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Another Christmas gift question - should I buy or should I not?

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My son made a couple of wishlists (with stickers). Together, he has 5 castle stickers (Playmobil) on them. He exclaimed multiple times that he wants a playmobil castle (or more) for Christmas. But, here is my problem: We gave him a wooden castle for his birthday (September) and he hasn't played with it at all. He also has quite a few playmobil knights that he doesn't play with. We visited a castle once and he liked it. We have some books about knights. Mostly "history" books not story books. He looked at them a few times, but isn't really into it. My guess is, he saw a castle in our neighbors' older son's room and now wants one too. He's already given me his wooden castle to make room for his Christmas gifts. I'm just not sure if we should fork out so much money to buy a another castle (playmobil) that he may not play with either. What do you think? What would you do?


And, if your son has a castle, what kind of play will a castle encourage and what kind of books did you read that sparked play ideas?

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We don't have a castle, but my DS loves to play with the dragon from his friend's Imaginext castle set.  It's this one:  http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13157017&mr:referralID=396b184a-5768-11e3-9f1f-001b2166becc&cagpspn=plat_13305203&camp=PLAPPC-_-PID13305203&KPID=13305203

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Do the playmobil knights fit into his current castle? Just wondering if he likes them but the two don't work together.


I would have a hard time buying something which I didn't think would get played with much. I'd do it for a few little bits and pieces but probably not something big. We have had a few requests form the kids which I though were passing whims and ingonred. Once they have opened thier presents they have never again mentioned the wished for item, but like I say it's never been over something big.


Is there something you think he would get more use from?

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I get being torn on this. On one hand, he asked for it, and christmas gifts should be about the kid, not parent demands on how a kid plays (my thoughts when I try to figure out my own gift delimas). On the other hand, he already owns a castle. It's a waste of resources to get a different one. 



Here's my thoughts. We own a wooden castle, and also an additional smaller playmobil castle. The playmobil castle is frustrating, in that parts of the wall pop out. It isn't as durable during play, but it does snap back together pretty easily. If you can afford it, I'd have him keep the wooden one. Go ahead and get one of the playmobil versions. There are different sizes, and a few price points. Then when he has both, set them up like "castle and outpost" or "warring factions", depending on his desires. 

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Thank you for your replies. Yes, I've already bought something that he will get more use/play out of.


Just this morning, he came out of preschool and announced that he doesn't want a castle anymore, he want's more train tracks. Than he thought about it and said he had plenty of tracks too... Oh boy, I'm glad I didn't buy a castle and listened to my instincts!


But in general, would you buy something for your child that he only wants because another child has it too? How would you handle the situation?


And looking back at my son's kind of last minute change of mind, when do YOU buy Christmas gifts? Right before Christmas??? HELP!

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