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what is on your Christmas list?

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As the title says :)


Try and keep in under $100 - I am looking for ideas to steel.  


so, mine thus far:


1.  Socks to wear in bed.  Warm, fuzzy, elastic free at the top.


2.  A Scarf.  The long dressy kind.


3.  a chainsaw.  Yeah.  The weed trees have gotten away from me.


4.  a Toblerone - the big one!

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oh, and a little under eye roller - not sure if they work, to get rid of bags.

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Hmm, I'd like a pair of gloves.  Lightweight black fleece ones, with a palm that won't slip on the steering wheel.

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crafty stuff

I Heart My Little A-Holes by Karen Alpert

money towards decorating our baby beans nursery..or the actual stuff I pinned to go decorate his nursery

leather baby moccasins

maternity clothes

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Books mostly. I just did a Book Depository order and bought my birthday and Christmas presents for DH to give me. 6 books = $120 delivered. I LOVE book depository.

I ordered

- the new Kathy Reich
- the new Elizabeth Berg
- the Pioneer Woman autobiography thingy about meeting Malboro Man and moving to the farm (BTW, did you know there is a whole anti-PW movement out there? I had no idea!)
- StoryBook Toys 16 doll and toy patterns based on vintage toys - I have been coveting this since it was released
- the MaryFrancis sewing book (to go with Storybook Toys)

And I can't remember the 6th one. Haha, maybe I will have a surprise present after all lol.gif

The other thing I love, which I will be suggesting to family who ask is gift vouchers for my local fabric/craft shop. I spend hundreds there and it is nice to do it guilt-free bag.gif
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I have the hardest time of thinking of things I want so that I can give people ideas of what to give me. I always think of good things at the last minute. I am still thinking. I would like some comfy waterproof boots.
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Nothing. I've spent way too much of the family money on ebooks in the last few months.


Some items that I've asked for in the past (I'd guess all under $100, as I don't think I've ever asked for anything over that):


Crystal figurines (I collect them).

Novels, CDs, DVDs.

Concert tickets.

KItchen appliances (blender, breadmaker) .

Books on interests of the moment (calligraphy, furniture refinishing, candlemaking).


hmm...I can't really think of anything else. My mom and godmother used to buy me clothes a lot, because I hate shopping and they knew I'd wear them, and wanted me to change my wardrobe. I wore the stuff they bought for work, mostly. There's really not a whole lot that I want that I don't already have, so my focus was usually on books. If I hadn't gone so overboard recently, I'd want gift cards for the Kobo store this year.

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I really want money/gift cards to put towards tattoos.

Gift cards to Forever 21 and Sephora
Art work
Anything Hello Kitty
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Books and kitchen stuff are usually on my list. A few things I've been thinking about -


- A nice non-stick omelette pan. 

- A giant mixing bowl (like 20 quarts, with a metal ring so it can be hung on the wall or a pot rack, because really - where are you going to store something like that?).

- The Spruce upholstery book by Amanda Brown


I also appreciate nice cosmetics, but will not spend the money on myself, so my husband usually picks out a set for me each year from Sephora. This year I hinted that this eye shadow kit would be highly appreciated. 


And since my health has gotten a bit more challenging in the past year, really manual cooking (like kneading bread dough and whipping egg whites and things) has gotten a little difficult due to joint and muscle pain, so I've finally put a Kitchenaid stand mixer on my wish list. But that's a pretty big purchase for us, so it'll likely be something we save up for and watch for sales or a good second hand one and buy for the house, instead of as a gift item. 

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I'd love a maid. Not gonna happen.

So I'm settling for new running shoes and a case for my new phone

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Hot glue gun

Blaze orange vest and hat for my autumn walks in the woods

Tickets to the Cinerama theater to see the Desolation of Smaug

Extended DVD of the Unexpected Journey

I always love fun, stripey wool knee highs

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I'd like a set of cotton sheets with a decently high thread count (250+) in a pretty color like turquoise or apple green to contrast with my (subdued) orange walls (Benjamin Moore's Toasted Coconut.) I recently scored an Indian Kantha bedspread similar to this: http://www.majestic-india.com/Kantha-Quilt-Pink-Multi. And new colorful sheets would be so nice with it. Besides, I'm down to one set since one ripped. 


I'd love wood storage shelves, deep and open on all sides, for my studio. I think I'm going to have to build them myself but I can dream...


I wouldn't mind some pretty sock yarn. I just knit myself a second pair of socks because I've been wearing the one pair I made myself a few years ago so much. I don't really like the feel of wool but I wear them over a pair of thin cotton socks and they make such a big difference in keeping my feet warm.


I'd like a folding platform cart. I use a 2 wheel dolly that is meant for moving cylindrical things like barrels and needs to be tipped. A platform cart where I could transport things without tipping would great. My job entails a lot of hauling and it would be nice to be able to let go of my load while waiting for the elevator.


A tire pump for bikes.


Decent hair clippers since I cut everyone's hair and the set I have can barely get through dh's thin hair, let alone ds's.


I saw a jewelry kit at Beadaholique that I like. I don't necessarily want the kit but I wouldn't mind a necklace similar to it:  http://www.beadaholique.com/p-33806-supplies-for-project-n233-mighty-oak-necklace.aspx

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A yummy bottle of red wine.
Assorted goat cheese.
A bread machine!
New pans
New Pyrex storage containers
New cookie sheets

A full night of sleep! (Maybe next year.)
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A big bag of embroidery floss

Some new socks


Wow, smallest and most pathetic list ever. :lol

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Hmm. I haven't made an official list yet.


-The huge two-volume, rather expensive Craig Keener book on miracles

-Non-fiction, interesting books in general. Well-written stuff about history, food, the English language, medicine - think Bill Bryson, Michael Pollan, that kind of thing.

-A gift voucher to a shop that sells quilting cottons. (Or Spotlight, but at Spotlight I might end up spending it boringly on zips and elastic thread and similar sewing 'groceries', whereas at a fancy quilting shop I'd *have* to spend it on some lovely quilting cotton I couldn't otherwise justify buying!)

-A big jug of Grade B maple syrup

-Cake stands with domes


Probably more, but that's all I can think of right now. I'd kinda like vouchers for places to eat in America, but they're probably tricky to get from here.

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kozy mei tai carrier with the poe print!

gaia tarot cards

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new case for my phone since my current one is breaking

2 spare batteries + charger for my phone (charges the batteries when they're out of the phone so you can charge while not being tied to a cord)

Blue October's new cd

the hyperbole and a half book

a serger (totally not under $100! haha...and I'm dreaming, but hoping one day...)

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I don't make a list seeing as there isn't anyone to buy me a gift, but I'll dream:


Water based oil paints

A few larger canvases 

Sturdy floor easel 


Hmm, that's already over $100.  LOL.

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E-book gift card
Decorative ladder to lean against the wall and hang blankets on
Unrimmed sauce pot for candy making (so that I can clip my candy thermometer on more easily)
A new set of sheets (like another poster, we're down to one set because one ripped)
Books: Bill Bryson, Oliver Sacks, Stephen King's Dr. Sleep
New hair dryer
Cards Against Humanity
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Chalkboard labels for my kitchen dry goods jars.


Really soft pajamas.


Cookbooks. Always cookbooks. Got a basic Kindle for my b-day, so thinking I could put some cookbooks on that.


Some things DH gets me for special occasions - Raincoast crisps (the yummy crackers  that are like $8 for a package) & goat cheese spread, Belgian chocolate.


Some shoes that fit my orthotics, but don't look orthotic (!) I would say Dansko's, but those are over $100.

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