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Gifts for Pre-teen people?

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I would lllllove to here your suggestions and links please to gifts for pre teen people! I would especially love smaller companies,  handmade, made in the U.S. if possible. Ready, set, go!

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I don't know if it still qualifies as a small company because it's taken off pretty quickly, but my kid (age 11) and her friends (a few years in either direction) are all very much into making Rainbow Loom bracelets:  www.rainbowloom.com .

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At that age, they usually have pretty specific interests that make it easier to get gifts for them.  Like, are they into puzzles?  If so, Ravensburger makes nice ones, and something like the Perplexus ball from cranium is really neat. Most of the things I can think of specifically pertain to my kids' interests, can you give a little hint of what they're into?


Some very general things that most kids that age would enjoy (if you are maybe just looking for stocking stuffers, or a gift for a niece/nephew that you don't know very well) are:

- Gift cards to local places (ice cream, arcades, etc) - if you don't have access to those places, and the family isn't opposed to main stream stuff, then Dairy Queen or Sonic are fun (we never eat at those places, which makes it all the more of a treat if my kids get a gift card there!)

- Sharpies!  Seriously.  That big pack with all the different colors.  I don't know any preteens or young teens who don't love sharpies.

- Cash (duh)

- iTunes gift cards

- Books - if you let us in on the age/gender we could give recommendations!

- Pocket knife

- PVC Cutters, some PVC cut into about 2' lengths (or a gift card to home depot for $5) and a bag of mini-marshmallows.  Print up instructions for how to make their own marshmallow shooter.

- Several rolls of colorful or fun print duct tape

-  Practical gifts are always great, too - and you can mix it up with something more fun - like if they're in a cold climate this Winter, some Smartwool socks with candy shoved inside.


Hope that helps!  And if you can reply with a little more specifics on the kids' interests, I'll be happy to make more suggestions :)

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My dd is 11 and wanted books, clothes, a chemistry set, and a monster high kit for her birthday this year. Most of these things can be purchased at local or chain stores. She also loves nail polish and makeup which can be purchased anywhere from a co-op to the dollar store.
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Oh! You guise! These are great suggestions and ideas! Keep 'em coming.

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Not local but I like the idea of quality art supplies for this age - especially some of the super high-end markers they are making these days. Last year I had the goal to hand-make ever.single gift DC gave at birthday parties. We did great but it was crazy time consuming so we're back to the $15 budget. 

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Funky socks

art supplies

great books about strong young people, i.e. Island of the Blue Dolphins for girls, Harry Potter for either gender, many more....

cool bath products

will think some more

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There are these wooden boxes you have to turn and flip and what not to open they're handmade and a few people make them here and there... You can place a few secret items inside and are nearly guaranteed no one will be able to get inside... Great gift for that nearly teenage person that certainly will get use perhaps somewhere for friends to hide secret notes or even just a place for special treasures that they don't want a you get sibling to have... Even just as a toy an excellent gift all around
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Etsy is a great place to look for hand crafted items!
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These are fun and customizable. Recyled and recycleable. 







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