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Ah ha ha! I have two very good friends who are peds...one is a specialist and the other is a general ped. Both of them would run circles around just about all of us, brainpower-wise. Don't kid yourself...doctors know a lot more about evaluating scientific literature than you think.

Speak for yourself....I have two very good friends at one of the top children's hospitals, one is a ped anaesthesiologist, the other is a NICU doctor. We were all about par in college and I can keep up with them brainpower-wise. But yes, they can generally run circles around all of the PCPs that I know. As for doctors...there's a huge range in scientific ability. Some are very good at evaluating the literature, and others not so much. More than would care to admit it just read article titles to "keep up with the literature".
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Maybe you're right...lots of people who aren't doctors are smart, too. But it's generally a lot easier to get through undergrad than it is to get through med school. And, doctors are trained in science...they have learned a specific type of "intelligence" that most of us don't have because it isn't necessarily intuitive.
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I went to a fairly tough engineering school.....ALL of my college friends who have become doctors thought med school was cake compared to undergrad, and that it mostly involved rote memorization.  Doctors are usually trained in biology, and it's not really the most quantitative field...so many doctors don't have a good understanding of the numerical data analysis that went into medical studies or how to evaluate its quality unless they've had additional training in mathematics or medical research. 


But I'm probably biased.  I don't really have anyone in my social circle who isn't a doctor or college professor or engineer/scientist.  That's limiting in its own way (for example making me act like a total snot on an internet board :eyesroll)

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Originally Posted by Chknlovr View Post


I'm not sure what YOU'RE saying here.  First of all, you are making the erroneous correlation between USMLE Step 1 scores and IQ.  I don't think you'll find any studies to support that.  Second, I don't know if you realize that many "specialists" such as cardiologists, etc, are people who do subspecialty fellowships after a family medicine or internal medicine residency.  So, are you counting them as PCPs?  If not, how are you evaluating their "brightness" based on USMLE score?

Family medicine and internal medicine residencies are not at all the same. IM generally leads to more lucrative and intellectually fulfilling career paths than FM (in the sense that you won't end up spending most of your time doing paperwork).


I like arguing on the internets as much as anyone on this part of the forum, but we are way way off topic.  Can we find a route back to debating the Pertussis study?  Bonus points if you can prove me wrong while doing so. :Peace 

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Oh I think you're right about the acellular pertussis vaccine. I wish the old one was available. The other stuff you're spouting really isn't relevant.
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We are getting past the comfortable posting atmosphere here with the deliberate comments about the intelligence of various groups, and various accusations, so this is just a reminder of the rules here.

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