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I joined it but it took a while to be approved and it appears nobody is using it...
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Not to mention that if somebody new to uc or whatever isn't in the private lounge they'll most likely post in the regular unassisted forum which means we'll never be rid of the anti uc trolls lol
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I don't necessarily think that "waiting" deserved the response that she did.  There is no harm in hearing out and respecting another person's perspective.  It's what makes us grow as people. 

There is no doubt that breech birth carries more risks than vertex birth.  We definitely shouldn't be ignoring the fact that a baby has a higher chance of not surviving birth if it is born feet or butt first.  Though the risk is only slightly elevated.  However, like most of the ladies here have said, it still comes down to making the right choices for you.  If a mama feels that she needs a c-section to deliver her baby, all the more power to her.  She may very well be avoiding disaster.  Likewise, if a mama feels that she needs a UC to safely deliver her baby, she may very well be avoiding disaster there, as well.  The key is educating yourself, being aware of what birth entails, and basing your decisions on your own personal situation.  That's all these "birth wars" is ever going to come down to.  Like I said, if it were me, I'd be UC'ing a breech baby, provided that there were no [health] problems that were causing the baby to be breech.  I'd at least cover my bases and get an ultrasound first to make sure there wasn't cord entanglement, hydrocephalus, etc.  But that's ME.

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If I sounded harsh, I'm truly sorry, it's really not usually like me. I think I'm just tired of feeling like we're being "attacked" here in this thread. I got called uneducated earlier and that really did it for me. Still stand by what i said though, minus the possible harshness, I don't judge others for how they want to birth, and I wish others would do the same in return. Plus, I'm pretty pregnant right now and my hormones are a little loud right now, making it hard for me to let things go. smile.gif I think I'm done posting in this thread now, it's pretty much pointless now.
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I've really enjoyed reading the UC thread. You UCers are very inspiring to me. I'm not a UCer so I don't think I should be in the private forum. Sorry about some of the bullying that has happened here. But others are still following along. Some of the responses to the crap have been very inspiring as well. Hang in there.
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where is a moderator around here? In the Homebirth forums people seem to be asked to leave pretty quickly if it is clear they are not supportive.

Maybe some of that protection here?
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Our mod team is a bit short-handed these days so we are not able to stay on top of things as we usually do. 


I've read through some of the posts that were flagged and yes - some of the posts are not in accordance with the rules of this forum. I will be removing those people from access to the forum because I can see from their posts that they are fully aware their posts are against the forum guidelines or I have contacted them in the past and asked them to adhere to the rules and they continue to ignore that request.  So I really don't see any point in explaining the rules or asking for edits. If I remove posts that are in violation I will also have to remove posts that quoted them so if you see your post was removed that may be the reason.


As for the Unassisted Childbirth Lounge, I will check in with the leader of the forum to make sure all is well. She looks into all requests to join to make sure there is no history of anti-UC posting and that the member seems genuinly interested in or intent on having a UC. If you wish to join the UC Lounge please follow the request process outlined here: http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1303585/unassisted-childbirth-lounge-requirements-and-application

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thank you Cynthia smile.gif
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This thread has been interesting to read, as I am exploring UC as an option for myself this pregnancy.  I am thankful for the many thoughtful responses, and to the OP for asking the question.


I am interested in Unassisted Childbirth for many reasons, but at this time my main concern is for safety in the local hospital setting as well as with the attendants in the home setting.   I have birthed four babies naturally, three at home, and I have always had low-risk pregnancies and births.  I am comfortable with birth, and while I prefer to have an attendant in case of complications, I believe the attendants available to me at this time, some of whom were in attendance at my most recent home birth, may actually contribute to the possibility of my having complications.


I also feel that it is important for me to have control during labor, as during past births I have experienced the negative effect which having my control given over to others can have on my labor.

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