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Childcare Issue -- Advice Needed!

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Our nanny has been off due to a surgery (to repair an injury) and will be off for a total of about 6-8 weeks.  When she returns, she needs physical therapy 3 times a week. 


One therapy visit can be on her day off.

One therapy visit she plans to take the kids with her.

One therapy visit she plans to be on the morning that she drops the kids off at pre-school (previously, she has spent that time while not watching the kids running family errands, doing their laundry or organizing their room or play-space).


Should we be expected to pay her for the morning when she is neither watching the kids nor engaging in household related activities but simply attending physical therapy?


Our deal was that she would have 40 hours a week with us, and would receive 40 hours a week in pay.  My thought is that her "time off" for therapy could just be accumulated over time and we could then use it for child-care for a night out or maybe some weekend activity where we don't want to take the kids.  Her pay would not be reduced, but rather we would "tweak" the hours she was working to reflect her therapy time.


Fair?  Offensive?



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Sounds fair to me.  It enables her to schedule the therapy easily and get full pay, and then she can arrange the night or weekend childcare at a time that's convenient for her as well as for you.  Since she will not be working for you when she's at therapy without the kids, it's fair for you to expect some compensatory work.

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I don't know. I'd kind of lean toward not worrying about it. This is a career in which the hiring family is rarely able to pay for sick or leave time. I think I'd be inclined to just not fuss about it and keep her pay the same.

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She gets 2 weeks paid vacation and sick time (same as my husband with an MS and over 10 years in his field). Additionally there are plenty of personal errands being run during the work week already despite having every Friday off to accomplish errands and tasks like going to the bank, renewing her drivers license, seeing a chiro, shopping for a present for her Mom, etc. So I'm inclined to not let this go.
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I'd probably give her the choice, either she makes up the hours at a different time or she takes the pay cut for those hours.


Most people don't expect to get paid for not working, and it sounds like you are already very flexible about letting her include your kids in her personal errands, etc.


If I were in her shoes, I would feel like either of those choices were fair, and left me with good options, one of which even allowed me to keep my whole paycheck.

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I too agree with giving her the choice and that both options are fair. You could easily have just decided to let her go and find a new childcare provider and you are already being very accommodating IMO. Once she is back to working her full 40 hours again, maybe you can negotiate paying her occasionally to watch the children outside those 40 hours too, and you may even want to bring that up so she knows you are interested in a long relationship with her.
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I think either option is fair considering she already receives sick leave. Give her the choice.
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How long is the therapy? How long has she been with you? Is she great otherwise? Does she get any breaks over the course of the day (you said she does things for you when the kids are out, but does she get lunch hour or a break?).


She's watching your kids. If things are great otherwise I wouldn't fuss over a couple of hours a week. Maybe she can work through her other breaks to make up the hours, or stay late once or twice a week (how many hours could it be to go to one appointment?) I would tread carefully asking her to work nights and weekends. 

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The therapy is 1 hour, 3 times a week, plus transit time.


She gets about a 3 hour break each day -- napping occurs between 1 and 4.   She watches tv, plays on the internet, talks on the phone during that time.   The children are also enrolled in several classes beyond pre-school (gymnastics, etc. totaling about 2.5 hours a week), which are "drop off" - she usually stays in the building where the lessons are and plays on her phone during that time.


There has been increasing tension around the length of her "nap time" break.  When the children were very small, the need for putting your feet up for a couple of hours made a lot of sense.   At almost 4, a 3 hour break seems a little extreme.  There seems little understanding on her part that the older the kids get the more expensive she is in comparison to our other option (daycare), even though her prior employers let her go when their youngest was 4. 

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