rage...  It was part of the homemade recipe for formula.


I was breastfed 6 weeks, then put on formula.  Apparently I was a very bad nurser, because my twin brother nursed much longer.

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I was breastfed back in 1972 when "only the Hippies nursed their babies." At least, that was the case in suburban Long Island where I was born.  She used to express milk for my 1 bottle a week when she and my Dad had an appointment. I  believe the doctor gave her the go-ahead to use whole cow's milk in that bottle when I was 6 months old. At 11 months old, the day I learned to walk, I "weaned myself." Apparently, I couldn't take the breast with me (but she let me  toddle/crawl around with a bottle.) I have no idea how much cow's milk/how many nursings a day I was getting between 6 and 11 months old.


I can now recognise my own toddler behavior as a nursing strike, and could  give a new mom lots of tips for getting the baby back to the breast. But in 1973, she was given kudos for nursing "so long" and she's still proud that she never fed any of us formula.

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My dad was fed that too! It was 1953 and my grandma had had breast surgery and was unable to make milk. My dad ended up with horrible allergies, eczema, and asthma. They also introduced solids way, way early, as in 1 month old. My dad ended up on goat's milk. He suffered health problems his whole life and then passed away in April due to asthma attack. :-(

I, on the other hand, was breastfed for a long time, and fed home-made baby food. I too unfortunately have asthma and allergies but not to the extent my dad did. My brother was unable to nurse due to a rare syndrome and my mom had to formula feed him through a tube. The breast pumps were not good enough back then to sustain a milk supply for very long but she tried.

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Breastfed for 3 years, probably EBF for at least the first 6 months, and home made baby food only.


I barely speak to my mother because we have never had a good relationship. I'm pretty sure breastfeeding is the only fond memory I have of her. I actually realized that this week- I have a really hard time thinking of good memories of my mother. I have virtually no immune system to speak of and numerous physical and mental ailments, including a lot of food intolerances. Breast milk didn't do me much good. I would have preferred being formula fed and raised by a good, loving parent. I mean, sure, ideally you could have both- but sometimes I feel like after I weaned my mom decided that she was done with the parenting thing.

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My mom BF all of my sibling and me. I am the oldest of 4 girls.  Most of use were weaned to formula at some point. The longest she BF was 1.5 years and the shortest was 7 months.

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In the 80s, I was breastfed around 6 months til my mom broke her wrist and was put on strong pain meds that would pass into the milk, so then I got formula. I probably ate cereal and purees like 4m or so onward. In 2000 my baby brother nursed for 2 months then I had him full time and mom worked.

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My Mom was 17 when she had me in the mid-70's and she was led to believe that boobs are "dirty parts", so I was formula fed.  I developed colic almost immediately, and by the time I was 10 weeks old, the pediatrician had told her that I was crying because I was hungry, so they put me on rice cereal in a bottle, too.  :eyesroll  But I'd keep eating the rice cereal and drinking formula because I suspect I must've had a high suck need as an infant.  I've since had two sons- breastfed babies- and they were the same- refused their thumbs, refused a paci, just wanted to suck- nurse- 24/7.

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I was breastfed until 1 . I have three autoimmune disorders. My brother was breastfed untill 2. He has 2 autoimmune disorders . We always had horrible allergies and we both have GI issues.

Our first foods were goat milk, kefir, then porridge, veggies and boiled chicken.

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For those who think breastmilk did you no good, you have no idea what your health would be now if you hadn't been fed breastmilk. Or if you would have survived early childhood. People are born with various degree of health and constitution and those of you on the unfortunate end of the spectrum might not have made it through harder childhood flus and illnesses had you been deprived breastmilk. Just something to think about when you are imagining that "breastmilk did no good."

Breastfeeding is no magic cure to make all humans robust and enjoying perfect health for life, some people don't win the genetic lottery for a hearty constitution, ..... but the point is that replacing normal baby food (breastmilk) with any inferior artificial substitute does have a tangible detrimental effect.
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 Breastfed until 18 months, tho still nursed at night til 22 months I believe. Started solids at 6 mos but wasn't much interested in them until 1 yr. I have been in relative good health, good weight, all my life. Currently EBF my daughter, 3 mos... not planning on stopping until at least a year. I think it is a great choice, but for those that cannot or chose not to breastfeed, I have absolutely no judgement! Each mom has a different set of circumstances. 

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I was breast fed til 3, my little brother til 5. My mom went back to work 6 weeks post partum and pumped. No formula. Not sure when we started solids. My dad's mom was a nurse. He was ff b/c it was considered best, most "scientific". Mom's mom was told her baby (my uncle) was starving by the doctor 2 days pp so she switched to formula. My husband's grandma is in her early 70s. She thought it was weird I nursed my son until he was 18 months but now she thinks it's ok I guess. She and her husband used to insist my dh was starving when my mil was nursing him. Also she was obsessed with giving him bottles of water. It is so interesting how times change.
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 for those that cannot or chose not to breastfeed, I have absolutely no judgement! Each mom has a different set of circumstances. 


Agree.  Support nourishing your child!

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I was fortunately bfed in 1970---and mom was not even close to being a hippie, so I figure I'm pretty darned lucky--it was standard then, among her friends, to completely forego the idea.


My close friend (born the same year) says his dad shared recently "I looked at the ingredients on the formula, and then looked at what was in the weightlifter powder, and realized that we could get 5 times the amount of that for the price of formula, so that's what he got!" Dad still feels pretty proud of himself for being so brilliant.

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