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Hi im 23 yrs old and i'v just lost my baby sunday, i was supposed to Be 12 weeks pregnant but the fetus stopped growing at 8w5d,my World was zo dark wen i heard the news.what really hurts the most is i went to see my doc a gp, i think 3 times in one week and said the baby was fine, bt i was cramping and small bleeding,so he cud not understand where the blood was coming from, he said that the baby was top small to hear the heart beat and the baby's head was facing down. I decided to go see gyno since its been a week iv been cramping and bleeding thats when i was told that the fetus was dead and was kust floating. its painfull because this is my second miscariage, im so scared to try again, i dont have kids and i dont want history to repeat it self
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I am really sorry for you loss. Hugs to you.
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@mnk334, I'm so sorry for your losses. :candle:candle I would suggest posting in the Pregnancy and Birth Loss forums; the women there are so supportive and loving. Wishing you peace and comfort during this difficult time. :Hug

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