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Catholic Advent Thread

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I am fairly new to mothering.  I was hoping you all could share some of the things you are doing to celebrate the advent season in your house.  This is our first year celebrating more than just Christmas and Christmas Eve and I am so excited to partake in the whole season.  Here are a few of our plans:


December 6th:  Feast of St. Nicholas:  We will leave our shoes out on the porch to be filled with some yummy snack food such as dried fruit and nuts.  Our son is only one, so he is not really into it yet.  We also will bring a few toys to the homeless shelter.


December 9th:  Immaculate Conception:  We will attend mass, light our advent candle and cook a meal with some white foods.


December 12:  Our Lady of Guadalupe:  We will attend the Spanish mass at our local church.  We will also cook a Mexican meal.


Christmas Eve:  Attend the 7:00 mass and have a seafood meal inspired by the Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes.  Recite La Posada.


Christmas Day:  Have dinner with more family exchange small gifts.


During Advent, I plan to unplug from Facebook.  I also would like to attend confession.  We are new to celebrating the Catholic year, so I would love any ideas or please point out anything we have missed!

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Welcome to Mothering! It sounds like you have a lot of beautiful ideas for celebrating the season. Does anyone have other ideas to share?

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Thank you for the inspiration to do something to celebrate Advent. I am pregnant with my 4th & my family I have been sick on & off all winter (especially the past couple of weeks) so it seems a challenge just to make it to mass once a month! Even harder since my husband isn't a catholic so I take the 4yr & almost 6 yr old kids on my own. I think I will fill my kids shoes on the feast of at Nicholas (and talk to them more about his story, maybe print out a coloring sheet, look at some pics online). I'll also make every effort to go to mass, as well as really trying to increase my personal spiritual life by reading my Bible &/ spiritual books and having at last a few minutes of organized prayer time a day. That I can do even when we are sick, I *just* need the self discipline. smile.gif
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