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Sound like I'm pregnant?

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Hi ladies,

I'm not trying to conceive but I thought you all would probably have more experience with pregnancy tests than most.

I know this seems odd but I have no idea when my last period was. I just am pretty in touch with how my body feels and know if my cycle is off. I really felt like I was feeling as though AF was coming, and it always happens in the middle of the night so I put my cup in and went to bed. Nothing next morning. Same thing for the next few nights. That's not normal. I take a pregnancy test. It was a blue dye (l l). I didn't know about their bad rep. I could see a very faint line show up almost immediately (afternoon urin). Asked my husband and he didn't see it. That evening I have him look again and he agrees there is something. I don't think the line really darkened much if any over the day. Took same brand test the next day and again a very faint line shows immediately and darkens just slightly darker than the first. Definitely no indentation on this test and it is distinctively blue. I don't think it's an evap.
It's been 5 more days and I'm super hormonal! I don't feel like AF is coming. My cervix is high (mine is always super low right before AF and my lower abdomen feels tender and swollen). But aside from swollen boobs and tightening pants I feel normal.
I've taken a bunch of other tests and they all say negative!
This is driving me nuts! I'm trying to avoid the Dr because I hate needles and I don't want to spend another $15.
Could all those later tests be wrong? Does nursing effect hcg at all?
I feel like I felt when I was pregnant with my daughter. Even my BMs (I'm sure you want to know all about it) remind me of my 1st pregnancy. I felt nauseous twice a couple of days ago and had a headache a couple of days in a row. And I want to cry over things like flipping the futon (yes I know how ridiculous that is). My pregnant friend says her gut says I'm pregnant which had nearly cemented it in my mind, even though that is hardly proof.
What do you ladies think?
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Blue dye tests will consistently return a false positive if you read them after the limit indicated in the instructions -- I've been fooled more than once!

I would test every few days with a pink dye test, and follow up with your doc if things don't seem right. Good luck to you!

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I'm saying with both blue dye tests a faint line showed up immediately.
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I still say go for a pink test. I don't trust the blue ones! FRER all the way.
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Background story: I have extremely irregular periods. Always have. I will go 8+ moths without a period and AF will finally show up for a couple days then the same cycle happens. I will have a normal cycle with birth control of course. So I have been off birth control for 10months. We have been trying. Months go by and still AF or BFP. Nov. we went to a fertility doctor. He put me on Provera to start AF and Clomid to O. Nov. 18th- AF. Dec. 2nd- O. I took a HPT 7DPO and got a BFN.

So that leads up to today. I'm 14DPO. I tested this morning and still got a BFN. I called the doctor like I was suppose to after my 2WW and his nurse said that he wanted to do a blood test just to make sure since it is the most accurate and depending on the results either schedule a pregnancy app or start Provera and Clomid round 2. What are the chances that I could get my BFP on the blood test? I feel like we did everything right. The doctor said our only problem was that I wasn't ovulating. I understand it could be positive if my levels weren't high enough before. I've just been really upset all day because I really thought my BFP was today. Opinions please?

Thank you,
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