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Thoughts on monetizing a blog?

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First off, I am a SAHM and DH works in marketing/web design/graphics etc. So he is a useful asset ;) and has a lot of understanding about how internet stuff works that I don't.


I have been working on a blog concept and starting to design the website myself (yay!), but one of the things that I have gone back and forth on is: to monetize or not to monetize. I know it's a ways into the future to know if said blog gets any substantial traffic, but it's worth considering. Many of the blogs I love monetize through affiliates (like amazon-through links to books and resources etc related to their posts- and companies related to their theme/values) and sponsors (ads) that are in line with their theme/values. I know other blogs are part of affiliate programs that just place banners and ads in your blog. Sometimes it looks aesthetically ok, other times it's weird.


So DH and I were discussing this matter and he's all about ads and so on. He kind of doesn't get my hesitancy about going against my aesthetic or values in order to potentially monetize.



Anyone here blog (with ads or affiliates)? Do you have standards? Do you regret using any particular program, or love another? Do the blogs you love use affiliates or ads? Curious! Thank you :)

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I don't have a blog, but the blogs I most often read are not monetized and I really like that about them! :o Best wishes as you navigate the many decisions in setting up your site!

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I'm not a blogger but have a long-time internet friend who has been blogging for a very long time and she recently did some posts about monetizing. She has a lot of readers now (since she's been blogging on and off for about a decade) and decided to try adding in more ads to her blog. Here's the wrap-up post of what she found http://balancingeverything.com/2013/11/04/october-traffic-income-report/     

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I read the article on balancing everything and it is really helpful, thank you...


I say, GO FOR IT ... why not... I understand the hesitancy but what's the downside?

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Rubelin- thanks for the article link! It was really insightful. Of course I would need to get traffic over time but I wanted to kind of have an idea now to design my website/blog with designated ad and sponsor space that can be activated down the road or not.


Happymommy- I know a lot of the blogs I love either don't have ads (but do use, say, amazon affiliates via hyperlinks in the blog text so it's subtle) or they only use handpicked sponsors. However, they have been around for a long time too and have large followings. Some of them also make income online another way- it's their blog but they also sell something like art prints, e courses, and so on.


Ha I am looking at the ads to the right of my screen right now ;) The ads don't bother me so much because this is such a great site and community. Some blogs are overwhelming with their ads, it can get distracting. The main reason I am hesitant is aesthetics, I don't want it to be distracting, and the other reason is coming of like I'm keeping up a blog just to get ad income. Just a worry, may not be legit :)

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I am a HUGE webcomic fan, and while it's not exactly the same, it's similar- most web-content is. You can put up a donate button (often accompanied with a "Support the Author" or, if you're avoiding ads, "Keep [site] ad free!"). If you're big enough to be able to make some money- you can produce merchandise. I've seen quite a few bloggers who've published books, so that can be an option as well.


You can find tasteful ways to do ads as well. Most of the major sites have ads (this forum has ads!).

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I blog about nutrition and healthy eating. I monetize with Google Adsense using only one 728x90 ad spot at the bottom of each post. I am getting good monthly income from it!

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I think that sponsor submitted, custom designed ads by other bloggers who want ad space or retail companies look WAY better than ads. Since when you start out you need to get a following first before you actually make money with ads, why not wait until you have 100-200 subscribers or so and at least 5000 monthly page views- and then maybe get sponsored and add in tasteful affiliate links. I use amazon's a store for affiliate links, and a select few chosen companies that I love and recommend to my clients and readers.

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