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OPK test strip confusion...

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Good morning all,


So I'm new to OPKs this cycle but I thought I'd add them into my fertility repetoire.  

I already (for nearly a year) have been using Fertility Friend for temping and learning the patterns in my cycle. 

Wouldn’t it figure the first month I try OPKs my cycle is wonky and chart is weird looking!

I've read that for an actual ‘positive’ on the test strip, the 2nd line needs to be darker than the control line.

That actually happened for me on cycle day 14. But that same day I had a huge temp rise which made no sense to me.

That would usually mean that I had ovulated the day BEFORE.

Meanwhile the next day my chart took a huge dip/dive and I thought oh, ok maybe I DIDN’T ovulate yet and I was still getting nice stretchy ewcm.  But I have never in my life ovulated so late and last cycle it was a bit later (CD 14) as well..strange.

Anyway I’ve been using opk's daily since then just to see the second line start to fade assuming at some point the second line would become non-existant. But this morning is almost equally as dark as the control line so I know that isn’t a positive but is that indicative of still being somewhat fertile?

I think after temping today, that if I get a 3rdhigh temp it will put me as having ovulated on cycle day 15 my latest yet.

I’m so confused. 

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

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It looks to me like you O'd on the 15th.

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Thanks Jennmk13, I think so too, one more day of temps should confirm it.  But do the opks stay looking like that for a while? I would think second line would be getting fainter by now? But this is my first experience with them so maybe this is normal?

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Possibly it is normal, I'm having the same issue with this also being my first time of use. 

Have you had any luck? Did the OPKs eventually go negative for you? 


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seweiland - they did go very faint at about 7 dpo but ironically enough just for fun I took one at 13 dpo and it was darker again. So I think probably once you get your blaring positive, its best to put those tests down, lol. I have an addiction now joining the ranks of many others to peeing on sticks. I never thought I would but yeah..it would appear I have a problem. This cycle I'm calming down a lot..I feel like all my scrutiny can't be helpful? Best to you!


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