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Hired my doula

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I just met with an awesome doula today.   She was great and hired her.    I'm getting super excited now!

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YAY! I'm waiting to look at doulas and photographers until after we announce, since I'll probably choose someone from my local parenting group. Exciting to start thinking about it though!

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I am looking for a doula as well.  My sister will be my birth support but she freely admits that the only experience she has had was a traumatic delivery with her first and a great delivery with her second - thanks to her epidural.  She would love for me to go to the hospital as soon as I am in labor and get an epidural as soon as they will let me.  I am wanting a VBAC and I don't want to go to the hospital until it is almost time to deliver.  In my daydreams, the baby comes before I leave the house.  I want to labor in the comfort of my home and when I do go to the hospital, have someone there that supports my desire for an intervention free delivery.  I know a doula can not speak for me but she can be supportive of my choice of delivery.  And she wont be scared of the process.

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I kinda hired one. A friend of mine just started her doula training, so I'll be one of her first births. I'll have three midwives (two of which were doulas long before they were midwives) at my birth too, so as long as they show up before I'm pushing this time, I figure I'm covered.

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 She would love for me to go to the hospital as soon as I am in labor and get an epidural as soon as they will let me. 

Oh Bethania *hugs* please think really hard about having her there. Family members with good intentions can be one of the fastest ways to railroad a birth. You need people there who trust birth, and trust you, and want to work with your plans, not their own.  I've been to births where the family seriously stressed out the mama not because they didn't love her, or were trying to be unsupportive, but because they let their own hangups take over, and dictate how HER birth should be. Just be careful, ok?

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Yay for doulas! I'm a doula and having one of my doula friends attend our birth. After hearing so many women say to me, " I really wish that I had hired a doula, my husband/partner wasn't as much help as I wanted him to be and I ended up with a c-section or forceps delivery ". I am a big advocate of doulas.

This is a person on your side- an advocate for your beliefs that can assist in so many ways!

And if you don't think you can afford it- I was a student doula and they are free.
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It's so funny because my 5th birth was my first birth with a doula.    LOL   I can't believe it took me that long to realize no matter where I give birth I could really use a doula.     I really wished I had one for my 4th birth.    We were a transport and I think things would have gone differently at the hospital if I had a doula with me.    So, after that I will always have one.  (this is our last though)

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Onetwoten - I appreciate that.  There is no way I can NOT have her there.  She is my identical twin and we are extremely close.  She has been my encouragement and a source of strength over the last couple of years (bad divorce) and she totally supports me having this baby.  She also wants me to have the natural VBAC that I want.  BUT I know that when things get tough, I am going to be trying to stay calm for her sake because if I start freaking out, she will to.  And then if a dr or nurse suggests one intervention or another, she is going to want me to go with it.  If I have a doula there that can calmly reassure her that what I am going through is normal and not too much, she will be fine.  And I will be able to labor without the pressure to pretend it is all pain free and okay.


She will leave the labor room if she can't handle it.  The actual birth, she would come back in for.  Once I get to pushing, she wont have a problem. She is scared of the pain for me in the actual labor but not in pushing.

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I'm still trying to decide about my doula situation. One of my dear friends/colleagues asked me to be her doula last summer, and ideally, she would be my doula this summer ... But she's very nervous about child care for her LO. Her spouse is a med student and will be in rotations, no family in town.

DH also recently found out that he is being considered for a position with his company in the Netherlands. If offered, and accepted, we would have to move in the next couple months. It's a long, LONG shot, but the uncertainty has pretty much put my birthy plans on hold.
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